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  1. greenelekta

    e34 Bentley manual

    You can borrow mine but the postage back and forth would not make sense
  2. greenelekta

    e34 Bentley manual

  3. Just ordered one, thanks for that
  4. greenelekta

    Seeing this M5, thoughts?

    Do you regret not paying the extra 2K?
  5. greenelekta

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Got it out today, first daylight its seen this year! Dirty thing, wash over the bank holiday weekend.
  6. greenelekta

    E34 Headlights Chrome Ring Frame

    Carl you should know better not to mention Fords on here. The forum gets taken over!
  7. greenelekta

    Project bites off more than can chew

    Hope you don't mean shed!
  8. greenelekta

    E34 Rear Caliper Rewind

    Put a long screw driver or similar between the pad (piston side) and disc and leaver away.
  9. greenelekta

    £38k E34 540i touring

    A few years ago I bought a supposedly Racing Dynamics K55 e31 that was from Japan. Came with allsorts of claims, one being it was a pace car for a series of races out there. Anyway it turned out to be just a bog standard V12 with badges! At least I didn't pay the Badge Tax and sold it on honestly described. Buyer beware!
  10. greenelekta

    very heavy vibration through car at 40mph

    I know you say brakes are ok but it could be sticking front caliper, worth feeling the wheels after a run to see if one is hotter than the other
  11. greenelekta

    Dakar Alpina B10 V8s Touring.

    I wonder what it sold for last year in Japan?
  12. You won't see another one. And I like it! https://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/alpina-b10-v8s-touring-switch-tronic-limited-edition-gronau/258729330.html?action=homeRviReco
  13. greenelekta

    New owner 3.6 M5

  14. greenelekta

    Advice please viewing a E34 M5

    Looks over priced for a RHD in this country. As always good advise from Simon ^^^^^^
  15. greenelekta

    Am I missing something here ?

    It could be another mat, there to protect from the sun!