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  1. dsgrnmcm

    poss leap in to E28 ownership

    my man maths: E28 only. 360 miles per week, 30mpg on avg (quite hard on the fast coast road) = 108 let per weekend @ £1.20 = £130 a week, £523 per month on petrol. 360 miles / 30 mpg = 12 gals, x 4.54 ltr = 53.4 x 2 (return trip) = 106 x £1.2 = £128.16 a weekend on petrol, x 4 for a month = £523 / too much! plus the miles on it. or where as the golf will be (avg 50 mpg) known 650 to 700 miles to a tank on that run to pompy (my opportunity has one) so that would be £160 a month on devil juice! separate insurance for the E24 came in at £160, fully comp and all the bells and whistles.
  2. dsgrnmcm

    poss leap in to E28 ownership

    poss A38/M5/A31/M275 beater!!!!
  3. dsgrnmcm

    poss leap in to E28 ownership

    Afternoon Team, So currently I have a F11 520d Sport, which is up for sale . I have a few people planned to see it in the new year and a few offers of a swap. I was after a E91 330d. Reason being is I commute Plymouth to Portsmouth every week for work so need some thing comfortable and good on fuel. But I have found the 520d to be too big, too boring and an AVG of 40mpg. Not the ground breaking 50mpg I was expecting. Also I like to drive round Europe when I get leave, last year took the old man round the D Day beaches and in 2019 I want to do the Italian lakes and the Stelvio Pass. I believe that a E91 330d would tick these boxes, comfortable commute to work and back, cruise to Europe with a bit of speed and style (although the derv will sound crap in tunnels) I have about £8k wish in my car (up for 8600 with offers at that point) and about 5k in reserve. I have always wanted an E28 or £24 to get in to the shark nose clique. I'm not sure an E24 would stand the weekly commute and also the miles getting piled on to it. Does anyone do this , use it as a Dailey? or do 360ish miles a week in a E28? So while the Mrs is watching dirty dancing, and waiting to go next door for a New Years eve bash, I have been doing some man maths. What is I got a E28 for weekends (Classic insurance, limited milage 6k pa) and a cheap golf TDI for my work run? I have found these 2 e28's, I prefer the 528, looks more gen, a bit of work done on it as well. plus will leave me cash spare. gents can I ask your thought on running a E28 as my weekly commute machine or as a weekend only beast! What range do you get out of your full tanks?
  4. dsgrnmcm

    F11 520d Sport Touring Auto new Engine by BMW

    Not sure line up is: e91 330d touring similar price for work and play e46 330d touring. cheap, and buy something fo the weekend . holiday e28 528i or just run a e28 528i doing 360 miles a week.......
  5. dsgrnmcm

    F11 520d Sport Touring Auto new Engine by BMW

    Evening All, Due to the A38 being made of the same stuff as the moon, I now have 2 new front tyres!
  6. Avons, the only non run flat tyres they have in.
  7. On the way to the Airport, spotted a bulge on my front tyres, £300 for a pair fitted....... at least it's raining here.....
  8. DVLA say no, but my car falls within the year range ??????
  9. Here we have my F11 2011 BMW 520D M Sport £8600 ono. I have a mini blog going (via my username, what have you done today etc) But I need a smaller car and want a 3.0 6 pot. It is advertised on Ebay (full of choppers) and Autotrader. It has the usual equipment but with added shadow line trim, black head lining and sports gear box with flappy paddles. It has business Nav with DVD playing enabled. It has extras and all gadgets work from heated seats, auto lights, auto wipers, high beam assist, voice activation, remote folding rear seats, auto boot load cover, front & rear sensors to name a few. This August (at 122k) the chain snapped and BMW repaired and rebuilt the engine. This has a 2 year warranty from BMW. I have a print out from BMW Plymouth detailing the repair work. BMW Snows carried out the work. Since I have owned the car I have: Added black front grills to match the shadow line trim. Upgraded the screen to a full size Android unit. It runs the BMW system and the Android system side by side with all wheel and centre controls active. Updated the BMW Maps to 2018. Replaced the interior lamps and rear plate lamps to LEDs. Had a full service carried out (Oil, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Coolant and brake fluid check) 4 wheel alignment New wiper blades The original front chrome grills can also be fitted. Service History 123399 14/10/18 Full service 122223 29/08/18 BMW engine re build (2 year warranty) 119900 11/05/18 Rear brake pads & sensor 110352 18/01/18 off side air suspension unit (£310) 106523 15/11/17 Service 78090 08/11/16 Service 74800 14/03/17 Tyre service 73726 03/02/17 Brake fluid service 67659 16/06/16 near side air suspension unit (£310) 62054 15/03/16 Service 47824 26/01/15 BMW Service 30480 30/01/14 BMW Service 15229 26/03/13 BMW Service 30560 01/02/14 BMW Warranty check The car drives really well, pulls well for its size (especially in sport mode), no noises or clunks, the Nav system also indicates on to the dash, the android unit has DAB it also has a rear parking camera but I have not gotten round to fitting that yet. The interior is immaculate, the drivers seat has the expected wear nothing to mention. All controls work as they should heat/AC, seats etc. There are a few scratches on the body work in line with the mileage. The car is regularly waxed and washed and has a deep shine. The alloys have minor scuffing and are fitted with Rim Blades, the rear bumper has a small crack in it and a boot lip protector fitted. Proof of driving licence and insurance will be required for a test drive. I live in Plymouth, I will be in Portsmouth from the 19th till the 21st when I return to Devon, I will be in the US from the 22nd till the 28th. Please feel free to ask any questions, and feed back is welcome.
  10. I used to use Fuelly, but found this as I can add service items etc. Link
  11. Chucked some fuel in, let's hope the longer runs return more than 40 mpg....
  12. dsgrnmcm

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    Hi Vlady, you know what mate, only today I was talking to my mate about how I miss that car. Loved it, the 4 pot F11 is pretty bland. I get 600 to a tank, but it's boring and sounds crap.
  13. dsgrnmcm

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    that is the same e46 I had a few years ago. wish I kept her.
  14. dsgrnmcm

    F10 rear door water leak?

    Should they be in or out?