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  1. Checked all the boot trim is hanging off on it Having a fire sale on this car, so pricing everything cheap
  2. I've got an early 528, auto 165, black leather in good condition, body work needs help, needs speed sensor.
  3. Swapped all beige rear carpet in touring for green, now just have front carpet, dash top and front seats to do. Put M Paras back on as well. Noticed quite a big oil leak on ground, slightly concerned as I've done oil filter housing a year ago, will check if it's that, if so should still be under warranty from garage.
  4. Plugged this into a Delphi system yesterday and it's now showing a code that doesn't show up on the Solid. Throttle/brake pedal plausibility. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. They wont care at MOT because they look factory, some cars of that period had Xenons fitted without the adjusters and washers (S2000 comes to mind)
  6. Just fit the one with working ashtray, the two screws will make little difference once arm rest is installed and other screws are in
  7. W So the black internal parts between glass and frame? I'll need to check them as they are notoriously hard to remove without breaking
  8. Your mistake was letting them take the car, under no circumstances ever let them take your car to their compound for minor damage. Next is to fight it, we had almost a year long battle with one insurance company over £3000 value on our 840, long and short of it, we provided cars new/older with higher/lower mileage and proved our car was worth circa £8,000 which they would have none of, so we fought through it with the ombudsman because we would not be left in the same position we were before, and you need to really prove your cars worth, the greatest example we had after sending in adverts for cars, was 4 adverts back for cars, yes they were 840's but they were the 4.0 engined cars with the nikasil liners, simply told them that our car was the 4.4 litre car and was worth considerably more than the early cars, they argued it was the same car, came back to them with, if you had a 2.0 litre Focus and it got written off by someone else, would you accept a 1.6 litre Focus as a direct replacement? The guys answer was no, as soon as we had that we asked for recording of the call and got our money. You need to play them at their own game, find a car without the toys your car has, and then ask them if they would be happy to replace a car which has nav, leather etc for one that has no nav or leather, their answer will be of course no, ask for the recording of the call and then provide that to ombudsman to say they are trying to leave you in a position that you were not in before said accident.
  9. The grey side panels, or the black upper trims?
  10. No roof spoiler sorry
  11. 2 sets now available
  12. In a sense yes but perhaps better, whilst it protects you from the sun, it also protects you from rain, wind, bugs and small stones so yes?? (Sadly no it does not have that option )
  13. Probably got top one, depends on year of car
  14. Sweet, I'll let you know end of week as should be paid then