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  1. Droverunner

    Airbag ECU swap - trying not to need coding.

    Disconnect battery for a while before starting this work. ECU is under the rear of the centre console just behind the rear heater vents. You prise out the storage cubby, pull out the vents (cable to unplug), move front seats forward for access and remove rear screws for console which are under trim plugs. This will allow the rear of the console to be lifted/flexed just enough (you will need something like a chisel, large screwdriver or wedge each side left in to hold it up) for smaller hands to get in and flip the ECU plug catch and withdraw the plug plus slide in a small spanner each side in turn to undo the three nuts that hold the ECU. Note there is an earth cable to one nut that you must remember to replace. It's fiddly but far preferable to the advised route of removing the whole console.
  2. As I posted upthread a month ago the greatest cause of brake judder or shimmy that comes back a while after new discs/pads have been fitted is due to... ***...folks don't properly clean back the hub flange prior to fitting the disc, don't take enough care not to trap any rust flakes that might be knocked off adj components while lifting the disc into position... and finally don't check that runout at the disc edge is within limits with a dial gauge or other accurate method. If there is runout then from about 500mls onwards the effects of a shimmy or judder will often be seen. Some cheap discs will have unacceptable runout new from the box but if you don't measure it you won't know until a few hundred plus miles are covered and the judder starts.*** You should never need to take discs off and have them skimmed not too long after fitting... but if so it's likely to the above.
  3. Droverunner

    Titan Silver Paint

    Titan Silver is a standard stock Halfords colour in the normal size tins. For my car it's an excellent match.
  4. Droverunner

    Typical (?) E39 diesel post purchase repairs.

    My last jobs to do in regard to keeping this car another year or two was an intensive DIY valet plus refurbing one cloudy headlamp and the inner tailgate lamps. Now these are done I've taken some pictures. The quality of materials used on the interior in particular are really demonstrated by the way it will clean up so well after hard use. Over my ownership it's done dozens of tip runs... loads of uni runs for daughter piled to the roof with her stuff... over a month as a plumbing & decorating "van" as I renovated a flat for my parents. I know the light leather and woody trim look is a bit "living room" for some but it's exactly what I like. Excuse the no. plate blocking... it's personal ha ha. Marks on loadspace carpet are just from vacuum.
  5. Droverunner

    Silent block rear, what instruments are needed?

    If you need to do 2 I'd do 4 as well given you have to remove it anyway. I've just done 2 & 4 both sides on mine. I bought s similar special tool for £30 and job went OKish but even with the tool item 2 was well seized in as it's an alloy to steel interface that was almost welded together with corrosion. This video gives an idea how to do it...
  6. Droverunner

    Just bought a 540i - Awesome!!

    That's a really nice looking car... well done. I've always been keen on a dark (but not black) exterior with light leather. My 525D has a grey leather interior but I prefer the beige of yours. Same woody finish as mine. Some folks say mine looks like a mobile living room... meant as a mick take but in truth with the interior size and comfort plus overall ride/refinement it's not far off.
  7. Droverunner

    Refurbing rear lights?

    Ha ha nice thought but... Mrs Droverunner would kill me. There's the gutter downpipe I had to divert with a gaffer tape joint when the new boiler was fitted 18mths ago... permanent job still outstanding. Then the pergola down the side of the house planned 2yrs ago and still not started. Not forgetting the new patio outside the conservatory that's been on the cards for 3yrs.. need I go on!
  8. Droverunner

    Refurbing rear lights?

    Well I've finished one and the result's great. It took more work than the headlamp though. Wet & dry (used wet) 800, 1200, 2000, 3000, 5000... then Halfords rubbing compound on a rotary mop... lastly Meguiar's Plast-Rx polish finished by hand. Image below of finished right hand lamp under faded left hand one. Camera massively reduces the difference... in real life the dull one has a misty grey finish which lets down the rear of the car.
  9. Droverunner

    Refurbing rear lights?

    Found this thread from 7yrs ago... gave me the confidence to give it a go so about halfway done now.
  10. Droverunner

    Refurbing rear lights?

    Ha ha yes... there will be no half measures given they look even worse on the initial sand. Going to ponder on it.
  11. Droverunner

    Refurbing rear lights?

    I'm just refurbing my O/S headlamp which I did 4yrs ago but has gone a little cloudy again. Using 2000/3000/5000 wet & dry with a final drill mop and paint compound buffing. I wondered if the same would work on rear lights? My Tourer inner tailgate lights are faded... weirdly the outers are fine though. Is there any reason why the coloured lights wouldn't polish up with the same procedure as headlamps?
  12. Droverunner

    Diamond shape remote key overhaul.

    Thanks for your thoughts. It was the only one that came with the car but a couple of years back I bought a non-remote key from the dealers as a spare. I think that was £30-£40 and I was happy with that to get a proper key. But as far as I know the manual key just locks but doesn't set the alarm and this year on holiday we will have the car in public parking for two week so want to have the alarm set. To be honest this car has been so good to me for the past 4yrs if it was the best option I'd be OK with the dealer's £150.
  13. Droverunner

    Diamond shape remote key overhaul.

    My diamond shaped remote on my 2002 E39 became unreliable in plip locking/unlocking the car and now it's stopped completely. I see there are some Ebay guys who offer to rebuild your key for about £20. Has anyone used these services?
  14. Easy to check exhaust. With it idling using a balled up rag gradually restrict the gas from tailpipe and see if it is easily able to exit elsewhere underneath with a tell tale hiss. Easier if someone else can do the tail end bit while you listen. If you feel a pressure building with no hissing forward then the exhaust is fine and don't push your luck completely blocking it or you might cause a blow. You might see just a few posts below where I changed my flexys.
  15. Droverunner


    Bit late to this but I sprayed the bit of the front wing behind the wheel and below the bump strip three years ago with Halfords Titan silver and it was a perfect match.