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  1. How about the V70 R AWD? Used to love these.
  2. If its just the rubber pipe that has split replace that only with some samco stuff and re-use the metal pipe and black plastic attachment. Don't buy the ebay specials as the black plastic connector piece is crap quality and can split when putting your foot down. I cracked two in the space of 6 months and i have a 535d too.
  3. Lol, I went completey off topic then (Not for the first time)
  4. Yep the top, same as your original ebay link. I don't think the bottom is affected as its metal but they could have done a better job with the top plastic clip.
  5. That metal part is for the intercooler end, so thats fine, but if you look at the other end its the same plastic with a metal clip.
  6. That's the second pipe the first one only last a month!
  7. How long have you had it on your car and is your car mapped? My car is mapped and after 3 months it cracked when i put my foot down, here's a pic:
  8. I bought this pipe for my car and twice the plastic cracked, i then just bought a oem full pipe. The rubber pipe is fine its the plastic that kept cracking, the quality of the plastic is quite different compared to oem.
  9. This is from @baus
  10. These lci halogens were retro fitted by @baus (my car is pre lci) i have Lm2 and that photo was my car in auto so when its daytime the angels and eyebrows are on then when it gets dark the low beam hid comes on. I'm not sure how this was done as I was busy shopping and left him to do it.
  11. Here's my car - the drls are angels and eyebrows, they were all done by the legend @baus while I was shopping.
  12. I really need this to come out for the pre lci.
  13. Sounds good. I've seen that video but would like to see how all them downshifts will sound in a diesel.
  14. That does look good! Will you be keeping it on stage 3 or is that a bit overkill when driving normally?
  15. I think pre lci has 2 wires and lci has 3 so they may not work. I had mine retrofitted but had to get mirrors from the exact year of my car otherwise they wouldn't work.