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  1. Ordnator

    E28 525i Restoration Project

    Hey Brian, Let me get some pictures of the lights and then you decide if they are of any use to you. Update: I had a rummage about and have the following surplus items: Used Left Hand Rear Light: Chrome could probably use a polish and the electrical contacts use a little bit of contact cleaner but all of the lenses are crack free. Used Right Hand Rear Light: Chrome could probably use a polish and the electrical contacts use a little bit of contact cleaner. Full disclosure: The indicator has a small 5 mm crack that is just visible: The fog light lamp holder frame has a little damage but with a little improvisation is easily reparable and the lamp holder still makes the connection: Used Side indicators and lamps: New Rear Light Gaskets: Used Front Indicator Covers: Used Window Switches: Used Number Plate Light Gaskets: All parts came from my 1985 Zobelbraun Eta when I upgraded from orange to clear indicators and chrome to shadow line trim. Have a look and let me know if any of it is useful to you. Regards, Mick
  2. Ordnator

    E28 525i Restoration Project

    Hi Brian, If your exhaust manifold keeps cracking at the rear then check the engine mounts, gearbox mounts and diff mounts. If they are shot then the engine will try to rotate to the right and the exhaust does not have a swivel joint which usually manifest itself as the number 6 cylinder rear lower exhaust manifold stud snapping. I have had number 6 cylinder broken studs on an E24 635csi and E28 520i & 525e Electric windows not working could be the breaker situated on the drivers knee panel to the left of the steering column but more likely to be high resistance on the contacts within the switches. The switches can be dismantled and the contacts cleaned but take care as the springs will jump out as you open up the switch. For the rear windows to work both the rear window switch by the driver / passenger and the rear door switch must be good as the circuit passes through both switches. In addition the small square black switch by the driver between the front and rear switches will disable the rear window door switches as a child safety feature. Some silicon lubrication in the window channels can help a dry tired window mechanism back into life too. Regards, Mick
  3. Ordnator

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    So today a package arrived from Felipe in Spain: Which contained four new old stock items, two left side and two right side: That contained these: Which went where these were: And now look like this: I quite like the contrast against the Zobelbraun: Something a little different in North America so that you stand out from the crowd A right hand drive E28 Eta just blends right in Regards, Mick
  4. Ordnator

    E28 525i Restoration Project

    Hi Brian, Congratulations on saving this fine E28, you are doing really well recommissioning / repairing this with limited resources. I have two Euro chrome rear lights and two side indicators from a UK car that are surplus to my requirements that you are welcome to have if it helps you out. They are yours if you want them. I can take some photographs of the items if you like? Regards, Mick
  5. Really nice looking 1987 Eta in a fairly rare colour. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1082037 There are still some nice low mileage cars out there. Must resist, must resist, must resist... Regards, Mick
  6. Ordnator

    E28 Door Window Fixings - What Glue to use?

    Hi Ivor, Thanks for that. I have been looking into this a little more and JB Weld seems to come out on top mostly. Anybody used JB Weld or have an opinion? Thanks in advance. Regards, Mick
  7. Ordnator

    E28 M Technic Wheels / OEM M5/M535i

    Hi Dennis, If I have read prior information correctly then the black centres for the centre caps are of German origin. The UK variants had all silver centre caps. As has been said they look like a good base for an M535i "concourse fetishist". I believe that The M535i was not originally available in Canada or the US but that there is a steady interest now as the E28 M5 are out of normal peoples price range. Quite a few Euro and Japanese imports now in North America and the number appears to be growing. It may be worth advertising these on "myE28.com" as they are rare in North America and the Euro imports are are mostly being imported on 15" / 16" / 17" wheels. Just a thought. Regards, Mick
  8. Ordnator

    Build 2

    Hey Shaun, Great work and good progress sir. Regards, Mick
  9. So while exchanging the Zobelbraun Eta clear glass for green I encountered a small issue What is wrong with this picture? Yup, a small air gap between the glass and the fixing. Some shots of the fixing: The upper right hand side metal part is glued to the glass and the left hand side rubber grips the glass when the bottom clamp is bolted to the regulator slider. The question is, does anybody know the type of glue that the OEM used or that has been used / recommended for this application? Thank you in advance for any help / advice / recommendations. Regards, Mick
  10. Ordnator

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    On the Zobelbraun Eta, I changed the passenger side rear door glass from clear to green, replaced the window guides and all weather seals, removed chrome window trim and replaced with shadow line, removed the chrome door side mouldings and replaced with shadow line door side mouldings. From this: To this: For comparison: One down three more to go Enjoy your weekend. Regards, Mick
  11. Ordnator

    Over heating

    Glad you got this sorted. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Regards, Mick
  12. Ordnator

    Dutch project

    Hi Jeroen, There is a guy (MWrench) on mye28.com who makes these re-enforcing parts for E28 and E24: http://mwrench.com/download/steeringfix.pdf Fits up under the sub-frame and seats under the top of the bracket, welded to the sub-frame. Regards, Mick
  13. Ordnator

    E28 M535i Brake linkage part?

    Couple of photographs may be of use to you. Regards, Mick