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  1. E39 530D auto vs manual mode

    It's on my never-ending list too!
  2. M62 not starting

    Right, had a poke around my engine earlier, connector 1, the two pin one is connected to a little silver box mounted on top of the manifold marked 'Pierburg 1742711', a quick google shows it to be some kind of pressure valve; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-X5-E53-4-4i-V8-PETROL-PIERBURG-VACUUM-PRESSURE-VALVE-1-742-711-1742711-/191877520545?hash=item2cacca9ca1:g:VzsAAOSwpdpVXlWK The second connector is connected to a little black box mounted on the fan cowling underneath the expansion bottle, the part is marked '64118391470' and appears to be something to do with the A/C; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E46-3-SERIES-E39-5-SERIES-E53-X5-AUC-AIR-CON-FAN-RELAY-SENSOR-6411-8391470-/362119479922?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW&epid=1509488759&hash=item545000c272:g:3~0AAOSwikhZ0nxX However, with both of these disconnected my engine still runs. I managed to get a look down the back of my manifold with a torch and a mirror and the 'blue' connector, as far as I could see, looks exactly like the above, nothing connected to it. If the engine is popping and blowing whilst trying to start I would say you have a vacuum leak somewhere or perhaps the vacuum lines are on incorrectly? Edit, I've had a quick look on realoem and it seems that non-vanos cars weren't fitted with the Pierburg part so that connector is indeed a bit of a mystery...... And I've just had another look at the video and I would say you have a vacuum leak.
  3. M62 not starting

    If I get chance tomorrow I'll have a look around my engine to see if I can answer any of your questions, I'm not sure that I'll be of any help though as I have the later vanos engine so things may be different.
  4. Petrol warning light...

    I can tell you from experience that if the range is showing - - - you won't be going much further......
  5. That's it for petrol....

    There is absolutely no way that we will all be driving electric cars within 20 years, the infrastructure needed for that will be no where near ready by then. I'll give combustion engines many years yet, come back in 50 years and tell me I'm wrong.....
  6. Another oldie worth dusting off.

    Daft ones are always the best!
  7. M62 not starting

    An auto car (I'm assuming we're talking about the Alpina in your profile) will keep turning over and trying to start even if you just flick the key so if it's turning briefly and then stopping I would say the ecu isn't getting all the info it needs. You mention two leftover connections, the expansion tank connection is likely just a coolant level warning/indicator, the other; 'upper throttle body' connection I would say is the problem. I would be trying to suss where this goes, could you post a picture of said connection?
  8. Can Darkbmwlord run his E39 on a shoestring?

    Also, on topic, if you shop around for parts and know how to use a spanner then an e39 isn't the most expensive car to keep on the road I find.
  9. Can Darkbmwlord run his E39 on a shoestring?

    Not quite 5 years but I found a button on my e46 touring about 2 months after I bought it that opened the glass only, from then on I made a point of loading everything into the boot through the top half just 'cos I could...
  10. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I ran it out of petrol earlier, as it turns out you can't go much further when the range stops displaying numbers and starts showing - - - What a plonker.......
  11. My wife does read some shit...

    In the comments; 'The last time I saw anything like that, I was on Safari near the Zambezi river and it was in the shallows eating plants' My missus just asked why I'm laughing like a twat......
  12. Any gym monkeys in here?!

    I quite enjoy going and lifting/pushing stupidly heavy weights a few times a week, That said, I'm not really a serious trainer, I just find it a good way to de-stress and you get to know people at the gym so it's quite sociable too. I've gone from being an 11 stone soaking wet rake to 14 stone and in good shape in just under three years (without any 'performance enhancements'!) which is a nice bonus too.
  13. Serpentine Tensioner pulley bolt stripped

    If you've got the room, grind the head off the bolt, pop the tensioner off and then the rest of it will probably wind out by hand as there is no longer any resistance on it. If not, get a set of grips on it....
  14. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Is it de-catted? The smell behind my de-catted 330d was almost unbearable, when there was a leak in the exhaust centre section you couldn't sit in the car with the engine idling.....
  15. Best film ever?

    All of my favorites have already been mentioned except for Twin Town, and on a more serious note; Sleepers.