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  1. Droverunner

    e39 saloon rear sub-frame bush tool rent

    When I did my estate rear subframe bushes I looked over a period of a week or two and bought the best value tool that came up on Ebay. When the job was done sold it again on Ebay with a very small loss. Far easier than renting having to post back and perhaps only be allowed it for a set period.
  2. Droverunner

    o/s/f window fault

    I had something similar when a sprayshop had taken the door off to do some work and when replacing the card had displaced the lift cable a very small amount causing it to catch and stop the window part way. Once I took the card off it was obvious and took just moments to put the cable back in the guide. See the last post with image on this thread...
  3. Droverunner

    E39 broken coin tray sliding lid.

    Ha ha do you know that's something I'd never really noticed in daily use until I took that photo and thought I bet someone will....
  4. Droverunner

    E39 broken coin tray sliding lid.

    Sorted now. Bought a used tray as it was £10 cheaper than the new aftermarket ones and as it's such a tight fit wanted to be sure it would. Found the knack to pulling the old tray out. The natural way to pull it out is by the end nearer the armrest but it just wouldn't come and seemed to risk breaking something on the console. But just getting fingers under the lower part nearer the ashtray and pulling up from there and it popped straight out. The broken sliding lid is something many folks could have lived with but as the rest of the interior is near mint it annoyed me.
  5. Droverunner

    E39 broken coin tray sliding lid.

    Ahh OK thanks. If I can be 100% sure it is the separate pull out part on mine no trouble to make a few cuts with a mini saw to collapse it inwards... but don't want to find I've actually cut the console.
  6. Droverunner

    E39 broken coin tray sliding lid.

    As in image below the sliding cover on my console coin tray has broken. It seems you can buy the tray/lid as an assembly as in link below and I've read it just pulls out. But mine doesn't seem to want to pull up and I don't want to break any of the console plastic. Has anyone managed to change this without damage? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Center-Console-Storage-Coin-Tray-Roller-FOR-BMW-5-Series-E39-1995-2004/253260675391?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  7. Droverunner

    SE Saloon quiet tyres - some feedback please.

    I run an SE Tourer with the same size tyres and choose Dunlop BlueResponse which have a low noise rating. Having said that I've not really had a major brand tyre that I'd call very noisy. In general some of the budget tyres can be noisy probably as they don't spend the money on fine tuning their construction for best performance in all areas... and in general the more coarse the tread the noisier they are likely to be.... particularly on a surface that excites them.
  8. Droverunner

    Ignition key help - What are my options?

    The keys that don't start the car are little use. You need to go to BMW for either a new plip key at about £160 or a non-plip key for about £40. They will order by reg/chassis number and either will start the car with no further programming needed. The plip key can easily be programmed to unlock the doors by yourself.
  9. Droverunner

    Diamond shape remote key overhaul.

    Just an update. Sent my key to this guy and it was returned two days later. Came with an instruction sheet to re-code the remote locking. Followed that and it's been perfect for weeks now. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401431174772 Bargain at £17-99 inc 1st class return post.
  10. Droverunner

    Airbag ECU swap - trying not to need coding.

    Disconnect battery for a while before starting this work. ECU is under the rear of the centre console just behind the rear heater vents. You prise out the storage cubby, pull out the vents (cable to unplug), move front seats forward for access and remove rear screws for console which are under trim plugs. This will allow the rear of the console to be lifted/flexed just enough (you will need something like a chisel, large screwdriver or wedge each side left in to hold it up) for smaller hands to get in and flip the ECU plug catch and withdraw the plug plus slide in a small spanner each side in turn to undo the three nuts that hold the ECU. Note there is an earth cable to one nut that you must remember to replace. It's fiddly but far preferable to the advised route of removing the whole console.
  11. As I posted upthread a month ago the greatest cause of brake judder or shimmy that comes back a while after new discs/pads have been fitted is due to... ***...folks don't properly clean back the hub flange prior to fitting the disc, don't take enough care not to trap any rust flakes that might be knocked off adj components while lifting the disc into position... and finally don't check that runout at the disc edge is within limits with a dial gauge or other accurate method. If there is runout then from about 500mls onwards the effects of a shimmy or judder will often be seen. Some cheap discs will have unacceptable runout new from the box but if you don't measure it you won't know until a few hundred plus miles are covered and the judder starts.*** You should never need to take discs off and have them skimmed not too long after fitting... but if so it's likely to the above.
  12. Droverunner

    Titan Silver Paint

    Titan Silver is a standard stock Halfords colour in the normal size tins. For my car it's an excellent match.
  13. Droverunner

    Typical (?) E39 diesel post purchase repairs.

    My last jobs to do in regard to keeping this car another year or two was an intensive DIY valet plus refurbing one cloudy headlamp and the inner tailgate lamps. Now these are done I've taken some pictures. The quality of materials used on the interior in particular are really demonstrated by the way it will clean up so well after hard use. Over my ownership it's done dozens of tip runs... loads of uni runs for daughter piled to the roof with her stuff... over a month as a plumbing & decorating "van" as I renovated a flat for my parents. I know the light leather and woody trim look is a bit "living room" for some but it's exactly what I like. Excuse the no. plate blocking... it's personal ha ha. Marks on loadspace carpet are just from vacuum.
  14. Droverunner

    Silent block rear, what instruments are needed?

    If you need to do 2 I'd do 4 as well given you have to remove it anyway. I've just done 2 & 4 both sides on mine. I bought s similar special tool for £30 and job went OKish but even with the tool item 2 was well seized in as it's an alloy to steel interface that was almost welded together with corrosion. This video gives an idea how to do it...
  15. Droverunner

    Just bought a 540i - Awesome!!

    That's a really nice looking car... well done. I've always been keen on a dark (but not black) exterior with light leather. My 525D has a grey leather interior but I prefer the beige of yours. Same woody finish as mine. Some folks say mine looks like a mobile living room... meant as a mick take but in truth with the interior size and comfort plus overall ride/refinement it's not far off.