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  1. I looked into courier prices, etc. (mainly due to 'size and weight'), and it looks like there are a few options, but I'd have to find/get some boxes of the right 'size'. That said, happy to package up and ship if that is preferable to collection. David
  2. 4x Winter Tyres and Genuine OEM BMW Alloy wheels. Price: £750 Genuine OEM BMW 17" Alloy wheels, Style 236, for 5 Series (F10 and F11), with Dunlop SP WinterSport 4D tyres. Tyre Size: 225/55 R17 101 V XL Tyres used for 1 season on my F11 535d. Over 6mm tread depth remaining on 'rears' (x2) and over 7mm remaining on 'fronts' (x2). Tyres/wheels are a 'square' set-up, so fronts and rears can be swapped over to prolong tyre life. Alloys unmarked and in great condition. Fits BMW 5 Series (F10 and F11) and some 6 Series (F12), but please check and confirm fitment of your own car. Prefer collection only, but may consider shipping at buyers own cost and risk. I'm based in Colchester, Essex. Please feel free to ask any questions before buying. Viewing welcome. Thanks for looking. David
  3. 2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    Now sold. .... Just the winter wheels (17" Style 236) with nearly new Dunlop Wintersport 4D tyres left to sell... and the Thule bike rack (towbar mounted for 4 bikes). Thanks for all your comments. David
  4. 2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    Price reduced to £21k....
  5. 2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    I just found out the the Comprehensive BMW Warranty I have on the car is actually transferrable to a new owner, so the car comes with the remainder of a Comprehensive BMW Warranty until 14 June 2017. (annual policies are transferrable). https://www.bmw-warranty.co.uk/Start
  6. 2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    Thanks....it is a lovely car, so we will see.
  7. 2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    Thanks for the feedback Lennox, all good to know. As you say, your car has done almost 20,000 miles more than mine. That makes a big difference.... I have checked prices of comparable cars with dealers, on the AUC site, eBay, and Autotrader, amongst others. I'm also selling mine with 17" style 236 alloys (BMW), with winter tyres on. All in, I think it is a very fair price. That said, thanks again for the feedback, I appreciate the honesty.
  8. The car is now up for sale in the classifieds section on the forum. Thanks all for your advice. David
  9. 2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    Thanks... it deserves to go to a good home, so I wanted to show as many photos/give as much detail as possible. I also decided to get it detailed, so it really is immaculate.
  10. 2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    He did... no panoramic roof, and no massaging seats or ventilated/cooling seats. That is about it, I think, for 'missing' spec. There might be a few very small other things 'missing', but you're right, he really went to town on it. It has something like £35k+ of options fitted! Crazy.... but it makes it an amazing car. As I mentioned, I'm only selling because our son gets car sick, so we aren't using it as much as we should. And it deserves to be used....
  11. 2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    Thanks.. it is an amazing car. I only used the parking assist to take the photos...I can park just fine by myself. But it is incredibly good! I admit I was surprised.
  12. 2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    It's actually better than a sport as it has Adaptive Drive and Active Steering. The only thing the Sport has is the front spoiler. A real wolf in sheep's clothing!
  13. 2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    Thanks... it is a fantastic car.
  14. 2010 F11 535d - Massive Spec

    Colchester.... north Essex