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  1. Your mistake was letting them take the car, under no circumstances ever let them take your car to their compound for minor damage. Next is to fight it, we had almost a year long battle with one insurance company over £3000 value on our 840, long and short of it, we provided cars new/older with higher/lower mileage and proved our car was worth circa £8,000 which they would have none of, so we fought through it with the ombudsman because we would not be left in the same position we were before, and you need to really prove your cars worth, the greatest example we had after sending in adverts for cars, was 4 adverts back for cars, yes they were 840's but they were the 4.0 engined cars with the nikasil liners, simply told them that our car was the 4.4 litre car and was worth considerably more than the early cars, they argued it was the same car, came back to them with, if you had a 2.0 litre Focus and it got written off by someone else, would you accept a 1.6 litre Focus as a direct replacement? The guys answer was no, as soon as we had that we asked for recording of the call and got our money. You need to play them at their own game, find a car without the toys your car has, and then ask them if they would be happy to replace a car which has nav, leather etc for one that has no nav or leather, their answer will be of course no, ask for the recording of the call and then provide that to ombudsman to say they are trying to leave you in a position that you were not in before said accident.
  2. The grey side panels, or the black upper trims?
  3. 2 sets now available
  4. In a sense yes but perhaps better, whilst it protects you from the sun, it also protects you from rain, wind, bugs and small stones so yes?? (Sadly no it does not have that option )
  5. Probably got top one, depends on year of car
  6. Sweet, I'll let you know end of week as should be paid then
  7. Shirley if to could always measure your car height running from specific points at rear. Buy SE bags. Fit SE bags. Measure different height Lower it using inpa Upgrade arb bushes to polybush to stiffen it back up
  8. They need a polish. They come with adapters for preface lift cars to avoid cutting wiring Adjusters seem ok £130 posted Edit: i have now got another set with new adjusters on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172642095341
  9. Upload pictures tomorrow Engine 148k it's a m52TUb28 engine Angel eyes, adjusters seem ok, need polishing Grey floor mats no holes in them, need clean though. Nearside doors knackered. Tailgate in good condition, has a dent but very little rust, probably one of best I've seen for a while. Interior is cloth and mostly trashed
  10. £40 posted? I'll have it, but will be next week when i get paid
  11. Started the project of de-beigeing my car, rear carpet, centre console, rear seats and door cards are now English green. Also fitted new aux cable as mine died.
  12. It is very lovely mind, still pending payment as well, so will see how it goes
  13. Run both the the 525 and the 528 and the M52 is a much better engine imho. M52 I never had any issues with it whatsoever in 48 k miles, it never leaked, it never used water and still returned 30mpg and a good turn of speed even at 206k miles. The M54, never any problems as such, but on both my 2.8 and 3.0 M54 they use(d) a bit of water and thundered through oil , either the rocker cover seal leaks or the rocker cover cracks, i still have no idea why i have to keep topping coolant up, even though it doesn't leak and replaced most of cooling system, they chew through rocker cover gaskets, vanos seals go. Ideal world for me would be M52 with 230bhp of the M54b30