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  1. Some of my earliest memories are of watching The Generation Game with my grandfather. R.I.P Brucie.
  2. Fitted a new roundel on the front and replaced the degraded swimmimg pool-esqe headlight that I've been trying to save, it needs another polish but it's getting there.
  3. Volvo are making some really nice looking cars these day IMO, a new s90 overtook me yesterday and despite being the size of a bungalow, bloody hell did it look good. I don't think I would choose the XC90 over the Range Rover if money was no object, however, I'll bet a fully specced XC90 comes out at about the same price as a basic Range Rover Sport. I'd definately take one over an X5, the only X5 that does anything for me is a pre-facelift e53 (yes, I have got my tin hat on!). That is nice! I think with a Volvo, you either get it or you don't. My mate had an S60 D5 a few years ago that looked very much 'old man car' but had one or two 'go faster bits' attached, it was always fun surprising people in supposedly much faster cars in it. The five cylinder engine sounded awesome too, never mind that it was a diesel!
  4. Interesting, I want to change my beige headlining for a black one, I suppose I've got nothing to lose by trying some of that paint on it first as if it doesn't work I can just get a black headlining anyway.
  5. The people who think up these schemes aren't dull y'know!
  6. There are some very rare cars mentioned in this thread and this may be a problem, as in, what if you had the money sitting there to buy the car of your dreams, BUT, there aren't any for sale (even for unlimited funds)??
  7. Allegedly, the fact is that white van men are actually some of the safest drivers on the road, after personally driving several Transits many hundreds of thousands of miles over the last ten plus years without a single accident involving another vehicle that was my fault I would say that the fact that van drivers are actually bloody good drivers is true. Oh yeah, the thing in the grill with the arrows is the bonnet release!
  8. BMW's engineers seemed to get it spot on with the sport suspension in the e39 IMO, the balance between wafty, comfy ride and sharp, tight handling is uncanny.
  9. ^^ To add to the above, check the exhaust system as even a small leak before the o2 sensors can play holy f*ck with the mixture. Nice socks by the way!!
  10. I agree with Mr Dan1979, spacers, up to a point, will cause no issues whatsoever, it's no different to fitting a set of alloys with a larger negative offset. I ran 25mm spacers on the front of my e46 to bring the edge of the tyre nicely in line with the arch, I noticed no ill effects regarding tyre wear or handling, the guy that bought the car off me who happens to be an mot tester still has the spacers on there. My mate had a set of 20mm spacers on the back of his Compact and they seemed to improve the handling on that (wider track?) as well as making the 16" alloys on it fill out the arches nicely.
  11. Yep, as long as the pipe you've put in to replace the back box is carrying the exhaust gases away from the underside of the car. MOT problems can occur if removing a cat or dpf that was factory fit, it can help if you know your mot man quite well.... Also, I had twin 2.5" pipes on my 535i, the exhaust fitter had to enlarge the cut out in the valance a tiny bit to get them to fit properly but smaller twin pipes that would have fitted in the cut out wouldn't have looked right IMO.
  12. Yep, if we're talking about the diesels then the m47 engine was available for a few years, as said though we never got it here.
  13. If it's only three cars I could have (I've already got my 'lottery list' and it's very long!) it would have to be; The very best e39 M5 I could get my hands on A completely original RS500 Cosworth And a Supercharged Range Rover for daily duties.
  14. There's nowt wrong with a 520i, BMW could have stuck a four pot in and been done with it, but no, even the 'baby' of the range got a straight six. And it had more power than quite a few larger capacity 6 cylinder engines that other manufacturers were putting into their 'performance' models at the time.
  15. I can only agree with what has already been suggested. Also, regarding re-maps, I had my 535i re-mapped with didn't seem to make any noticeable difference to the overall performance but it did seem to alter the torque curve so the car felt like it had a bit more get up and go at lower revs, the car had a k&n panel filter and a cat back back stainless exhaust fitted before the remap which probably gave more power gains than the re-map (but not a lot!). The re-map also seemed to do something with the gearbox settings as it wanted to be in a lower gear all the time after the re-map, great if you want to make progress but a bit annoying if you're just plodding about.