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  1. greenelekta

    E34 M5 Touring...... right hand drive...

    Nice 3.6 conversion but all factory M5 Tourings were 3.8. Looks very cheap compared to the real thing though.
  2. greenelekta

    E34 540 Touring 1995

    Says sold for £4600
  3. greenelekta

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    What a lot of car for the money, well bought!
  4. greenelekta

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Fitted a new battery. I know not very exiting
  5. What for? The Bastards
  6. greenelekta

    M5 Touring stolen and Torched

    What was the point in that? Sad end to an irreplaceable car.
  7. Bastards! Hope it turns up in one piece.
  8. greenelekta

    E39 Alpina D10

  9. greenelekta

    e34 Bentley manual

    You can borrow mine but the postage back and forth would not make sense
  10. greenelekta

    e34 Bentley manual

  11. Just ordered one, thanks for that
  12. greenelekta

    Seeing this M5, thoughts?

    Do you regret not paying the extra 2K?
  13. greenelekta

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Got it out today, first daylight its seen this year! Dirty thing, wash over the bank holiday weekend.
  14. greenelekta

    E34 Headlights Chrome Ring Frame

    Carl you should know better not to mention Fords on here. The forum gets taken over!
  15. greenelekta

    Project bites off more than can chew

    Hope you don't mean shed!