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    E39 528i & E70 4.8i
  1. Your e38 looks spot on mate. Love the way it sits on the style 32's!!!!
  2. Afternoon Im also interested in the electric folding mirrors if u have a few sets. I'll be retro fitting this into my car so will also need the door switch and the module. Can you please specify the condition and give a price for all. Regards
  3. Good afternoon. Can you please give me a price on re-colouring my seat tables to match my seats. Please see attached photos... Please let me know if you need any other details. Regards.
  4. Liam now that's all out the way, you can get started on all the fun mods now!
  5. This should look kool once completed. Please keep us posted on the progress mate!!!
  6. Hi mate. Nice looking 5 you have there. Nice colour combo to! Was it a real pain to remove the tint on the rear window?
  7. Cheers Mazi!! I would of thought the seat frame would be same. That would be great combination contour heated seats with rear seat tables!!! Liam that's the chap. I'm amazed at what he has done to his e39.
  8. Active seats kool!! I'm pretty sure the chap that did the boot was briefly on here, but I can't remember his name. This is link the his project, some serious amount of work gone into it his car..... Under the boot video there is a link of the install, it's all in German so I don't know how in depth it is. Ps. Check out what he has done to the side seat covers, surely to keep your leather fetishes going, ha ha.
  9. Cheers Jay Thanks Liam, progress is very slow at the moment, got to young boys (3 yrs & 19 months) that keep me busy and also got a 3rd one on the way . Still got the vanity headrests, they'll be swapped over once the seats are ready to go in. How's your projects going?? Have you managed to get started on the electric boot? I saw a chap on a German forum doing a similar retrofit, looked really kool!!
  10. Evening Just a quick write up for you all. After 3+ years of sitting in the garage, I started fitting these rear seat tables to my heated comforts a couple of months ago. If anyone wants to fit these to there existing comfort seats & can get there hands on them, then they are not difficult to fit as long as you have brackets from the donar seat frame because they are different. First of all was to get the brackets (2 from each) off the donar seats Then I removed all the rear seat covers from my heated comfort seats (Which were a pain to remove!) The bracket that was holding the top part of the rear covers in the heated comforts had to be cut away as they were being replaced by the brackets off the donar seats The brackets sit in the same position as they did in the donar seats, they were nut and bolted together for the test fit, but now they have been paint black and welded onto the seat (sorry no pics) The tables are then screwed onto the brackets Bottom part of the tables are bolted on as well. Once everything was put together, the seats were then tested to make sure they functioned perfectly. Which they did
  11. Got to say, what a nice bunch of e39's right there!
  12. It was a 525i and he loved it. Think he was gutted when he replaced it. Glad you changing the exhaust. Will look much better!
  13. Hi Mate. Saw ur e34 this week at bmeuro after dropping our e70 for a handbrake actuator fail. It caught mine and my dads eye, think it brought back memories for him of his e34. She Looks really nice and you obviously have put a lot of hard work into her. Keep it up. Bet you can't wait to have her back.
  14. Arfan your e34 looks beautiful. Those schnitzer wheels just sets the car of so nicely. Would love to have a tourer 5 like that!