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  1. NWJW

    Ordered than new 530e yet?

    Little Bastards. What a waste of a creme egg.....
  2. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Got any more pictures of the car? I quite like a red e39 but you don't see many of them about.
  3. NWJW

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    Never owned one or driven one but I am also a huge fan of the mk2, what model is the pre-facelift saloon above?
  4. NWJW

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    I'll never forget watching the guy who used to run the garage I use set up the Weber dual 38 carb on my old Sierra just by listening to the engine. He tweaked it a but, stood back and listened, tweaked it again and then said 'that should be pretty close' before putting the gas analyzer up the exhaust which revealed it was spot on. He also advanced the timing to what seemed like a ridiculous 14 degrees before tdc. When I mentioned 'might it pink a bit?' his reply was 'trust me' with a knowing look on his face. That car must have had another 40 bhp when I left the garage, I couldn't believe it.
  5. NWJW

    E39 540 issue

    I was getting an engine failsafe warning intermittently a while back and a fault code related to the throttle body (can't remember what the exact code was though sorry). It turned out that the multi plug on the throttle body wasn't clipped on properly and the contacts had oxidised, a bit of switch cleaner and properly seating the connector seems to have cured it..
  6. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Mine is usually driven quite briskly, especially when there's someone behind in a TDi of some description who thinks that their 2.0 beast is gonig to smoke the old BMW in front.....
  7. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Normally the passenger side isn't as bad as it's the drivers side that picks up all the crap off the road and rots out first, although, as said, when I checked mine out the passenger side was worse for some reason. Edit; Your pictures appear to be of the passenger side unless I'm being thick?
  8. NWJW

    Front style 65 or pair of rears

    I know for a set of Rondell 0058's but I suspect it may take more than a few quid to get them off the guy who has them! They were on the last 540i I had and for some reason I was never that fond of them on that car if I'm honest even though they are very nice wheels;
  9. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    ^^^Oh feck! (Trenchy 24's sills!) I gave my sills a poke and a prod when I bought the car nearly a year ago and bar some surface rust on the passenger side rear jacking point which I treated and re-sealed they were surprisingly solid. I know that once the rot sets in though it doesn't take long to really get a hold so I haven't looked since......
  10. NWJW

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    I would have thought though, the torque of an Essex 3.0 being transferred through a leaf sprung live rear axle into a pair of skinny tyres with nothing but the light weight of an Escort pushing them into the tarmac with no power steering and no traction control or abs to get you out the shit could be quite interesting to say the least......
  11. NWJW

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    I wonder if Ford had made a diesel Essex V6 would it have been the first diesel engine with a V6 configuration?
  12. NWJW

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    Apparently, the Essex V6 was originally designed to be a Diesel and fitted to the mk1 Transit but they scrapped the idea and made it a petrol engine, however, a hangover from the diesel design was that it had flat heads with the combustion chamber in the piston rather than the other way round on most petrol engines. My mate used to do trials in a Land Rover fitted with a 3.1 Essex as he reckoned it was stronger than than the all alloy rover V8 and being a shorter engine than the V8 it could be mounted further back in the chassis keeping it out of harms way should the front of the Land Rover smash into anything, which it quite often did by all accounts.....
  13. I have seen a guide where someone retrofitted Mercedes paddle shifters. From memory I think they used a slip ring from an e38 with a heated wheel to get the extra connections for the paddles. Edit, it was on here, unfortunately the pictures are gone but it gives you an idea of what to do; I see that he actually used an e46 m3 smg slipring but I have definitely seen guides where an e38 one was used.
  14. NWJW

    3night break suggestions please

    Well, I'm off to this at the start of September; https://www.bigweekends.com/your-break/181853 I don't think it's going to have the culture, class or ambience of the previously mentioned places for some reason.......
  15. NWJW

    Ford Focus power steering

    Can you not stick a good used pipe from a breakers on? Good second hand Ford parts are plentiful and cheap.
  16. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Touched up the stone chips on my bonnet, it took literally five minutes and I've been meaning to do it for weeks.
  17. NWJW

    Sterrinf squeak 540i

    A common issue on the V8's is failure of the ball joints on the steering centre tie rod, they tend to be quiet when cold but start graunching and squeaking once the heat from the engine has got to them. The part number is 32211096060.
  18. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Here we go; Edit, I really need to get those stone chips on the bonnet sorted...
  19. It's still a benchmark for new cars IMO.
  20. Too late now but to remove the sort of adhesive that is on wheel weights I use wd40 to dissolve the glue, then soften everthing with a bit of heat from a hairdryer and then use a nylon scraper to persuade off what's left.
  21. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I've had four e39's and my missus hasn't actually ever driven one of them, she'll drive my Mondeo which is the same size no bother at all but she says that if she drove my e39 and happened to catch the corner of a bumper or a wing mirror or something then she couldn't be dealing with the world war 3 that would ensue. I tell her she's just being stupid, it's just a car.... .....And then think; 'Thank fuck she doesn't want to drive the e39.....'
  22. NWJW

    V8 Valve Covers

    Fair play, I've had vanos and non vanos flavour V8 e39's and never noticed that!
  23. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I've spent HOURS today prepping and painting my wheels which were, to be honest, an embarrassment, there was paint peeling off, kerbing, scratches, the lot. Randomly, the wheels on the offside appeared to have been powder coated and the powder coat was peeling off in big chunks, the nearside front wheel also appeared to have been powder coated and apart from some kerbing was in really good condition yet the nearside rear wheel appeared to have been spray painted for some reason? Anyway, I've done them in gloss black, which I'm sure won't be to everyone's taste but I've been a fan of dark coloured wheels for a long time so that's what I went with. No pictures at the moment as after I'd finished I just wanted to pack up and have a cider. I'll get some up tomorrow. Oh, and my shoulders are red raw now as the sun was out and I thought I'd be manly and work with my shirt off....
  24. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Was it all downhill? I'm sure the obc on my car only goes up to 29.9mpg because I have never seen it read 30 or higher.
  25. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Just need to change that T for a W and you've got my initials on it......