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  1. I've never seen one as bad as that! Looks like secondhand glass tail gate is the answer
  2. Looks nice New&onesearchad=New&sort=sponsored&radius=1501&keywords=Alpina&advertising-location=at_cars&make=BMW&postcode=dn158eg&page=9
  3. Spotted Simons well sorted M5 for sale I've done a huge amount of work to this car too much to list in the near 3 years i've had it, to try and make it the best car it could be in my hands Briefly avus blue champagne extented leather, electric memory, electric rear blind, door blinds cruise control air con working EDC still with H&R edc front springs just lowering the front a touch usual 6 speed spec with nurburgring suspesnion and the 345mm setup recent work has been the propshaft drama i just posted and a brand new wiper rack also! michelin Supersport tyres all round also in last 1000 miles. Recently featured in this months CAR magazine in their M5 buying guide feature also I wasn't planning on letting this go but a new e34 project means i can't have two expensive to run e34s. PM if interested maybe or 07789 482705
  4. Why not fill/repair imperfection's and repaint with a rattle can?
  5. No, but better Simon answers as its a good one!
  6. Your getting warm!
  7. All I can say its not a V8 or M5!
  8. Interesting information/video, thanks
  9. Sorted now
  10. Can you tell me if rear exhaust part number 18101401918 is still available and if so price please
  11. I wish you bought too Kevin. Would love to see it in the flesh
  12. Good stuff Carl, well worth it
  13. This one
  14. True!
  15. Plain mad yes! What's next then Simon got to be an M5 Touring?