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  1. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Just been out in -2`c resealing my rear lights to see if it will get rid of the dampness in the boot, I did want to fit my sport bumpers as they've now been sat in the garage freshly painted for weeks but the weather's beaten me again, it's bloody cold!
  2. Everytime I drive something new I compare it to an e39, so far I haven't driven anything better. A while back I drove a brand new 4 series, it didn't even compare to my mk3 Mondeo, never mind an e39.

    I fitted Meyle shocks on the back of my Mondeo, couldn't fault them, I'd use them again.
  4. Supercharged 540 Touring

    I would absolutely love to fit a supercharger to mine, but, it's going to remain a dream for the foreseeable..... And regarding the autobox, as said, they can handle huge power, allegedly the e90 335d and e60 535d were only available in auto as BMW didn't have a manual transmission that could handle the torque....
  5. E39/B10 Rust Repair

    My last 540 had the rear sills and jacking points repaired without removing the tank, the guy who did it had to remove quite a bit of the outer sill which then meant he had good access to weld new metal into the rear of the sill from the inside rather than the outside where the tank is, to be honest, it didn't look too pretty but it was solid as a rock.
  6. Staggered Wheel Fitments - What Size Spare?

    It won't, I've tried!
  7. New Fridge!

    I did, but they said the final position was beyond their control.....
  8. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    And please feel free to tell me to feck off and stop being a nosey bugger but did they give you a good p/x deal for the 525? I know from your posts here that the car has been very well looked after.
  9. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I tried hitting the like button more than once but it wouldn't let me! That is one fine machine, a word of warning though, V8 e39's are addictive, I'm on my fourth because everytime I sell one I regret it and buy another, so in other words, hang onto it! Also, the first line of your post sounds like the start of a Sinead O'Connor song.
  10. New Fridge!

    I've had a new fridge delivered recently, tonight I'm trying it out;
  11. ^^^This, I've used loads of Febi stuff (including two timing chain tensioners) and not had a single problem.
  12. T'was a woman driving the bus apparently; https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/revealed-the-edinburgh-bus-driver-who-averted-snow-disaster-1-4699122
  13. Bye bye E39 !

    That seems to be the case at the moment, b'stard thing!
  14. Two E39 Sports and an E39 M5

    I'm getting good at this spotting malarkey! On my travels yesterday I saw a W plate carbon black e39 M5 in Bradford on Avon and two facelift e39 Sports parked about three cars apart in Sainsburys in Melksham, one in topaz blue and the other in titan silver, both with style 66 wheels.
  15. Bye bye E39 !

    This is why mine is no longer a daily driver, it's comes out on the weekend when I fancy going for a blast and that's about it, that way, I rack up very little mileage and if something does need doing I'm not under pressure to get it done. The funny thing is though, the daily Mondeo hack doesn't do a lot of mileage either and is the one that is giving me issues at the moment.....