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  1. E39 Touring SLS problem!

    Hey guys, I recently added a post regarding my 97 528i touring SLS problem! The SLS lights on, the back is set to that of a Land Rover and its rock solid with no give in the suspension. My friends plugged the car into his laptop with INPA. The result that came back is: 10 Controling time, only one side Error frequency : 31 Left level 186.00 mm Standing Can anyone shed some light? My friends had a guess its the compressor itself is at fault and its the module within the unit. Any advice? Thank you.
  2. Major battery drain.. ignition switch?

    For a possible sign of ignition switch switch issues. Try the visor test. Pull down the drivers visor and open the mirror, if anything happens then that could be the culprit. Another one could be you final stage resistor to your heater, (Hedgehog) as its also known. A common problem. Does your car have the optional phone? I've heard that the phone module could also be an issue! Best of luck
  3. 525d Power issues!

    Ah, I see. Whats exactly going on with yours? I'm in no mad rush to be honest, I'm due to see family on Friday but I can borrow a car if need be. My car does work and bar the very occasional non start and the loss of power top end of the rev's, today she has been fine, I can still potter around town till a replacement arrives. PM me with a PayPal email address and I'll forward you some cash. How much including P&P? Your a life saver
  4. 525d Power issues!

    That's amazing, thank you. Where you based? I'm currently in Blackpool despite my account saying Manchester. Will be going back at some point! Did you sort out your problem?
  5. 525d Power issues!

    Thanks for the reply. I have looked up how much a pump is from BMW and I'm looking at a ball point of about £190. I've looked on eBay and they're going for as little as £30! That i wouldn't get. I've got one saved that's £70. I've drove it today now i'd put another £30 in premium diesel and its dry outside the obc reads 130miles, It goes to just over 4k, bounces for less then a second then changes up, much better then last night. I did it again, went up to over 4k and changed just fine. so it must be the pump. I don't like to red line an engine in any situation but i'll try and see if it will rev past the 4,200rpm mark whiles stationary.
  6. E39 Touring Yet Another SLS Issue! (Land Rover Height)

    I'll look into that, Thank you. I've owned the old girl for nearly 4 years now, never had a problem with the SLS bar the slight air leak on the drivers side. Still, I'll have a look as despite the fact shes been sat in the garage for 10 months, shes got some rust that wasn't there prior to being tucked away.
  7. 525d Power issues!

    Hello fello members, I hope someone can shed some light on a new problem I've been getting from my ever so troubled 525d Auto. I'll start by saying its a 2001 525d touring auto. It all started yesterday, I stated the car and I heard this weird groaning sound from what appears from under the passenger seat (fuel pump), She started without hesitation, drove to the doctors which was 10 minutes away without trouble, all worked fine. However, I got back to the car, it wouldn't start (just cranked over). I tried again, nothing. I took the key out, waited about 5 seconds and tried again, She fired right up and has worked ever since. However today. I've hammered her, she kicked down and she pull's right up to 4,200rpm and bounces at 4,200, you feel the whole car jolt a bit then she changes up but feels like shes strangled for power. I've lately been having problems with the auto box when going for an overtake it just rev's its nuts off and wont change up (looking like a complete tit) unless you change the gears manually. Also tried today when she seems to not go past 4,200, this time i'd change gears manually and the gearbox changes up then instantly goes down the gears again as though its the wrong gear to only bounce at 4,200rpm? For as long as I've owned the car it seems a bit lazy from a stand still, for example, your on the slip road on a busy roundabout and you see an opportunity to go for it, by the time the gearbox wakes up your nearly getting side swiped! also when engaging reverse its slow to respond in which you can blip the throttle before anything happens. If in reverse and you sat on the brakes you can hear and feel of whats like gearbox judder! Here's some info that might help: She has 146,200 miles and no evident transmission fluid change, no paperwork for anything really! Drivers rear tyre close to legal limit A slow puncture on passenger rear tyre but all tyres had just been pumped up during this 4,200rpm problem! The past 4 days its been low on fuel, just at the quarter mark. My friend who I bought the car from has told me he'd replaced the fuel pump as he told me he ran it on near empty! I have no engine management light nor do have trans fail safe! It has had its swirl flaps blanked and an EGR delete, again my friend had that done. I've only used premium diesel and from the same petrol station. I've uploaded a video of exactly whats going on, just hope the forum allows it to work! Edit: Tomorrow I'll have a go at seeing if she'll rev past the 4,200 mark while stationary to rule out the trans Any advice would be greatly appreciated. IMG_9620.MOV
  8. E39 Touring Yet Another SLS Issue! (Land Rover Height)

    Update. Drained out the air and restarted. No different! possible culprits are, transport mode, fried GM module, faulty sensors but unlikely as the other sides the same. Looks like something else to add to the ever ending list of 40 things to do, Replacement rear floor pans, flywheel, clutch, bushes, can sensor, MAF and that's the start My local Indy going to love me I appreciate the advise I'd got. Here's an update of how the car the next day after yet more tinkering.
  9. E39 Touring Yet Another SLS Issue! (Land Rover Height)

    I once had INPA but unfortunately my laptop HDD kicked the bucket so its with my neighbor. I'm not experienced with INPA. My friend in London did install it and talked me through it but i only know the basics! Thanks for your advice. I'm going back today to let some of the air out both sides and have a fiddle round to see if it does it again.
  10. Hey guys, Yes another SLS fault! How refreshing! I've relocated this topic in the correct location. This one however I've not come across and i'm hoping someone can shed some light on this. The car in question is my 97 528i Touring. Basically its been sitting in my garage since December gone. I do however reconnect the battery and have a drive around the lot. It's a restoration project and once was my daily driver and sentimentally I wont let go! Anyway, It does have an air leak from the drivers side as it'll be near on its arse within a week. Passenger side has a slight leak but over 3 months untouched, you can still see the top of the tyre. Drivers side would be well on it arse by this point! Anyway. Today I have been doing some work, reconnected the battery, all pumps up fine as it normally does. I finished fixing what needs to be done and reversed it in the garage, went to disconnect the battery and found the rear roof line was almost level to my shoulders! Looked down and there's about 10 inches of lift from the top of the tyre to the arch! There's no SLS fault displayed, "Nothing". Anyway. I'm going back tomorrow to drain the air out of it as I'm afraid that the bags will explode! Could that be related to the constant connecting and disconnecting of the battery. Two weeks ago it blew the brown boot fuse to the SLS. Like i said. All seems well bar that. It now has a stance that'll make a Muscle car blush! If this helps, it's an SE with standard ride height. It does sometimes sit high, only when I've carried heavy loads and I've unloaded and it'll soon lower itself to it's set position. It's currently sitting on Style 31's for storage purposes. I've installed my 17" Style 32's on the front as the others kept going flat, cant put them on the back as they're staggered 255's and with the leak!!! Could the differences of the wheels also be the culprit although I hardly doubt it. Cars soon coming out of storage also hence the wheel change. In Comparison the 15" Style 31's suck!
  11. 97 E39 528 Electrical gremlins.

    Cheers nexus. Yeah, come to think of it your right Thank you for your comment, it's appreciated.
  12. 97 E39 528 Electrical gremlins.

    Thank you pow for your comment. It's funny that I've owned the car for 3 years now and I've never noticed it till I found out I have an ignition switch or ignition switch related faults. Guessing the MPG fiasco is normal then. I can relax knowing I'm not looking at anything abnormal.
  13. 97 E39 528 Electrical gremlins.

    Thank you mate, I honestly can't think the battery is at fault as its only 3 years old and it's a 100ah bosh s5 full size truck style battery. More then enough for the equipment level of my car. Sorry, I lust want to clarify they my cars a manual, not an auto 528 and hoping anyone can shed some light about my MPG problem in the description above!
  14. 97 E39 528 Electrical gremlins.

    Hi all. I'm beginning to have electrical Issues with my 97 528. Here goes. It all started off about a month ago with my cruise intermittently working, couple of days later I sat in the car with the ignition key on pos 1 and the radio on, I did the visor test and the radio went out but the screen was still lit. Soon as I closed the visor there was a pause and the stereo came back on. I had no other lights on the dash other then the radio went out. It's never happened since. The past couple of week lately the cruise control has worked a treat, never missed a beat and another fault occurred, the car occasionally started to idle erratically but drove fine when on the move. Another problem I've been experiencing is when I let go of all the pedals whiles in gear, my MPG gauge goes to beyond 50+ but soon as I brake and press the clutch it goes down to 30 and back again. I've replaced the ignition switch with 2 genuine BMW units to no avail, still have the same issue. Can anyone on here who owns a 97 E39 528 with the M52 single vanos engine tell me if my MPG malarky is normal!!! My local Indy has assured me there's no air leak from the engine.
  15. E39 DSP loom and door loom...

    Hi Karl, Sorry mate non going spare. I only have one set of door looms. I do however have a saloon DSP HI-FI main harness