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  1. ^^^ Got that and 1999 on vinyl, awesome.
  2. YES, YES, YES and YES! And call me cheesy and cliched but there is nothing better than listening to 808 state whilst watching the sun come up after a particularly heavy night. As for watch your bass bins, this will shake them to pieces; I've been listening to stuff from the start of the next decade too, like this extremely good bit of progressive house;
  3. One of the mechanics at the garage I use has a 350z with a very un-subtle exhaust, what a noise!
  4. Funnily enough, I've been pleasantly surprised by how cheaply e63's can be had for these days, especially V8's with manual 'boxes.....
  5. Been listening to lots of oldschool lately, like this;
  6. Haha, I've had three e39's and two of them had black wheels, the third one would have had black wheels too if I hadn't sold it!
  7. I have considered a private plate in the past but the reason I've never bothered is that there are many other things that I would rather spend a few hundred quid on rather than having my initials or whatever else on my numberplate. Most private plates I see are just older plates stuck on newer cars so unless you know what you're looking at you wouldn't know it was a private plate anyway.
  8. I've just dug them out and whilst the plastic is good condition there is a little bit of damage to the chrome on what I think is the drivers door piece and a very small kink in the chrome on another piece, because of that I couldn't take anything for them, just chuck me a fiver through paypal if you still wanted them.
  9. Is no.3 the plastic trim pieces on the doors with the chrome strips? I've got a set in the garage, I'll check the condition of them tomorrow but if they are any good to you you can have them if you cover the postage.
  10. I sold it.....!! Why? I bought an ST tdci Mondeo a while back to run about in as I didn't want to do too many miles in the car over winter what with all the salt and muck on the roads. Obviously this then meant it was doing very few miles and I started toying with the idea of selling. I was chatting to the guy I bought the car off (who had it for ten years!) last weekend and asked him if he was interested in buying it back, turns out he was interested as today he turned up unannounced, made me a decent offer and that was that, off it went. So, my only transport is now a 4-pot diesel, wrong wheel drive hatchback, I don't mind though, it drives well enough, goes well enough, is pennies to run and looks nice and I'm as much of a Ford fan as I am BMW fan so although the Mondeo may not be the most exciting thing I'm happy enough with it.
  11. It's not just me then that's hoping the new Mustang will depreciate like a stone! I think that although they are actually cheap to buy new considering what you get for your cash they will hold their money and still be worth a few quid in five or ten years. Look at the prices of Monaros, they were only about £30k new and decent ten year old ones still fetch £10k plus. I did read that Ford have deliberately kept stock levels of new Mustangs low so as to keep the residuals of second ones high. P.S. They never should have made the Mondeo front wheel drive, the chassis/floorpan is actually laid out in a way that could take a rear wheel drive powertrain but instead they sent power to the wrong wheels.
  12. Another one here for a bad earth. Whilst swapping out the rear suspension on my old 330d I disconnected an earth (with the battery still connected, tut tut, etc, etc....) and the dash lit up like a christmas tree and this was without a key in the ignition...
  13. You could call it the '5' forum, oh, wait an minute........
  14. I was going to ask what engine was in the car you were test driving, I've heard the petrols are quite thrashy (unless you opt for the AMG six pot ) and that the 2.1 diesel isn't particularly refined either, how does it compare to the m57?