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  1. Shock absorber

    sorry !! front, a price for 2 please.
  2. Shock absorber

    Can you supply a shock absorber for a 2002 Z3 vin WBACN52070LJ41362 Thanks Mike
  3. As above, quote please BMW 530 GT WBASN6202C223063 Regards Mike
  4. Genuine BMW E60 Brake Kits

    Hi Phil price please for front top strut mount bearings for Z3 Roadster Vin no. WBACN 52070LJ41362. Thanks
  5. Genuine BMW E60 Brake Kits

    quote please for front brake pads and sensor for F07 2012 530 GT please
  6. Genuine BMW E60 Brake Kits

    WBACN 52070LJ41362 Roadster cheers Mike
  7. Genuine BMW E60 Brake Kits

    Hi can you give me a price for both please. Mike
  8. Genuine BMW E60 Brake Kits

    Can you give me a price for front brake pipes for a Z3 2001 3L. Cheers
  9. Used the kit this afternoon on my wifes 12 year old z3 and the interior looks like it just came out the factory great results, thanks a lot. Think i may be on a promise now lol.
  10. Leather/vinly Scuffmaster Kits

    Hi there , wifes z3 seats are a disgrace really what would you recommend for them (black). Thanks Mike
  11. tyre question

    similar experience to my run flats looked like flat spots on the inside when i took them off probably a pressure issue. Running Pirelli p zero winters btw.
  12. tyre question

    Have ordered Kumho , will see how they go in the summer......... Turriff Tyres
  13. tyre question

    going to check out some others non runflats, thanks for the heads up
  14. tyre question

    Hi Guys, can anyone recommend a tyre that will compliment my 530 d GT, have just fitted my winter wheel and tyres and noticed uneven wear on my summer tyres RF, was thinking not to use runflats on my new set to see if the ride can be improved, as hitting even small potholes there is an almighty judder.
  15. Genuine BMW Parts at Discounted Prices for Forum Members

    mudflaps cough ....... think i,ll pass thanks anyway, lol