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  1. turbo failure

    As above ... No low end boost means your turbo vains are not moving to low down boost. Vacuum lines are normally the cause. Just replace them all including the two for the engine mounts. The other cause can be the pressure converter. When you have the inlet manifold off swap the egr and turbo converters they are identical. That should get you back on boost for the price of a few meters off vacuum pipe.
  2. Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    All I can add is my m57 has 217000 miles on i.still pulls like a train and smooth. Serviced regularly they are a great engine.
  3. DDE light came on.

    I purchased them from eBay.. don't have the links as I've changed eBay account. But there are plenty of options
  4. DDE light came on.

    The fuel systems on the diesels are a real low point. I have walboro fuel pump under the car. Uprated the intank pump as well. Fitted a new adjustable fuel regulator. The upgraded pumps work out cheaper than BMW parts. Alittle more noise and a bit more work making it fit but we'll worth the effort.
  5. DDE light came on.

    The sensor is normally fine it's the plug that it connects to that fails. Simply fit a new plug and run fresh wires over to the ecu connector.
  6. Only thing I could suggest is removing the door card to see exactly what is going on. Sounds like the actuator has failed but if your lucky it could just be a poor connection...fingers crossed...
  7. As long as they are not in the intake ports of the engine, I can't see them fouling on anything else. There is a chance off having a boost leak if you run with one or two missing. If it was me I'd double check the ports and order some new ones if they still can't be Found.
  8. I lost one for months.. did the same as you and checked down the intakes. No sign off them. I got replacements from bmw. To be honest they were less than £10 for a bag off five. Then when I was changing the altinator I found it down around in around the altinator.... Lol
  9. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    New brake lines all around. New braided pipes. Big red caliper rebuild kit in the front. Flushed and bleed the brakes.. now my 530d now stops again just it should pass it's next mot. Only front drop links, engine mount and new tyres to get....lol it never ends....
  10. DDE light came on.

    I had something similar on my 530d it was the connection to the sensor on the fuel rail. It's such a common fault BMW supply a repair cable for it. It runs over to the fuel rail from the ECU. Once changed its never done it since...
  11. 530D - Low power at low revs?

    3.5mm and I got 3 meters of it...
  12. E39 530d Boost Controller Location

    the ones that run over to the turbo actuator tends to fail due to the heat.. If your getting boost problems the best option is just to replace them all...
  13. E39 530d Boost Controller Location

    its on the same side as the turbo...bolted to the side off the manifold...behind the sliver pipe for intercooler . You will fit bmw it there
  14. 530D - Low power at low revs?

    that's normally the best option as if one has gone the rest are not far behind it...
  15. 530D - Low power at low revs?

    sweet.. Glad its sorted