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  1. Hey Derek, Sounds like you may have crossed swords with Mark T. His way of giving me advice for my Bronzitbeige Eta a few years back went along the lines of: "We sell new replacement bumpers for those you know". To which my reply was "No you don't, you only stock and sell 66% of the chrome front bumper and 0% of the chrome rear bumper otherwise we would not be having this conversation because I would already have changed them if you did". He is a little bit out of touch. Regards, Mick
  2. Currently researching the pros and cons between registering as a 30 year + vintage plate or a 15 years + collector car. Nova Scotia plate on the back of the car only. Will most likely leave the UK plate on the front much like every other Euro import Intentions are to build a significant 4 - 6 car garage / workshop next to the house with 4 post lift and storage above cunningly discussed to look like a barn The E28zone.ca needs to reside somewhere The Bronzitbeige Eta will be joining the RHD flotilla once the half life body refit and repaint is complete. Intend to begin recruiting some LHD E23, E24 and E28 candidates for the LHD flotilla next year / once the barn is completed Lots more space and options across on the left hand side of the pond. Enjoy your weekend. Regards, Mick
  3. Hi Derek, It varies provence by provence. Prince Edward island all RHD cars are banned . Quebec you can drive through in a RHD but are not permitted to own or register RHD if you live there . Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia I believe are all allowed to own and register. I have seen more RHD cars in Canada than I ever saw LHD cars in the UK. Insurance, now that is another story... Hi John, Nice of you to say so sir. Really looking forward to wrenching on the Eta's inside at last . I have conducted all of my previous automotive work "al fresco" where I seemed to spend more time getting tools out and putting them away than actually using them. I certainly couldn't put them down and walk off and leave them or they would have walked off too. Need to build a bikeshed for the bikes Happy days Regards, Mick
  4. Hey Carl, Try reaching out across the pond to Andy "South26" on "myE28.com". He has broken some E34's and E28's and may well have what you are looking for. I have brought from Andy a few times in the past couple of years (E28 third break light looms, heated seat looms, electric seat looms, door tweeter looms) and he is a stand up guy who I recommend unconditionally. Alternately, place a wanted add on "myE28.com" under the "For Sale / Wanted - Parts" section. If you are able to identify the part number from RealOEM and post a link (a picture paints a thousand works) with applicable model fitment then this generally helps to obtain a positive response. Good luck with your search. Regards, Mick
  5. I had the great pleasure to meet Keith at E28's on the hill last year and again in June this year. Rest in peace Keith. Kindest regards, Mick
  6. Finally had the Zobelbraun Eta and Diamnatschwartz Eta delivered on Friday to the new Canadian Eta Sanctuary. Newly delivered: At home in the new Eta Sanctuary: Really good to have them back after two months apart. Regards, Mick
  7. I think the American market had Moronic 1.1 in their run out 528e's and these are known as "super etas", hence the Bentley reference to the front crank sensor. I have an April 87 525e and a November 87 525e and they both have two sensors bolted to the bell housing on the passenger side. Regards, Mick
  8. Slitty looking headlights...