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  1. Ordnator

    520i auto radiator

    Just about to change the transmission cooling pipes on the Zobelbraun Eta as one has developed a pin hole leak. As has been said earlier they are rotten. surprised they have held up for 33 years. The good news is that all the parts are still available from the main stealers and still quite plentiful so there is no need to panic buy. That said I will change out the Diamantschwartz Eta's transmission cooling pipes when I replace the timing belt and water pump over the course of the winter. Just ordered a second complete set of transmission cooling pipes for this planned activity. Regards, Mick
  2. Ordnator

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    That worked for me three Sandip, thank you. Regards, Mick
  3. Ordnator

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    Still a notification free zone here too. Regards, Mick
  4. Ordnator

    Wanted E3 Engine

    What about an M30B35 with motronic 1.3 for drivability? Regards, Mick
  5. Natural selection, do not mess with it...
  6. Ordnator

    Bodyshop in west mids

    Hey Andy, Any photos of your Eta? We like pictures Regards, Mick
  7. Ordnator

    Bodyshop in west mids

    Hi Andy, My Bronzitbeige Eta is with Steve at www.classicbahnstormers.com who is "weber magic" on this forum. Steve is based down near Cirencester. Regards, Mick
  8. Ordnator

    Shark Fans - Water Bottle

    For all you die hard Shark Fans: Regards, Mick
  9. Ordnator

    Shark Chair

  10. Ordnator


    Never trust a fart...
  11. Ordnator

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    Same here, no notifications from threads or PM's Regards, Mick
  12. Ordnator

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    ^^^^ + 1 Regards, Mick
  13. Ordnator

    E28 525e - Etas Ready to Deploy to Nova Scotia

    Hi Duncan, I went down the personal plate route and Nova Scotia give you 5 options to try for. My 5 preferences for a personal plate in priority order were: 1. D76 AGM 2. E28 ETA 3. BMW 525E 4. E28 BMW 5. BMW ETA Option 1 was available The rest as they say... Regards, Mick