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  1. Skinned Knuckles

    My Car

    My 1997 BMW 528i SE Touring. Needs work, my project
  2. Skinned Knuckles

    Front Aggregate Protector Plate

    Thank you, Thank you very much
  3. Skinned Knuckles

    Front Aggregate Protector Plate

    Yep... I believe the South African ones have them too. Russian e39's were built in Kaliningrad. I think they were added due to their terrible road surface's. Funny really, you'd think we have them too! I Cant remember how many times I've been pulled over under suspicions of drink driving... Same story, I was just avoiding all the potholes and mountain crests that I face with on a daily basis.
  4. Skinned Knuckles

    Front Aggregate Protector Plate

    Bit late to the thread but I can shed some light. I believe the metal aggregate protection plates were standard on Russian built E39's.
  5. Hmm. Not a clue. Will book it into the garage. See what they can find out
  6. As far as I’m aware off the crank sensor had been replaced few years before I bought the car. I’ve had it for 5 years now so could be a possibility. Like you said, it doesn’t make sense why the traction control light comes on. Cam sensor has been replaced 10 months ago. New vanos 2 months ago. I have found that when I disturb connections and piping to the throttle body it does have an effect on the engine somewhat!
  7. Unfortunately I don’t have INPA to diagnose it. It would make my life easier if I have it.
  8. I forgot to mention that I taken the air box, MAF out to see the throttle flaps and all seem fine, not sticky at all.
  9. As the title says: On my way home the car was juddering almost as though it’s jump starting whiles moving. Was in 4th gear doing 30mph. I’d put my foot down in 4th and the car pulled really well. Settled back down and the same judder again although it got worse. Traction control light eventually came on and stayed on. I’d set off from the crossing onto my road and it barley moved. Got home, parked up and the engine was revving on its own without any input from me. Similar to Jeremy Clarkson’s in Africa. However mine seemed to hold on the revs longer and no I didn’t take a hammer to it I did give her some revs to about 4,500 to see if that rectified it but the engine sounded really rough, almost as though it’s misfiring. I turned it off then fired the car back up 3 minuets later, traction control light went out and the engine seems normal. Sounds great again... Didn’t even have a check engine light during this hiccup. Any ideas? throttle body?
  10. I'm after genuine 13 pin electrics for my 97 528 Touring. I have the oris towbar and the electrics are butchered! I've came back to them time and time again and I'm none the wiser!!! Looking at buying a caravan for the weekends. Regards, Jamie
  11. Skinned Knuckles

    About to break a 2001 e39 touring 530i titan silver

    Haha... No way. I've even spoke to Duncan too! The guy who bought that bonnet lol. I was going to give you a call about a possible meet on Thursday for the bumper. In fact I'll give you a call tomorrow mate. Edit: Not to mention some retrofit goodness too!
  12. Skinned Knuckles

    About to break a 2001 e39 touring 530i titan silver

    Hi mate. I've got a cracked windscreen. your's doesn't happen to be a genuine one and with green strip?
  13. Skinned Knuckles

    About to break a 2001 e39 touring 530i titan silver

    Cheers for the reply Pete. Sorry mate. I've got some from Quarry Motors on Friday. Needed the tailgate to load the pram so was a "quick needed" part.
  14. Skinned Knuckles

    About to break a 2001 e39 touring 530i titan silver

    Hiya mate, Do you have both tailgate hinges? If so, how much? Cheers. Jamie
  15. Skinned Knuckles

    Wanted, E39 Touring Tailgate Hinges

    Hi all. I've put this up in the parts and breaking post but thinking it'll be better here! Anyway, Last week I had a problem when a strong gust of wind blew my tailgate back whiles it was open. It stayed open until I closed it and heard this horrible crunching sound! The problem I'm now faced is I can't open the tailgate as it rubs on the roof as I open it. The glass partition feels loose and that rubs against the roof but stays open. The main hatch now has no assistance from the gas struts, they were weak for over 4 years but still held. On closer inspection, the drivers side strut has broken where it contacts to the hinge, it also had popped out of it's socket within the roof! The spring too has snapped throughout. The passenger side strut seems connected both ends although I haven't fully investigated it further. Does anyone have a spare set of touring tailgate hinges? If so how much? Its a nightmare loading the pram into the car as the wheels have to go on the back seat! Not to mention it's letting water in from the glass hatch section! If anyone has a set that'll be fantastic. I'm at Santa Pod for 3 days as of tomorrow so I wont be able to respond until I get back. Cheers guys. Here's the knackered tailgate strut.