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  1. bon

    E39 saloon rear electric sun blind

    Thanks for the message. I've decided to concentrate on some other parts on the car first, after all. Cheers!
  2. The widescreen sat nav unit has sold. Offers accepted for the other items.
  3. Sold! (Sorry for not putting the price on the original listing)
  4. Genuine BMW centre armrest from my 2001 E39 M5. Nappa leather, space for telephone or oddments tray. Includes metal base. Very good condition. One small mark as seen in photos. Part number is 51162498739. Front handle not included.
  5. I bought an Android-powered Eonon head unit last year and I've only just gotten around to removing all the stuff in my 2001 E39 M5 that I no longer need due to this. Incredibly, I removed 12kg of equipment from the car which is all replaced by the Eonon head unit. This is now all for sale as individual items. Offers welcome. Items available: * Mk3 widescreen sat nav head unit (65526913387, 65528385454, 65528385451) SOLD * Navigation computer (65906915035) SOLD * Support bracket (65906909251) * Rmfd video module (I believe this is 65506911221 but please check photos) * Radio BMW professional (65126907130) SOLD * 6 disc CD changer (65126913388) SOLD * Dual band cable compensator (84216907520) * Motorola V.3690 charging electronics, hands-free (84216916565) * Trafficmaster unit that holds the SIM card (product ref 028, no BMW part number AFAICT) with cable attached Everything is in good working order, with the exception of the SIM card unit which is sold as seen because the phone is long gone so I can't guarantee it works. Offers welcome. I might have some other related bits too, feel free to ask. Items can be collected from East London or posted.
  6. Can I get a quote for part number 72600000335 please. Includes extinguisher and holder. Thanks.
  7. Is this still available?
  8. bon

    6 speed E39 M5 Gearknob LHD

    Silly question time: what's the difference between an LHD and a RHD gear knob? Surely the fitment is the same?
  9. Looking for a rear electric sun blind for an E39 saloon including the shelf. Happy to part exchange for a non-sunblind shelf.
  10. Looking for the left hand side saloon boot trim panel that covers the amplifier. Looking for the panel variant that does *not* have space for the CD changer to sit behind it. Grey colour. See attached for diagram of the part. Part number is one of the following I think. 51472497187 51472497179 51472499329 Thanks in advance!
  11. The original 110ah BMW battery from my 2001 E39 M5 is no longer holding its charge after I let it run flat a few times in recent months. It now runs flat after a couple of days of no use. A friend said it can be refurbished but I'm not interested, so it's free to anyone who wants to come and get it from Wapping in London.
  12. Well the Continentals were replaced with Michelin Pilot Sport 3s today and I am astounded at the difference. The car is now straight as an arrow and all the movement across the road has disappeared. 100% improvement. I don't really know what to think of the Continentals. They're well rated tyres and they're not cheap, so I'm surprised they're so horrible on the M5, but I'd be surprised if there's a fault with them too. Maybe that's just how they are. We'll find out when I hear back from Continental.
  13. Quick update on this. I had all the alignment done on a hunter machine at STS and it needed some adjustment but not a ton, but it made no difference anyway. I took the tyre fitter bloke out in the car this morning and he could feel it too, so they're going to replace them with some P0 Rossos and send the Contis back for testing.
  14. Thanks! I'll take a look under there tomorrow and get it booked in for alignment again.