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  1. jay_g

    Rear lights

    I'm sure there is a way to make the light orange? I'm 99% sure my old polo had fully red lights, and IIRC they for away with it by using a green bulb. May of been dreaming though? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. jay_g

    It's arrived

    Not a bike person but that is gorgeous!!
  3. jay_g

    E60 535D buyers questions

    Interestingly, I found a BMW PDF last night for the E60 and E61 535ds and I was really suprised at both what came as standard, and what you could get as options!!
  4. jay_g

    E60 535D buyers questions

    L7 isn't a must really, aslong as the standard stereo is good enough (I'll check out the hifi option though!!) then I'm happy. I have found a grey 530 MSport with Satnav, USB/Bluetooth/aux in, pro nav, xenons, heated seats, logic7, PDC for a smidge over 12k. 58plate with 98k. It also has flappy paddles and heated steering wheel (not fussed about those, as I would get the M5 wheel anyway) Feel it might be a bit over priced with them miles though
  5. jay_g

    E60 535D buyers questions

    Thanks guys. Having a simple look at 530s tonight has revealed two potential candidates which I will look into a bit more this week, I was no where near this close looking at 535s. The 530s are also cheaper with better spec, I also agree that I would much prefer gadgets and spec over the engine. My perfect spec would be: Essentials: M sport Satnav Adaptive xenons Heated seats Media pack (voice control/Bluetooth/USB/pro nav) These would be good extras! Logic 7 speakers/individual) Park distance control HUD Leather comfort seats 19 172 inch wheels
  6. jay_g

    E60 535D buyers questions

    That's a good idea, its a shame they don't have a 535d there (its a place that specialises in selling BMWs..) as I could drive both side by side.
  7. jay_g

    E60 535D buyers questions

    Hi guys, thanks ever so much for your brilliant replies!! Struggling to find the "perfect" spec 535, shocked at how rare the cars are in general, nevermind finding one with the right spec. I have found a car with spec I would like, but it's a 530d. What difference is there in performance/economy between the two? Would I regret not getting a 535 every time I saw one? Lol
  8. Hi all, newbie here!! I want to be buying a 535D in the next few months. I have been digging around trying to find problems, thinks to look for when buying them. First off, what are the common problems to look for? I know about the swirl flaps and the oil breather pot, what other things are there? Ideally I want a LCI model. What changes were there? I can see the interior got bit of a facelift, plus the option for the sports box, what other things? And what options do they come with/what options are worth while? Cheers guys and girls! Jay