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  1. Another gremlin - engine power loss E39 525d

    Yeah fortunately it's an easy job....just as you said....let us know how you get on after changing the pump.
  2. Another gremlin - engine power loss E39 525d

    To be honest I'd go for a good brand for the pump. I put an eBay pump on mine. Lasted two months and then left me stopped at the side of the road. Had to get aa out. Got a pieburg pump and had no issues since. It was much quieter than ebay pump as well.
  3. Another gremlin - engine power loss E39 525d

    Or wrecked a fuel pump running it low. But a fuel filter costs alot less than a pump. So if it was me I'd change the filter and go from there.
  4. Another gremlin - engine power loss E39 525d

    That's really low for a supply pressure. You either have a fuel pump problem, blocked fuel filter or too much back flow into the tank.
  5. Another gremlin - engine power loss E39 525d

    Ops the codes suggest you have a fuel supply problem. I check what fuel pressure you have at idle. Should be around 4 bar. Also check what your injectors are up to. I think second from last screen on the live readings will give you injector flows.
  6. Another gremlin - engine power loss E39 525d

    Don't forget to check the vacuum lines to engine mounts. As well as the others to turbo.
  7. Another gremlin - engine power loss E39 525d

    Another one for vacuum lines. Sounds like your vains on the turbo are not working right. If your getting full power after 3k and low power below that.
  8. Battery Drain Problem

    The whole car should go into sleep after 15mins. If anything is still trying to work after that it will stop the car going to sleep and allowing the battery yo drain. The nav should shut down before the 15 mins are up. I'd start by checking that. The hedge hog after that. You can pull the two fuses for it and see if that helps.
  9. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Def helped mine. Changed disc's and pads to brembo and still was not happy with the brakes. Changed to braided lines and new brake fluid. So much better. But then the old rubber hoses were 17 years old. So uprading to zero give braided lines makes such a difference. On the diesels also check your engine vacuum system as it powers the brake booster. If you start the engine and put your foot on the brake peddle. If if slowly drops you have a vacuum leak.
  10. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Front wheel bearing and spring changed. Left It up on the axe stands as I've got the gearbox mounts, anti roll bars mounts and service still to do.
  11. Bl**dy handbrake adjustment

    The bmw way to adjust them is slacker the cables off. Adjust the adjuster at the wheel till it will not turn. Then back off the 5 clicks. Then adjust the handbrake in the car.
  12. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I know...its massive but turbo's suck loads off air in.....plus it actually fills the whole box.
  13. If you know someone with inpa you can read what they are doing. It will quickly tell you if you have a problem with one or more. Combine this with a leak off test kit you can easily check the injectors yourself
  14. Brake Parts WANTED

    If you have not done so already. Upgrade the brake lines. It makes such a difference. Easily the best upgrade I've done on my car.
  15. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yeah I saw that. Don't worry it's not my first fight with e39 coil springs. Changed the front shocks and top mounts last year. I thought the springs looked ok so I put them back in. Looks like a bad move now. The wheel bearing worrys me more. The last time I changed one. God those nuts were tight. The gearbox mounts I've never done before. So I'll just have to read up on changing them.