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  1. Hey Rick, Welcome back. Looking forward to some more updates and progress. Regards, Mick
  2. With both cars being over 15 years old there are no manufacturing / compliance issues to worry about. I have to have a safety inspection conducted, register the car and exchange my driving license within 90 days and that is all. Being on a two year temporary work permit means no import tax but I cannot sell the cars and must re-export them when I leave or extend them if I stay. The whole process has been seamless and efficient so far. Regards, Mick
  3. Hi Darren, Thanks for your best wishes. Hi John, Thanks for your best wishes to. Planning a road trip to Toronto next month for Tedfest. Regards, Mick
  4. The container vessel YM ESSENCE docked at Midnight Sunday and sailed 12 hours later at midday Monday, having unloaded its containers, two of which were mine. Cleared customs this afternoon and passed clearance certification to the local shipping and storage company so that they can break my containers out of bond. Just need to insure the Diamantschwartz and Zobelbraun Eta's now so that I can decant them from the container in due course. Regards, Mick
  5. 27 June, into our third week in country now. Regards, Mick
  6. What the "on watch Chef" does in the galley, stays in the galley Don't get caught Enjoy your weekend. Regards, Mick
  7. Just been notified that the ship with the container with the Eta's is due alongside in Halifax tomorrow. Customs have already been in touch to clear the cars on Monday. Off to the shipping company after customs clearance to schedule the container unload. Have a good weekend. Regards, Mick
  8. Hi Ivor, I acquired some cross hairs from "E28goodies.com". George "Black Hella" is a good guy to deal with and has a good reputation across this side of the pond with the "myE28.com" community. George has a "How Too" guide but it does involve using an oven to cook the head light lenses to soften the glue, so best done when you have the house to yourself for a few hours Regards, Mick
  9. I will see what I can do. Are you after the turbo details or just the car in general? A not on the windscreen should do the trick. Regards, Mick
  10. Spotted again today. Original California M6 now turbo charged with Dinan chip. Regards, Mick
  11. E24 M6 Dinan, black non highline. Spotted on Barrington Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia this evening at 16:40. Super clean, super sounding and made my day. Missing my Eta's while they are in a box on their cruise across the pond. Regards, Mick
  12. Hi Ivor, Thanks for your best wishes. Hope all is going well for you. There will be plenty of occasions for a natter in the future I am sure. Kindest Regards, Mick
  13. Thanks for the best wishes. Rob (E28 Burt) who I worked with for the previous two years "E28's on the hill" has expressed an interest to organise next years event. I would expect him to welcome any help and support from like minded enthusiasts to organise next years event. Regards, Mick
  14. Hi Lloydy, Happy to help and share contact information. Glad it all worked out for you in the end. There is quite a good network of enthusiasts / specialists / addicts who support the E28's that remain. This is also one of the great strengths of this fantastic Forum. Regards, Mick
  15. Emigrated. Regards, Mick