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  1. That's exactly my experience of the s62 and m62 engined cars I've had, when they're on song in third gear very little is going to catch you!
  2. I know very little about re-mapping so this may be a stupid question but could the car already be re-mapped? Hence, trying to push things a little bit further with the new map could be causing things to operate outside of their safe working limits and a 'limp mode' of sorts is kicking in to protect the engine. Other than that, try another re-mapper!
  3. Top gear power lap times (robbed from wikipedia!); 01:27.0 BMW M5 E39 01:26.5 BMW M3 E92 Competition Pack (moist)
  4. Re; The brake lights staying on, the clever bods at BMW appear to have though of many things that us mere mortals wouldn't have, in the dark, on the hard shoulder those brake lights will have warned others of your presence and quite possibly in such circumstances saved your life. Also, I had the alternator fail on my 535i, one minute it worked, one minute it didn't, I've found they don't give much warning, and have Yokozuna's parents made you a brew yet?
  5. My re-mapped 330d would sometimes cut out under hard acceleration, a new filter seemed to cure that. LukeH; believe it or not, the fuel filter isn't included in any service on a petrol e39. My old 535i (with full BMW history) was still fitted with it's original filter when I changed it, it had covered 170-odd thousand miles by this point.
  6. As it happens I know of a diff for a manual e46 330d, not sure if it would fit an e39?
  7. The CCV is on the rear of the inlet manifold on the V8, much easier to change than on the 6's. And for £300 I would have bought it already! Even if it turns out to be a huge money pit and not worth sorting selling a few parts off it would make your money back, a decent set of wheels for an e39 for example will set you back a few hundred quid.
  8. I believe all facelift cars had the same size brakes regardless of engine size (except the M5) so as said, 16" is the smallest diameter wheel that will fit. Assuming we're talking about e39's?
  9. ^^^This!
  10. I love 4-Strings stuff, this remix of Take Me Away sends shivers down my spine;
  11. I can remember going through the monkey enclosure as a kid in my uncles nearly new Cavalier SRi and the little feckers tearing the windscreen washer jets out, he weren't happy!* *My uncle that is, not the monkey what did it, he thought it was awesome.
  12. I would wind the tool up as far as I felt comfortable with (very tight with a 1/2" ratchet personally) and then give the knuckle a good whack with a lump hammer (as suggested above), however, don't go mad with it as the knuckle is aluminium and will crack if you go mad (ask me how I know!). If this doesn't work leave the tool on there for a while tweaking it up a little bit tighter every half hour or so until it goes, you may actually have to leave the tool on overnight. If you could apply some downwards leverage to the suspension arm and/or heat to the knuckle whilst the tool is wound up tight it would also help it release. Take care when it does let go because they go with a bang. Also, I'm wondering if cutting through the tapered part between the suspension arm and knuckle as close to the knuckle with a grinder as possible (dependant on access) would do any good as this would put a lot of heat directly through the part that is seized.
  13. ^^^^When that came out I was DJ-ing in a local pub on vinyl and that track was so popular I had to buy another copy after wearing the first one out!
  14. More old school again;
  15. A couple of mates of mine have an e90 and e92 and for some reason that I can't quite put my finger on I've always found they have the same sort of feel as the e39's I've had. And nice motor by the way, Monaco blue looks lovely polished up and I know from experience that a re-mapped 330d can go rather well! Edit; And if the theiving little bastards go anywhere near this one relieve them of the use of their thumbs with something big and heavy!