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  2. Shame you haven't got to enjoy
  3. I Just changed the thread title to suit !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Still have a massive memory of test driving (I was a time waster/tyre kicker) a not very old MK1 3.0 GT Capri in Burnt Orange with Black vinyl roof. I still swear its the fastest car I've ever driven. Those were the days!
  5. Rear bumper fitted today
  6. Cheaper one here
  7. Cheap one here
  8. Must be the Trump Effect
  9. Viscous fan is mechanical not electric so no relay?
  10. $120,500 for an e34 and I've got one!
  11. Sold for $120,500. Record price for an e34!
  12. Can you give me a price for e34 front screen trim part numbers 51318117457 and 51318117458 Thanks
  13. But this one is the only Facelift V8 on sale
  14. Put some more of the trim back on my Elekta after new paint, getting there!
  15. My car still has the factory original windscreen fitted. The windscreen and fixing clips that hold the screen trim are bonded in but the trim is not bonded, it clips in to place on the fixing clips. I think that bonded in trim happens when the screen gets replaced. Luckily all the fixing clips are still intact on my car so new trim should just clip in as original.