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  1. The Zobelbraun Eta has returned from having a little work: Had the following work completed by Barry at "Multi-tech Coach Works" in Cobham: 1. Spray Zobelbraun and replace bonnet. 2. Spray Zobelbraun and fit arch spats. 3. Spray Zobelbraun and re-fit rear view mirrors. 4. Spray Zobelbraun and fit new powder coated front and rear bumpers. 5. Spray satin black and fit new M5 front lip spoiler. 6. Spray satin black and fit salvaged bonnet grills. Had the following work completed by David at "d:class automotive" in Cobham: 1. Strip, re-stitch, re-colour, re-colonise and refit the interior leather. 2. Fit seat heating elements, looms and switches to both front and rear seats. 3. Fit electric seat motors, looms, switches and centre console to front seats. 4. Fabricate hybrid rear parcel shelf with third high level brake light, integrated sun shade and premium rear speakers. 5. Replace clear rear windscreen with salvaged sun dim green windscreen. 6. Replace clear front windscreen with new sun dim green windscreen with green top tint band. 7. Replaced milky chrome windscreen trim with shadowline trim. Not completed as all parts are not available so a little bit of powder coating still to do in due course. Did a little bit myself: 1. Looked at it. 2. Replaced E28 bonnet struts with E23 bonnet struts. These are about 4 inches longer and allow the bonnet to open a lot higher and give greater access to the engine bay while reducing the potential to bash one's head 3. Replaced rear chrome light fittings with new shadowline units. 4. Looked at it some more. Still to do: 1. Replace the clear door glass with sun dim green glass. 2. Replace chrome door trims with new shadowline trim. 3. Powder coat chrome gutter trim, and windscreen trims satin black. 4. Fit salvaged tinted sunroof wind deflector. 5. Fit new ClimAir tinted wind deflectors to front and rear side windows. 6. Retro fit salvaged map light rear view mirror. 7. Retro fit illuminated passenger vanity mirror sun visor. 8. Re-install original headlight washer wipers. 9. Replace RHD dipped beam lenses with LHD units. 10. Fit cross hairs to headlights. 11. Look at it even more. 12. Drive it some. Regards, Mick
  2. Zobelbraun Eta and Diamantschwartz Eta ready for the shipping container this morning: Regards, Mick
  3. South African E23 745i in white with the legendary M88 engine Quite a rare and endangered beast: http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C881797 Regards, Mick