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  1. rrm

    Simple guide please

    Hi all, Would really appreciate a little help. I now have the connector dongle to Ethernet for my car BMW F10 2012. I have an old Dell laptop, with Windows 7 32bit installed ready for the task. I would like to setup the software on my laptop, I have googled and tried various downloads and 'instructions' but none mirror what I see on my laptop. can someone please guide me to the correct downloads and some simple installation instructions. thanks in advance. rrm
  2. Hi, I would first try your original iPhone cable see if it works, I assume you got one with your phone. If it works great if not speak to you dealer see if they will let you try the Y cable before you purchase. It will depend on what modules are installed in your car. I can use the steering wheel controls using my original Apple lighting cable. good luck.
  3. rrm

    Sat Nav Map Update

    Do you still have a subscription to connected drive?
  4. rrm

    Sat Nav Map Update

    I get this also, but when I try to buy it goes in to a spinning circle, then I get an error message
  5. rrm

    Sat Nav Map Update

    Doesn't work for me. Do do you have to have BMW online services first?
  6. rrm

    Sat Nav Map Update

    How do you get the £69 offer? I rang a dealer this morning and they don't know about it. I have nothing in my BMW online login???? BMW 520 ed 2012 Pro Nav thanks
  7. I tried lots of cheap cables, iPhone (lightening) to USB and some would charge but not allow data transfer(music / iPhone control) but only original cable worked for everything. There are two 'Y' cables, one apparently has a chip and one does not. I was told if your car has the controller built in you don't need the cable with the chip. Not much difference in the price though. The only other cable that worked for me was a 'original' from 7dayshop.com. It's a bit stiffer than the original but seems gold quality, it worked perfectly. I decided to buy a apple original cable, no issues and cheaper than BMW original 'Y' cable. rrm
  8. Hi, i had had problems with copy cable. Eventually found that the original Apple cable was the only one that works. The original cable was £15 from Apple vs £56 for BMW Y cabl.
  9. rrm

    Brake service apparently due

    Wow, wonder if your brake pad sensor clip came off or wasn't put on like mine, causing the wire to tub against the alloy?
  10. rrm

    AUC rubbish

    Good luck E39touring
  11. rrm

    AUC rubbish

    Part No. B34.35.6.787.325 Description : Retain. cli Unit Price : £1.04 Hope that helps someone. Thanks everyone one for the help and answers.
  12. rrm

    AUC rubbish

    That's the £1.25 part that if not fitted (advised it cannot come out) could cause you £250 repair bill.
  13. rrm

    AUC rubbish

    Hi, got it a call back from the stealer, blah, blah the brakes are not original BMW and fitted elsewhere hence warranty not valid, the missing clip may not have ever been fitted....so I asked her if the clip was never fitted why wasn't it spotted when I asked for the brakes to be checked and when the 'comprehensive' vehicle inspection service was carried out, less than 5 months ago which is 'more through than an MOT'... Oh, I'll need to check what is checked and call you back. 20 minutes later, 'we are sorry, we should have spotted that the clip was missing when it was in for the inspection service, therefore it is our fault and we will refund the cost' if your spending £30 on a sensor, £60 on pads why would you got replace a £1.25 clip? Anyway, sorted now, but if I hadn't pursued I would be almost £250 out of pocket!
  14. rrm

    AUC rubbish

    My experience with this dealer has generally been good and they have been helpful and fair. However this incident has left me concerned about the quality of their service.