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  1. I can vouch for avon. Had mine done this time last year, never fails to put a smile on my face when i give it some beans. Had no problems either and its just gone through an mot
  2. Why would you need a kick down blocker ??
  3. Get it done. Best thing i did to the car. Avon are brilliant
  4. +1 for avon. I took mine last year. 8 hour round trip. Really know there stuff. Even now, never fails to put a smile on my face.
  5. 19's look better, 18's better all round. *personal preference
  6. If its any help I didn't disconnect the battery.
  7. DPF

    I had the 480a error , after being in the car 9-10 minutes id get the "bong" so changed my thermostats and did what you did, cleared the codes on a long run. This worked for about a year, then i got the bong again!!!!! Enough was enough so took it to Avon down in Bristol and had it took out and mapped. Best thing i did.
  9. Cheers mate. Fingers crossed
  10. Cool. Ive got mine from BLshop. Where was yours from ??
  11. Any updates on this ??? Ive today replaced emulator and seatbelt and errors are still there ??? There should be an led that comes on when the bypass is plugged in, but it doesn't so could be a faulty part ???
  12. Yeah. My bad. Sorry mate.
  13. It's called sarcasm mate !!!!!!
  14. And we wonder why we get a bad name.......
  15. Also......the bit that comes out at the bottom, pull it out and it makes it even more uncomfortable ???!!!!!