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  1. Mcdubber

    E39 530i intake boot

    I done just that about an hour after posting and bought a febi one.
  2. Mcdubber

    E39 530i intake boot

    Hi guys, I’m after a replacemt intake boot for my 530i part no 7 505 838 Thanks
  3. Mcdubber

    Tyre manufacturer

    I personally out the above choices would avoid the Bridgestones, their current line up of tyres are a fair bit off the market leaders at the moment and I've heard from people that have had them fitted to their performance car from factory and are less than impressed. At the top of their game at the moment are Dunlop who seem to be very strong at the moment and coming out above the rest in tests. One brand I would look at which I've used in the past and currently use a set of winter tyres and am very impressed with and are quite a bit cheaper than other premium tyres is Hankook, very good tyres for the money. The Uniroyal RS3's I've had on a car in the past and although very good in the wet and acceptable in the dry they don't last long if pushed hard, they seem to be quite a soft compound.
  4. Mcdubber

    Sold Please Delete Thanks

    Second dibs please
  5. Mcdubber

    Breaking: e39 530D.

    Hi, do you still have the drivers side window/mirror control panel? If so price posted and condition please. Thanks
  6. Mcdubber

    E39 radiator for 523i

    Cool, let me know the condition once you've checked it and how much you're after posted. cheers
  7. Mcdubber

    E39 radiator for 523i

    Ok thanks but I believe the manual and auto rads are different?
  8. Mcdubber

    E39 radiator for 523i

    I'm after a radiator for my manual 523i as mine is misshaped at the bottom as a lot of them seem to be. I'd like a genuine item or a very good branded item obviously in good useable condition. I'll most likely require it posted unless you're close to Edinburgh. Cheers Simon 07827916016
  9. Mcdubber

    Poss new alloys; what do you reckon?

    I prefer the Zito's and I think they'd work well in either silver or gunmetal
  10. Mcdubber

    Scottish Newbie

    Thanks. Yes they are but mine has the block from a 2.0 16v Audi, makes a huge difference to low down torque.
  11. Mcdubber

    Scottish Newbie

    Hi Folks, I'm Si from a small town in East Lothian just outside Edinburgh. I don't currently own a BMW and never have but I'm on the lookout for a nice E34 525 sport. I've looked at 530's, 535's and also 540's but I reckon the 525 with the M50 engine would be the best all rounder? If in wrong then please do say so as I'm no expert on these cars, I'm a VW enthusiast. Ideally I'd like an M5 but after investigating them a little I found out that they are very costly to run lol. Before I can purchase any other car then Id need to ideally sell my current car which is a Mk2 Golf Gti 2.0 16v. It's going in for MOT tomorrow so once its passed it will be going up for sale. So if anyone has or knows of a nice E34 then let me know. I'll put up an ad in the wanted section aswell. Cheers