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  1. They're not related, or else BMW would be fixing for free. I'll find out and let you know. Can't remember the exact wording. There were 3 recalls in total!
  2. Thanks again. I sent diesel bob a message on fb. Hopefully will be good news back. Do you know if he carries out the work too or just provides the pump? BMW said there was a recall for the fuel filter something or other so they already changed it. They thought that could have been the root cause of the fault but then determined not.
  3. Thanks for that mate. I'm not paying BMW prices. Looking to get it recovered back to Glasgow and then to my indy. Recon pump sounds ideal. At 170k miles I guess its about time its gets a new one. Could there be anything else affected apart from the injectors?
  4. So on the way to work, I drove 80 miles from glasgow to Carlisle. As I came off the motorway I stopped at a set of lights. When I set off I got an eml and a message saying engine fault reduced power. The Idrive said I could carry on at a moderste speed but see BMW asap. Within 5 minutes the car jerked and lost all drive. I coasted to a stop and then the car wouldn't start again. It seemed to crank but didn't fire. No strange noises when trying. Recovery came and the guy read a code which was p3002 low fuel pressure, or something similar, I didnt see exactly what it said. I wws recovered to BMW in Carlisle and they said they'd check it out and be in touch. A long 24 hrs later (today) they called and said it was the high pressure fuel pump which failed and the part was £1500 and total cost would be £1800. I was busy setting out so didnt have much time to talk but he advised me that by fixing the pump it may or may not fix all or any related issues which haven't been discovered yet as the car isn't running. Anyone had similar issues? Related to timing chain failure? Could it be timing chain failure? Can they check the chain without too much labour costs and intrusive works? Not sure what to do now!! Wife is checking if the garage gave me a 6 month warranty as I've only had it 3 months.
  5. as above. In working order please. One of my fronts is out and throwing them all off
  6. Ngy

    Wheel refurbishment Glasgow area

    Wheel station in cambuslang or chameleon metal coating in rutherglen. Had a set of wheels done at each recently and both came out really well.
  7. Ngy

    Ngy's E60 520d

    So after a couple of months driving this I thought I would update my thread. Of the highlighted issues above; - parking sensors are intermittent - fault on I-drive - not looked at as of yet - rear reg plate light is out - fault on I-drive but bulb is functioning - boot wiring damaged, yet to repair - I-drive button is worn: coloured in with sharpie - no nav disc - got disc off ebay, works a charm - airbox cover is loose causing a rattle on idle, rattle stops when I put pressure on the top of the box - got a new bush for the airbox support bracket but havent fitted yet The actual bulb holder for the number plate light rear left was damaged and held in with glue, so ordered a new one which came with a bulb, fitted perfectly but still have the error so going to check the wiring. Got a set of style 172 reps with wider rears and one rear was cracked and repaired in 2 places. Took a risk and had them coated and got tyres. Put them on yesterday and I get a shake at 50 mph. It affects the steering wheel and seat so due to them being reps they may need spigot rings. I will remove and measure tonight as I wont be able to handle the shake on my commute down south. I will also get them re-balanced just in case. Pretty much it for the moment, my dad got me a private reg for my xmas. Same as my m3 plate but the next number ie m3 is J100 and e60 is J200, the J is for James. Sad, I know!
  8. Ngy

    Style 172 replica rear wheel

    Looking for a replacement. I bought a set with one rear cracked and repaired in 2 places. Had them refurbed and put them on tonight, have a little wobble from the rear and when i checked the pressure it was at 29 psi, pumped it up to 34, went around the other 3 wheels and then went back to the repaired wheel and it was 32psi, so not sure if it's leaking.
  9. Ngy

    Insurance on the Liverpool Carpark Blaze

    True, but I didn't say I'd post what I found out
  10. Ngy

    Insurance on the Liverpool Carpark Blaze

    I can find out some info on this. My wife works for the company who insures the original fire starter car.
  11. Ngy

    Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    Insurance has gone nuts. E46 m3 was £370 but e60 520d is over £800! Both with esure. Currently looking for a new company to insure multicar with both of the above and our 116i too.
  12. All, The heating isn't quite working correctly in my 09 520d. Before anyone says so, the I-drive only has the option for changing the heating level (3 levels) for the centre vents. It is set to the top setting/hot. When I set the heating to forward facing vents, full blowing power and max temp; the right vent of the centre vents and everything to the right of it blows warm air and the left vent of the centre vents and everything to the left blows cold air. The heating doesn't get any warmer on the left side after any duration of driving. Any ideas? Thermostat?
  13. Ngy

    Ngy's E60 520d

    Apart from that horrible sticker on the back, it is a decent car. Needs a really good clean and polish.
  14. Ngy

    Ngy's E60 520d

    esterday I picked up an E60 from Manchester. I was originally looking for a 520d then I changed my mind and was looking for a 525/530d. I viewed a couple around Leeds and Dewsbury and didn't have any luck and then saw a 520d in Manchester which I liked. Went to see it while still down south and bought it, so not a wasted roadtrip! It's a carbon black 2009 520d Msport business edition. It has high miles but FSH and I also got a 3 month engine and gearbox warranty. It is an auto with black leather. Overall the car is in good condition, some light scratches on the body and the wheels are in poor condition, lots of rash. So far the faults that I have noticed: - parking sensors are intermittent - fault on I-drive - rear reg plate light is out - fault on I-drive but bulb is functioning - I-drive button is worn - no nav disc - airbox cover is loose causing a rattle on idle, rattle stops when I put pressure on the top of the box So far I did 200 miles home and still have over 500 on the range, which already is the most economic car I've ever had! Sure beats the mpg from my M3! Here are a few pics from this morning, without a clean.
  15. Ngy


    Well yesterday I travelled down south and came home with a 2009 520d msport in carbon black. It drove really well and bar a few small niggles to sort, is ideal for what I need. Pics to follow after I clean it up.