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  1. stew99

    How to check if turbo still working?

    Don't forget to change the engine mount vac lines. A simple check for vac line leaks is start the car. Press the brake peddle and keep constant pressure on the peddle. If it slowly sinks then your are losing vac pressure. As the brake booster is fed from the same vac lines as the turbo system.
  2. stew99

    Ac/heater blower

    Sweet...glad you got sorted....
  3. stew99

    Ac/heater blower

    Had exactly the same thing happen on mine. It was the final stage resister for the heater blower. They are a know fault. Simply changed it out and heater fans back working 100%.
  4. stew99

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I fitted these my car over 89k ago and I've had no vibration issues since...nice set of powerflex bushes... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F161561286072
  5. stew99

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    Exactly the same make off sensor I had...it maxes out too early. I got a second hand one out of a breaker. There is a fuel restricter down by the fuel filter. They are scary money for what they are. I got an adjustable fuel regulator and set it to 3 bar. Think it was around £20 on eBay.
  6. stew99

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    What map sensor did you get? I fitted an non bmw sensor. Had the same issue.. cuts power on full boost. The sensor was maxing out early. Giving a fault code when it should not. Fitted a put my old bmw sensor in and no problems since. Fuel flow or boost leak would be my next on my list to check. What are your fuel flow and injector readings? If you are changing the glow plugs make sure the engine is hot. It makes glow plug removal much easier and less chance of one breaking on removal.
  7. stew99

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    I'd leave the glow plugs alone. They are not causing your issues. On the 530d they don't start to help unless it's minus figures outside. Plus if you break one then your in a world of pain. Have you tried a new maf. Another thing to try is swapping the turbo control solenoid. It's the same as egr solenoid, so you can easily swap it over. That leaves you with fuel flow. What fuel flow are you seeing in inpa. Should be around 3.9 bar at idle if your system is healthy. Injectors should read -2 to plus 6.
  8. stew99

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    Yes lower vac pressure will greatly affect turbo performance as the varble vains in the turbo are vacuum controlled. You can check the vac pressure. It should be sitting at around 22psi. The vac pipes are a common item to fail. They are also a cheap and easy item to replace. If you are to replace them be sure to also replace the engine mount vac lines. Another item to check when replacing the vac lines would be the turbo loo roll filter.
  9. stew99

    Caliper running against front disc...

    That was one off the things I thought of too. Took the disc off and cleaned it all up just in case but that made no difference.
  10. stew99

    Caliper running against front disc...

    Could be...i'll measure it later to see if the disc has any movement...
  11. stew99

    Caliper running against front disc...

    Thanks for reply but it's a facelift 530d so it's on the right discs. The only thing I can think off caliper or guide pins worn.
  12. stew99

    Caliper running against front disc...

    Can't see why they would be... brembo discs that have been on there for about a year. So 20k on them. All off sudden they started rubbing. They are original calipers with 230 thousand miles on them but rebuilt with new pistons, seals and braided brakes lines about a year and a half ago...
  13. stew99

    Caliper running against front disc...

    Cheers for the response but no it's not binding. The caliper is actualy able to run against the disc. There is groove worn into the caliper. I've stripped cleaned and rebuilt it. But once you brake a few times. The caliper is able to move and run against the disc. It sounded like a worn pad at first. Once the caliper was off you can see what was happening. I see if I get a picture tomorrow. So I've ordered a new caliper and guide pins. Just wanted to see if anyone has any idea of something I might be missing.
  14. Evening e39 heads, my front drivers caliper us running against the disc. I've stripped it and put it back together. Unfortunately it's still able to touch the disc. The only thing I can think off the caliper itself is worn or the guide pins are worn and allowing too much play. I've order a new caliper and guide pins. Anyone got any other ideas...
  15. stew99

    Some Japanese Provenance!

    Yip...i had a jap import Subaru legacy with nice red flare... zero rust on it...any no sealing underneath. Had to wax oil it as soon as I got it and fit a fog lamp. Had an sti 10 years younger at the same time and it had loads of rust. God damn road salt....