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  1. I really need this to come out for the pre lci.
  2. Sounds good. I've seen that video but would like to see how all them downshifts will sound in a diesel.
  3. That does look good! Will you be keeping it on stage 3 or is that a bit overkill when driving normally?
  4. I think pre lci has 2 wires and lci has 3 so they may not work. I had mine retrofitted but had to get mirrors from the exact year of my car otherwise they wouldn't work.
  5. I have now, let's see what he says, fingers crossed. The £170 you paid, does that cover all 3 stages? And you definitely have to make a video soon.
  6. Do you have a link to the site or anything? Hopefully it won't be too long - the gearbox is long overdue an update.
  7. Apparently its not available on the pre lci cars yet
  8. 82mm is the one that i bought recently.
  9. Where did you get this done mate?
  10. £250 is a great price, anything more than £70 a wheel is a rip off imho. In regards to washing the car, I'm too old with a bad back to do it myself.
  11. So are mine, they are so bad now I'll actually say they're rotten. They are curbed but the worst part is the paint peel - i blame the chemical used at car washes.
  12. That colour is great, exactly what I'd like to do to my spiders. Do post a pic of your car once fitted
  13. Depending on how hard it is i plan to do them gloss black, if I'm feeling brave then maybe a very dark blue.
  14. Totally agree… this is a crappy pic in the sunlight and its still superbright.
  15. Looks really good mate I'd love black grills on my car but as its carbon black it just looks as though they are missing