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  1. I have the same bumper, bought it from mstyle in Essex, but got it from their ebay page as its cheaper than their site. I think they go by autoenhance. Not the best of pics
  2. Have you already got the button in your car by the bonnet release? I haven't, so would be very useful for me.
  3. Any pics? How did you wire it up etc?
  4. I have the mesh covers on mine too, they are just a dummy unfortunately. When I got my folding mirrors installed, me and baus had a look and they are just empty. Also to add the tweeters theres some sort of module or something that needs to be fitted behind the door cards. PM baus he knows more about this than me.
  5. Here's mine after a few hours of peeling using my work pass:
  6. Any pics? I love RS2's, just the badge rs2/porsche badge is bad ass.
  7. My old college security guard Phil from driftworks built a M3 V10 a couple of years ago, heres a few videos :
  8. Here's a pic of my bumper, the msport fogs are designed for this bumper and we had no issues with the screws lining up in the fog light bracket.
  9. Been driving my car in d and ds and when driving steadily it does do as you described earlier. Its not that noticeable but good knows why it does that.
  10. I'll give it a go and let you know if mine does the same.
  11. Does this happen in sport only and when you put your foot down? I've not noticed that tbh.
  12. Backbox removed and custom pipe made attached to the oem exhaust tips. Car is slightly more throaty and when you put your foot down it sounds much better than before.
  13. Sounds good, how much did that set you back if you don't mind me asking. When your car is on the ground can you tell the back box is missing or does it look oem?
  14. Is your dpf removed? I'd love to get this done too, how loud is it when driving normally and on motorways?
  15. That was one great episode!