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  1. Anchefonk

    Intravee causing EWS issues

    Sure its odd.. I was getting crazy. All started when I had my DSC pump failure. I couldn't access de DSC in INPA. Neither could anyone. Finally, a friend suggested to remove all the extra gadgets (Parrot and intravee) after that I had access to all the modules. After recoding a new DSC unit, I did an intravee update. I saw some new features and I gave them a try... Thats when the EWS started to complain. I removed the intravee, and found out that it was the cause for the EWS malfunction. It will be good to keep a log with the extras, what happens when I activate each. Why was intravee preventing access to some of the modules? thats another issue.
  2. Anchefonk

    Intravee causing EWS issues

    Hi Richard, Thank you for your answer. I deactivated all the extras. So far 5 good consecutive starts. Will keep it that way some more time before enabling the extras (1 by 1) Cheers.
  3. Anchefonk

    Intravee causing EWS issues

    Hello folks. I ve been having a lot of problems with my intravee and the ews. If I connect the intravee in no more than 3-4 starts the car will not start.(crank but no ignition) then i have to disconnect the intravee, and using INPA do a EWS calibration. If I leave the intravee disconnected everything is fine. I remember that I was playing with some of the extra features of intravee, like mirror folding, blinks, etc. May be one of this features is triggering a EWS fault or something that doesn't like to the EWS MODULE. For further info, if I leave the intravee connected, there are some modules that I have NO access with INPA (DSC for example). Whatk would you suggest? everything was fine till I updated intravee and played with the extra features. Car is a Z4M e85. Regards.