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  1. The original 110ah BMW battery from my 2001 E39 M5 is no longer holding its charge after I let it run flat a few times in recent months. It now runs flat after a couple of days of no use. A friend said it can be refurbished but I'm not interested, so it's free to anyone who wants to come and get it from Wapping in London.
  2. Well the Continentals were replaced with Michelin Pilot Sport 3s today and I am astounded at the difference. The car is now straight as an arrow and all the movement across the road has disappeared. 100% improvement. I don't really know what to think of the Continentals. They're well rated tyres and they're not cheap, so I'm surprised they're so horrible on the M5, but I'd be surprised if there's a fault with them too. Maybe that's just how they are. We'll find out when I hear back from Continental.
  3. Quick update on this. I had all the alignment done on a hunter machine at STS and it needed some adjustment but not a ton, but it made no difference anyway. I took the tyre fitter bloke out in the car this morning and he could feel it too, so they're going to replace them with some P0 Rossos and send the Contis back for testing.
  4. Thanks! I'll take a look under there tomorrow and get it booked in for alignment again.
  5. Three weeks ago I had a set of Continental Sport Contact 3 tyres fitted to the rear of my E39 M5, to replace the Pirelli Pzero Rossos that I'd been running. On the front I have Pzero Rossos with loads of tread left on them. The car feels like it's snaking around on the road since having them fitted, almost like they're tramlining. Grip seems good, but it feels like there's a lot of movement around the road. They've covered several hundred miles since fitting so I expect they're bedded in by now. The pressures are correct and the tyres are the same size as the old ones, although the Contis have a much squarer side wall shape than the Pirellis. Any suggestions? I'll probably get the balancing/tracking/etc done, but it was done 14 months ago so I doubt anything is too far out. Should I think about changing the fronts to match the rears? Edit: I also had new discs/pads (front and rear) fitted by my local indy a few days before the new tyres. Any chance they buggered something up?
  6. bon

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    New discs and pads on all four corners, plus new handbrake shoes, sensors, etc. New set of Conti Sport Contact 3s on the rear. Still getting used to them, they feel *very* different to the Pirelli Pzero Rossos I had previously. Need to bed them in a bit I think. Passed the MOT with just one minor advisory, same as last year. Also had the bonnet, front bumper, front wings, and boot lid resprayed back in the Autumn and forgot to post about it. The bonnet and bumper were peppered with stone chips, and now it looks as good as new and I'm super pleased with it. Boot lid had a spot of rust coming through which has now been dealt with. Now in the process of restoring and polishing the headlights using a 3M kit I bought on Amazon. Going well so far. Next up, need to either clean and polish up the backboxes and tail pipes, or get some new ones, or do a muffler delete. Not sure which route to go.
  7. Just spotted this on auto trader. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201602030683958 Looks like a beaut. I'm not very familiar with the E38s so I had no idea you could get this many toys on one. The LWB looks amazing too.
  8. Just a quick question because my searching has been inconclusive. My car is a 2001 E39 with a MK3 sat nav unit. Does this unit have the ability to plug an aux (eg. line in) cable into the rear of it? When I cycle through modes using the MODE button, AUX is one of the available options.
  9. bon

    Everyone loves a new steering wheel!

    I didn't need a new steering wheel until I saw that. Now I do! That looks really great.
  10. I've just passed one year of relatively fault-free motoring in my E39 M5, and she's recently ticked over 100,000 miles too. It's not been cheap, thanks to my right foot, but considering she's 14 years old now I have no complaints about the various pieces of maintenance I have had to do.
  11. bon

    Windscreen noise

    I had exactly the same problem when Autoglass replaced the screen on my E39 in January. I just kept taking it back and they got it right the third time around. The fitter said something about the angle of the screen, but there can't be much adjustment there.
  12. I'm in Norwich. A King's Lynn or Norwich meet is good for me.