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  1. Ngy's E60 520d

    Apart from that horrible sticker on the back, it is a decent car. Needs a really good clean and polish.
  2. Ngy's E60 520d

    esterday I picked up an E60 from Manchester. I was originally looking for a 520d then I changed my mind and was looking for a 525/530d. I viewed a couple around Leeds and Dewsbury and didn't have any luck and then saw a 520d in Manchester which I liked. Went to see it while still down south and bought it, so not a wasted roadtrip! It's a carbon black 2009 520d Msport business edition. It has high miles but FSH and I also got a 3 month engine and gearbox warranty. It is an auto with black leather. Overall the car is in good condition, some light scratches on the body and the wheels are in poor condition, lots of rash. So far the faults that I have noticed: - parking sensors are intermittent - fault on I-drive - rear reg plate light is out - fault on I-drive but bulb is functioning - I-drive button is worn - no nav disc - airbox cover is loose causing a rattle on idle, rattle stops when I put pressure on the top of the box So far I did 200 miles home and still have over 500 on the range, which already is the most economic car I've ever had! Sure beats the mpg from my M3! Here are a few pics from this morning, without a clean.
  3. Hello!

    Well yesterday I travelled down south and came home with a 2009 520d msport in carbon black. It drove really well and bar a few small niggles to sort, is ideal for what I need. Pics to follow after I clean it up.
  4. LCI 525d or 530d

    Looking for either a 525d or 530d with the following attributes; Saloon Lci Msport Auto Blue or grey ideally Black leather Good service history Good bodywork, little or no previous paint work > 6 months MOT Budget of around 6k. Location not important. Cheers
  5. Hello!

    This is true, but what I meant was that I have completed my time there. It's due to be finished around March. In my section (North Calder river to Newhouse), the cones are due to snagging plus painting Eurocentral bridge which wasn't even part of the design, all permanent works have been completed but are being snagged, which is being carried out by QA. Cheers though!
  6. Hello!

    Cheers! As long as it's comfy and has cruise control I don't mind. Driving the m3 up and down the motorway isn't much fun and it's hard on the wallet.
  7. Hello!

    Hi all. New here to the 5 series world, so new infact that I don't own one yet. I've just got a new job on the Cumbria pipeline after completing a £500 million motorway upgrade in Scotland and I'm required to live away from home with a 2 hr commute twice a weekend so I'm after a 520d msport. Currently drive an Imola red e46 m3 convertible and a Titan silver e87 116i Msport. The m3 is rarely driven but obviously not an effective commuter and the wife drives the 1 series and we're looking to trade it in for a brand new 120d xdrive, so I can't take that away during the week... surely that's justification enough to buy a new car!? Anyways... hello!