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  1. Loose trim flaps in boot

    I figured out a workaround when I refitted the rubber boot liner as the edges hold the flaps shut - which does make getting into the compartments more difficult esp. the battery compartment - but otherwise it keeps them nicely closed.
  2. Brand New Camshaft Position Sensor problem

    Can't see where to buy an OEM from in the UK, US tuning sites have them (without stating brand).
  3. Brand New Camshaft Position Sensor problem

    Are Vemo and Febi Bilstein legit OEM for cam sensors?
  4. Brand New Camshaft Position Sensor problem

    Thanks! That's what I just got quoted just now by my local stealer inc. 10% BMWCCGB discount.
  5. Brand New Camshaft Position Sensor problem

    How much was the stealer asking for one sensor?
  6. Brand New Camshaft Position Sensor problem

    Which manufacturers make the OEM part? I need to replace both of mine. I have part no. as 12147539166 for E39 M62 540i
  7. Loose trim flaps in boot

    Thanks! Some good tips here. The flap is the correct shape and position, it's just the grips on the inside that are baggy, so I'd either need to put moar material onto these teeth/clips or onto the actual bar itself. The magnet method sounds alright, I might test the bar to see if a magnet can be attracted to it.
  8. Loose trim flaps in boot

    lol well good for you! I may have had back luck with the 2 E39s I've had in this respect, but it's not exactly end of the world stuff!!
  9. Carbon Clean worthwhile?

    I would have to say the main mechanic doing it looked to be relatively new to it, and was being overseen by the co-owner of the garage, who couldn't get it to start from back there either. He got on the phone to BMW apparently to ask them. Once he got the engine started he seemed to know what he was doing. Once started, with the pressure up near maximum, at nearly 40 psi, the job was completed in around 20-30 minutes. They were an official Terraclean agent. If I do it again I might go somewhere else next time.
  10. Loose trim flaps in boot

    This will have to be the least important and most anal/OCD question I'll ever ask here. Something common to both E39s I've owned is in the boot, the battery compartment flap (on right) and CD Changer/Nav flap on left don't stay shut as the plastic grips on the inside of the panel tend to get a bit baggy after a while and don't grip the metal bar. I assume the only way to get them to stay shut is to replace the whole flap, but they only seem to last a couple of years or so. I tried putting tape on the bar to make the bar thicker but that only helped slightly. Otherwise I can only think of unstylish methods inc. velcro or drlling a hole in it and installing some kind of latch like on the E46. lol anything to add? Cheers.
  11. Good OEM or 3rd party Fuel Cap?

    Interesting. Thanks. I assumed it was a design issue rather than receiving a duff item. The one you used on your E39, was it as tight a fit as the original BMW item?
  12. Has anyone fitted a good replacement OEM or third party fuel cap for their E39? I decided to buy a Febi Bilstein 334220010 fuel cap which is apparently designed to fit the E39 along with some other BMWs and whilst it did technically fit, it didn't screw down very tightly and there was a little play from side to side. Turning the fuel cap was a little too easy without the expected resistance from the original BMW item, so it had me concerned the seal wasn't so great. The teeth on each side of the fuel cap aren't the same design as on the original and it doesn't have that green cone on the underside but the latter is not of any consequence I'm assuming as it doesn't touch anything. The gasket on the original is still in ok shape despite being 16 yrs old but the outside looks like it's seen better days. Cheers.
  13. Microfilter choice

    I decided to go for Mahle LAK/73S at the last minute. They have a white foam border around the filter and are a perfect fit. The stealer fitted microfilters I took out, that were installed 25k miles ago, were 3M but looked like Mann filters, without any special border around the edge, but the fit seemed fairly ok. There was a bit of dirt on the clean side of the microfilter, in the air tube on the side of the microfilter housing but I guess that is expected? Those of you who change the microfilters every 10-12k miles, do you find the bottom of microfilter housing gets really muddy? The drain holes on mine were completely blocked with mud and debris. Quite handily the rubber drain tubes do pull out quite easily so cleaning them out is a lot easier than trying to do it in situ. I wonder whether the stealer bothered to clean them out when he fitted them last. It could also be that if the drainage channel for the water coming from the windscreen along the edge of the bonnet gets clogged up with mud and leaves that water will run into the bottom of the microfilter housing. Cheers.
  14. Microfilter choice

    Thanks for all the input, everyone. I saw that the Mahle filter also has more folds in the activated carbon filter material than the Mann, not sure whether this makes any difference or not. Cheers.
  15. Carbon Clean worthwhile?

    Update: Car had a Terraclean today. It took the mechanics about 30 mins to figure out how to get the car to start with the Terraclean fuel supply as hooking it up to the fuel line from under the rear seats didn't provide enough pressure to start the engine. They hooked it up in the end from under the bonnet. Used two large cans of the Terraclean liquid. My car is 16 yrs old and done 60k miles, mainly b-road and town driving. TBH I didn't really notice any increase in power but the engine was idling more quietly than before. I did use a couple of bottles of fuel injector cleaner in the month prior and I think it may have helped a bit, although it's hard to say. I think the most difference was when the cleaner was in the fuel tank, after I'd used up 3/4s of the treated tank, and maybe it acted as a fuel additive to increase the power of the petrol, iono. If I do another Terraclean I think I will wait for more miles to rack up on the clock first.