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  1. Clock change is easy if you don't mind breaking two clips otherwise you have to drop lower dash off. Take wood trim off from either side of dash Then it's two screws you need to undo, then there's two screws in the top of the black bezel. Then it should pull out, but it will break the two bottom clips. Then it's a couple of torx screws, 3 i think. Lower steering wheel on adjusting lever Pull it out, then it's just wires to unclip, simple job really
  2. Glacier green, most parts already gone Engine gone Gearbox dead Interior gone This is purely a small parts that you may need car, doors and bonnet still there, boot trim still there any other bits you may need but it is going for scrap next week
  3. I've done a lot of searching on this, and all I've come back with is either the Parrot or the Alpine unit. Now they are both out of my price range I can't stretch to that. Fixing my nav seems a bit of a waste of time, I'm already at the price of these android units, just for the DVD unit. Other downsides of the Alpine and Parrot, is that they look quite nasty (IMO) The android unit is the Xtrons unit, which looks like it was the joying unit, and does offer everything I want, apart from obc, but does diagnostics, phone and nav, they also look like a cleaner install. What I do know is that aftercare doesn't seem so great, but there only seems to be a handful of issues, eBay seller offers a 3 year warranty as well. So, are they prone to failure? Just can't warrant any of the other systems, intravee is £220, plus £175 for the new nav unit which at some point will probably die, and the wide screen will no doubt die as well, just for £250 they seem to do just about everything
  4. Sill I would buy a new one to be honest as opposed to cutting out of out this, it's just a bit of an awkward long thing to cut out and post No window switches sorry Should have both, which one is the low tone? £ 10 posted No, standard radio I have some, but not in Glacier green, though I need to check on that, definitely got oxford green ones
  5. Lights off it just sprays the screen first, then it switches wipers on, followed by a normal squirt from your main bottle. Lights on and it does the same but the main pump will trigger and squirt lights as well as screen, believe it's every 4th squirt it does lights again. To clean it out remove pump, just pulls out, more than likely snap the holder off, but don't panic the pump stays in, then it's two 10mm nuts.
  6. I am going for polybushing roll bars on mine as opposed to coil overs.
  7. Sunday will be near enough the last day for this car, if it is nice the doors will be coming off it and the last few bits after that I will be ringing the scrappy
  8. You'll need the wiring looms for them especially if they're memory, seat plugs will be different as well.
  9. Did live diagnostics on it the other day, it's showing up faulty cam sensor, but going on the live data, everything is in perfect alignment to what it should be, o2 sensors all good, AFM measuring correctly, inlet and exhaust cam sensors are where they should be, throttle is reading smooth with no dead points. May swap out cam sensors from spare M54b25 I have and see if that solves anything, but everything seems to be where it should be
  10. Weird one I noticed earlier, I've always felt my car was sluggish for a 530i. Sometimes it goes flat out and it's alright, but earlier today in just sport mode and 1/4 throttle it goes like a rocket ship. Now fuel economy isnt the best on it, I average around 18mpg and on a run if I tease it I can just get 29mpg, and I mean tease it. So it has me to question the throttle module or sensor, it shows no codes flagged up, but earlier it actually felt fast
  11. Got the cable, just always struggle to get inpa to work on a laptop
  12. Got one, tyres knackered though, can probably post it if I remove tyre
  13. Don't buy anything for your wheels untill you've done the simple task of going to get them balanced, they may have thrown a wheel weight, this is cheaper than new hubs. When they have wheels off, ask them to wire brush the faces of the discs and hub, and also clean up your centre bore on wheels with brush, could be corrosion.
  14. Got a couple, which one do you need? The round or square red alarm light?
  15. Washed and polished, cleaned windows inside and out and thought about fitting my M paras on, but wasn't happy with one tyre
  16. I've been doing a bit more playing around with it, and noticed a complete dead spot in the pedal, and the pedal is very notchy when rocked back and forth. Explain it a bit better, seems you have to push it to half throttle or more, then back off the throttle to get speed up, but only notice it in manual as gearbox detects you backing pedal off and changes up. Pt, its flat everywhere, unless 1/4 throttle, don't get me wrong I'd imagine vanos seals need doing, but it's just constantly flat.
  17. Yeah, picture isn't uploading, but open boot and it's as you say under parcel shelf, £5 just cover the postage
  18. I will check, think I do
  19. I've never noticed the revs rise, but I do sometimes notice a dead spot in the revs, or sometimes the revs drop 500rpm when accelerating from a steady speed but not changing down. I'll check Mac and get the sensors tested. Just all the way home I experimented and full throttle seemed normal but quarter throttle it was actually quick
  20. Indeed Royal, not cheap but worth it pictures don't do it justice
  21. Just had this retrimmed. Facelift wheel Padded out Perforated leather sides Soft leather top and bottom Tri colour stitching It's frankly beautiful, comes with airbag and wiring £310+ post
  22. I think I have one, if it's still there it's in reasonable condition, nothing great £10 + post Whole mechanism is £30 +post I have outer door seals but not inner ones, full set £20+ post. Under protection for floor pans? Should have a full set £30 posted, with a couple of wheel bolts I will check on the the pads, I've sold a fair few, cover postage on them
  23. No mudflaps sorry, they were taken off the car way before I had it.