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  1. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Thought I'd better start it as it's been left for days in sub zero temperatures, I then left it under the foot of snow that's currently on and around it.
  2. This months stupid award goes to....

    I'd have asked him to warm my Ginsters whilst he was in there.......
  3. Christmas Funny "DAI THE CARROT"

    That is all......
  4. What are you currently drinking...?

    MANY CIDERS... ...God I'll feel ill tomorrow........
  5. Some tw*t has nicked me car....

    Years ago I may have been in the company of a 'lady' that I shouldn't have been in the company of, I may have had to make an exit out of the upstairs bedroom window, onto the extension roof and down onto the ground before running a mile or so wearing very little to get to my house. Of course, when I get home I reach into my pocket for my keys to find that I have no pockets and definitely no keys so proceed to crawl bare arsed through the kitchen window. She then gives me my keys (and clothes) back the day after whilst laughing a lot....
  6. V8 curiosity

    282bhp on paper, allegedly more if you believe everything you read on the net. There may be a shred of truth in it as the original 4.0 m60 lump was 282bhp, when they upgraded to the m62 and added another 400cc the power output was still 282bhp, then when they upgraded to the 'tu' engine and stuck vanos on it, guess what, still 282bhp.....
  7. e39 bore wheels, 17" or 18"

    I haven't seen the wheels but have spoken with the guy today and he's been quoted £100-£150 just to get the wheel straightened out and welded IF it can actually be repaired. Removal and refitting of the tyre and postage would have to be added to that so I fear that you may need all of your budget just to get that one wheel sorted.
  8. V8 curiosity

    Interesting, I'm on my second 540i and if I'm honest I didn't find the first one all that quick, I was expecting more of the same with the second one but had a bit of a shock when I test drove it, it's hugely fast compared to my old one. It's not that quick off the mark but from 30mph upwards I don't think my old e39 M5 would be able to leave it behind.
  9. Recommend a commuter car

    Volvo is a good shout, they are hugely comfy, well built, drive well, go well enough, not mega money to buy or run and no-one tends to look twice at them, ideal I would have said.
  10. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I'll say this quietly 'cause the bloody thing's probably listening but I've just taken it for a spin and everything seems fine......
  11. e39 bore wheels, 17" or 18"

    I know a guy with some 18" deep dish Rondells, however, one of the front wheels is damaged, I'm not sure how bad it is or how much he wants for them but I can certainly find out for you.
  12. V8 curiosity

    I've always fancied a late model twin plenum Vitesse in red, like this; I'm not sure why as they went out of production not long after I was born, I've never even been in one, let alone driven one. I think it's because it's one of those cars I can remember seeing as a kid and thinking they looked pretty cool.
  13. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The saga continues, new fuel filter fitted and what a nightmare that was, whoever fitted the old one somehow managed to get all the jubilee clips in the most awkward, inaccessible positions. Then to the airlock/blockage issue, I disconnected the heater hoses and flushed everything through with a hose pipe and A LOT of crap came out of the heater matrix, I then ran it up to temperature with the car facing the other way on the drive so pointing uphill rather than down and it seems to have bled through ok....... ...........Then it decides to say 'engine failsafe prog' on the dash and stall. I'll be honest, I got water everywhere when flushing the heaters out so I'm hoping it's just down to a damp sensor. I didn't have the head to do anymore with it after that and then it got dark. I may go and plug in the laptop in a bit if I can summon the courage, or the energy....... Edit; It seems I got some water somwhere I shouldn't have as it seems to be behaving itself now and apart from the heaters blowing slightly cooler on the drivers side compared the passenger side everything seems to be doing what it's supposed too. I may have a result (he says touching wood with crossed fingers!)......
  14. What are you currently drinking...?

    god I feel ill.......