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  1. Segment of faulty measurement

    Ok solved, turns out if you have a m54 built before 3/1 /2001 so in other words sept 2000-jan 2001 and your still on the original factory crank sensor if you now replace it you will need a dme reprogram , seemingly Bmw changed the spec of the crank sensors as they had issues with the earlier ones fitted to the m54, i would have imagined that most earlier m54 cars have had a reflash at some point in there lives but obviously mine hadn’t,
  2. DME reprogramming

    sorted, took it to M3 motors in Livingston,great service, reprogrammed the dme now she’s running like a dream,happy days
  3. DME reprogramming

    Anyone in Scotland have the gubbins to do a DME reprogram on a E39 530i
  4. ok had my car die on me, thought I had run out of fuel but gauge still showed 18 miles left, wouldn’t restart but would crank and splutter and back fire a bit , waited for 3 hours for aa to come out popped some fuel in and after a couple of cranks started albeit lumpy, got it home put Carly on it and got po339 crank sensor and segment of faulty measurement, got a vdo Siemens sensor from euro, I’m assuming that’s oem ,popped it into a local nearby garage and they broke the bolt for the sensor, anyhow they fitted the sensor and used apoxy resin to instead of the bolt to hold it in place, they say it’s an engine out job to drill the old bolt out which I can well believe, however it still doesn’t start aswell as it used too and still a bit rough and both codes are still there, anyone know what the segment code relates too,
  5. P0369 fault code

    Bmw only I’m afraid, done mine a couple of weeks ago got them from Cotswolds, 99 quid posted I think for the exhaust side, not worth trying other cheaper option as they usually fail or just don’t work,
  6. a couple of small bits

    Hi need 11421740488 and 12141748398 cheers tom
  7. Favourite feature?

    Heated seats couldn’t live without them especially at 5 in the morning when the cars frozen and waiting for the windscreen to defrost, only problem is not wanting to get out of the car when I arrive at work!,
  8. turns out that the Indy who done my thermostat didnt have the plug on properly, the plug has a sliding lock unlock position and it was in the open position clicked it across cleared codes and hey presto code didn’t return, not often problems are solved this easily
  9. Hi Allan unfortunately I don't have inpa or such to work with only Carly, originally I had 2 coded 1 for map cooling and the above since swapping the stat I'm only left with the 1, I doubt water has ingressed into the ECU as I have no electrical issues I suspect the plug may be at fault or something has broken inside it as the main outside bit of the plug moves about, unless it's supposed to do that, don't want to try and force open the plug to check inside without knowing if it's supposed to open in case I break it
  10. hi I have replaced the my thermostat as the car was throwing up a fault code for the heater stat, so changed it for a wahler stat but the code is still there , I have tried to clean the plug connector as there was a little green gunge on 1 of the connectors but no joy,1 thing I did notice is the housing the female plug is in seems loose,as when you plug it onto the tremostat the main plastic plug surround can move about, should this plug be completely solid or a bit of play normal and can the plug be pulled apart,
  11. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Hi dan all wheels were re balanced by a trusted fitter,forgot to mention the front sway bar bushes were replaced today also as there was play in them, the vibration seems front ended,can feel it through pedals, the wheel bearing was fitted by a different mechanic and he had bother putting the arm back in and was battering it with a hammer hence why it was fubbered, changed mechanic for obvious reasons who did the rest, will take it back to him to check if the first guy fitted the wheel bearing properly tho I would think if there was anything wrong with it they would have noticed when fitting the discs and there was no noise when they spun the wheels to check everything once they had finished, I do know there is slight play in 1 of the upper arms so it will be changed shortly just seems more front end
  12. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    got rocker cover changed,pulleys and tensioner, thermostat and housing,front wheel bearing,new discs and pads all round, replaced front left lower rear arm, had steering vibration and what sounded like a worn bearing, my steering vibrations gone along with the bearing noise but still getting a vibration through car above 60 worst at 80,the hunt continues
  13. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    replaced exhaust side cam sensor, managed it without having to remove anything ,fault codes now gone and idle is sitting were it should be, it was sitting a bit high. replaced steering wheel squib,now I did panic a bit about it before I started but turned out to be dead easy had it replaced in 20 mins and now my constant clicking when turning the streering wheel has gone and weirdly steering is a lot lighter now,didn’t think the squib would have anything to do with how light or heavy the steering was
  14. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    fitted winter tyres on my standard 16s,plan to pick up a set of nice alloys in the spring for summer use and keep the 16s for winter wheels, also replaced fuse 58 as it was missing so my radio no doesn't keep switching off every 20 mins, fingers crossed it wasn't removed deu to battery drain issues
  15. Timers? Or Some Other Dark Art

    I had the same problem with the radio, switching off after 20 mins and not turning on or off with the ignition, checked the fuses which are 56,58 and 43, 56 and 58 are in the battery compartment in the boot and 43 in the glove box , mine was missing 58 so stuck in a 10 amp fuse and now everything is back to normal, hopefully over the next couple of days there’s no battery drain or anything untoward if there was a reason that fuse was pulled