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  1. We do like a coupe!
  2. Will Smith
  3. First wash in over 6 months i rekon, poor car has been really neglected since ive been renovating my house but its still going strong, and theyre still such a good looking car when they are clean!
  4. I brought an old hillman superminx for racing a few years ago for £50, the plate 771FXH was 'valued' at £750! Ofcourse, the value, and what someone is willing to pay for it, are 2 different things
  5. My father in law is working 200m away from the Site, he's been on lockdown for most of this afternoon
  6. Intersting, mine is pre LCI i dont think main dealers have a clue half the time
  7. Isnt this a product recall? Im sure i had this work carried out by BMW for free a couple of years back?
  8. Custom house, Dublin
  9. Personally i thought it was better than the grand tour
  10. Stuck with millers XF longlife c3 again, 6litres from demon tweeks for £35
  11. Why wait? I had mine done by Avon tuning over a year ago, now i dont have to worry about regenerations at all, well worth the trip! dont know if its been mentioned but if you state your a member of this forum they will give you a discount too
  12. GM looks a good bet then, i used millers XF longlife on my last service which was quite highly recommended at the time, do people still regard it as a good oil?
  13. Need to service my car, what are people recommending for oil these days? Im just over 131,000 miles now Thanks
  14. I still consider this was one of the coolest things to come past me on the track, panels flapping everywhere, full opposite lock sideways
  15. Winter still sucks! The beach in Barcelona