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  1. Chris Margetts

    Free 351M Wheel (okay 30 quid)

    Gone! Thanks to everyone that PM'd
  2. Chris Margetts

    Comfort seat question

    Yeh and if you can, for me add the nappa too. It really does make a difference. So glad i did. Comfort plus nappa is my best option.
  3. Chris Margetts

    Free 351M Wheel (okay 30 quid)

    Sorry forgot to say its a front wheel for both F10 and F11. Rear wheel for F11 (aka the 245 size). Its not the wider rim for the rear of a F10. Needs a good home.
  4. Chris Margetts

    Free 351M Wheel (okay 30 quid)

    Hi, No I'm not crazy. I don't have my F11 anymore so this is kicking around the garage which I need to clear. I have a box and to ship it to someone in the UK it'll be about 30 quid. So in essence the wheel will cost you 30 quid... It was a spare wheel that I ended up not using, it looks like it takes a lot of weights and the finish isn't great so you'd need to refurb it I'd say. Lepsons do a great refurb + straighten for about 100 quid so I recommend you do that. I've used them before and they do a great service and the wheels come back mint. Its not cracked or welded in anyway. First one to direct message me gets it... (I think that works) Thanks.
  5. Chris Margetts

    Pick 5 options only!!

    Too right I've had 5 series's for last 10 yearsn.. no way its an old mans car. Merc and Jag both have a whiff of old fart about them.
  6. Chris Margetts

    Which Wheels Will Fit For Winter?

    okay need some help. Did have a handle on some 664M wheels for my G31 540 - but then realised how much rear winter tyres are. 360 each! By the time I've refurbed the alloys and bought the tyres. Kinda expensive. Anyone know what other 19s fit (don't want to go to 18s I know its winter but still.. you know style...) - I know 663s will fit and look okay but can't find any cheap ones of those 4 wheels of 245 / 40 R19... Any current 7 series wheels fit in front and back 19s? I can't find any decent online resource and the brochures don't seem to have any wheels that were offered and now withdrawn... I had some Winter 18s for my F11 that performed great and thinking if the winter was as stinky as the last one i'd do better with winters. 4wd might not be enough which my wallet thought would be enough.
  7. Chris Margetts

    Pick 5 options only!!

    I agree, I've been wondering what it does. The charging pad when doing iphone X just seems to make the phone hot and doesn't charge it very quickly - after 2 hours driving still not done. I just plug it into a cable when i need to charge. If I'd known what you've just said I wouldn't have bothered my hole getting it.
  8. Chris Margetts

    Tyres, wear and best tyres

    Me too. I normally swap to winters come November. This time with xdrive whilst its not going to be as good ill just try my normal tyres. Maybe get snow socks just in case.
  9. Chris Margetts

    Best price for MPPSK on G30/G31 540i (UK)

    yeh maybe so. My MY19 can't have it fitted - so have been waiting for them to come out with an updated version... nothing yet.
  10. Chris Margetts


    Shocking that you got broken into. Glad you are okay after your detective sleuthing - well done. I have a g31 which I’m hoping thieves wouldn’t want to be seen dead in
  11. Chris Margetts

    Road noise

    Lowest setting currently 2.4 front, 2.6 back (on the G31). Cheers.
  12. Chris Margetts

    Do I need to pay extra for Apple car play

    okay one benefit I've found (car play still not worth the money) is you can mess around with apple maps on your phone. Find your destination. Then when you go to apple maps sat nav you can find your last found destination, and input that into your normal bmw maps (to save your data through apple maps) and set the nav that way. Sure you can use the bmw app and do similar but I thought that was a decent feature... One of the few...
  13. Chris Margetts

    MY 2019 changes - what we know so far

    540 on 20's co2 is 180 which isn't great as it wasn't that when I agreed the buy the car - with MY19.... Never mind enjoying the petrol might be the last before a leccy car comes calling...
  14. Chris Margetts

    Road noise

    i have 20s and Goodyear asym 3's in my G31 and have found it to be fine. Quieter than my F11 on Goodyear Excellence ROFs...
  15. Chris Margetts

    Pick 5 options only!!

    Pano Roof Comfort Seats Napp leather VDC XDrive What not to appear on the list is apple car play - waste of cash.