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  1. Knuckle


    Can't believe they skimp on things like that for police, especially motorway cruisers! Parking sensors I'd go aftermarket probably easier, cruise control not a clue I had it retrofitted to an audi tt though cost 300 quid. Sat navigation etc and Bluetooth you can do retrofits of the later I drive but yeah not exactly easy tbh. If you want the functionality without the hassle and expense a decent Bluetooth audio/phone streaming kit and aftermarket sat navigation and parking sensors probably your best bet. But it is on the most part do able.
  2. Knuckle

    MPG Massive over-read!?

    Go into your settings and see if it's in UK units on idrive. Won't be US mpg though as the figure would be lower. I once spanked it to an airport and was gobsmacked at my mpg until I realized it was in US format from where I was fiddling !
  3. Knuckle

    Would swap Aluminium over Wood trim ?

    No worries let me know if you need any questions answering when you get around to it
  4. Knuckle

    Would swap Aluminium over Wood trim ?

    They are still perfect yep. I would definitely paint over wrap, but I think wrapping is a good option. Either way, They're a bitch to remove and put in place. I would phone around get some quotes with and without removal and reinstalling. You'll need 20 quid worth of BMW clips on the back as they're single use, a few of my pins broke but even if there were 2 out of 5 left it would be fine (doors)
  5. Knuckle

    Would swap Aluminium over Wood trim ?

    Look through my topics, I had my wood trim resprayed in gloss black. I have a beige/black interior.
  6. Knuckle

    2006 E60 manual 530 reviews

    Logic 7 if it's Oem fit, otherwise he has put them in. Presume subs are under parcel shelf as with most BMW but I haven't got it so not sure. Gearbox really is your preference. I wouldn't get a pre face-lift auto personally so in the car you mentioned manual is best imo
  7. Knuckle

    2006 E60 manual 530 reviews

    Ha, I get you. I do have box failure paranoia every time it does something unexpected. I guess unless you own it from new you'll never know how it's been treated. A friend absolutely abused his 530d auto all the time. It was mapped and gutted pre face-lift. Drifted it, did burn outs etc. Reprobate... To be fair though he sold it around 4 years ago and I still see it locally. In contrast mine was owned by a well to do family in a really nice neighborhood and they had it for 5 years, so you'd hope it to have a better history. Benefit of buying private, you can see the previous owner!
  8. Knuckle

    2006 E60 manual 530 reviews

    Mate you're really bitter about your gearbox lol The zf box is used in so many cars without major issue. Yours seems to be an isolated incident. I prefer auto in these cars but would consider a manual in the petrol yes. Just do your normal clutch check before buying by trying to pull away in a high gear (should stutter or stall not ride the clutch) Again dpf not an issue if you look after your car and are aware of regeneration /Temps etc. But yes overall a 530i manual will be a reliable motor touch wood. I wouldn't consider an SE , they look so dated and come with flatter seats, smaller wheels etc. M sport is worth the extra 1 to 2k and you'll get it back when you sell the car. I'd try and find a face-lift too , 07/57 onwards usually
  9. Knuckle

    Headlight brows

    Before resorting to this, make sure they are plugged in!! They have a separate wire if I recall correctly although you don't have to Unplug it to remove headlight. You can buy Carly for your phone and code them on if not. And at least you get something for it.
  10. Knuckle

    Thick White smoke

    Could you have oil left in your exhaust maybe, thats getting burned off when the engine and exhaust gets warmed up? Or is it a major amount?
  11. Knuckle

    Smoking issue

    Holy sh1tsnacks, that's a lot of smoke yes. If it was tuning it would be black if anything. That's oil leaking in. Get it looked at ASAP. If they had the exhaust off they might have moved something relates to the turbo. Not too technical with stuff like that. A friend had a 135 with a straight through exhaust and it smoked really badly, was told it would have done so before but the cats reduced it. But that's bad there's an underlying leak somewhere
  12. Knuckle

    Smoking issue

    It was probably happening before, but was being caught by your dpf. Turbo or intercooler seals probably. Give it some time though might be residue
  13. Knuckle


    Haha. Yeah over fuelling for sure. Hasn't got a tuning box fitted too has it? Get a decent map and tell the dealer youre doing so. They shouldn't have sold you it without a dpf, so you should agree that as a course of action and perhaps get them to cough up for a re-remap
  14. Knuckle


    Temperature is a definite, but mine Regens with no currently working glow plugs (replacing this month) and low fuel but haven't ever had it whilst the fuel light is on. You can tell in an auto when it's doing it as the revs will be a lot higher before it shifts up. Mirroring sport mode. Get both stats done and it will fix your problem. The egr stat is unlikely to make a difference.