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  1. I wish I'd kept the old one, I could have refitted it - it wasn't leaking it was just cracked and looked bad. I'll have to check out the M5 board. Visual appearance is one thing but if the part isn't fit for purpose, they can't really sell it. I was actually waiting on the same wiper arm from Cotswold for months too although I didn't notice it looking bad but the black plastic cover for the left wiper arm doesn't click on properly at the round part, no matter how hard you try to push it on, the sides don't grip the base of the wiper arm. Getting the wiper blade into one of the new wiper arms was a nightmare too although ok on the other side. The can holder I got didn't really fit that flush with the rest of the front panel, so I won't bother buying another BMW one next time, I'll just get an OEM equivalent part from Febi etc. Either they should sell them properly or not do it at all, doing anything in between just makes them look bad, as owners of older cars may well have newer ones as well. Maybe the Chinese will start making more parts for older BMWs.
  2. Thanks. The dealer said I should take some pics of the discrepency so I will disassemble it and try one last time, and taking pics. If it is defective, which I suspect it is, then the whole batch would be bad and BMW to put the entire part on hold whilst they check their inventory, as if I order another one it will likely be exactly the same (from same batch). I spoke to my local indie garage about it and he said he's never had any such issues with these cowls in the past. I considered getting them to fit it but if the part is defective then they'll have no more joy than me. It's about 5mm out on one side if I line it up properly on the other side. Otherwise it looks like the correct part. It was suggested that I compare the hole alignment with the old cowl but unfortunately I threw it away already. I bought a set of front cupholders recently and one side is hard to open, it seems to be a defective item or damaged in transit (one cupholder was open when I got the part), although I didn't notice until I'd fitted it. Sure, mechanical parts are more prone to such issues but it just made me wonder if QC in general isn't an issue these days at BMW for older parts.
  3. I got the microfilter housings back in, now the main remaining issue is that the fit of the cowl is not very good. If you line up the 4 holes on the left side with the 4 rubber grommets in body on one side, they don't line up properly on the other side, and vice versa; and equally if you try to get the protruding bolts from the wiper arms centred in the middle of the hole in the cowl, it throws off the alignment of the 8 grommets even more. I presume it's more important to get the grommets properly centred in the cowl holes than it is for the wiper bolts to be centred in their 3 larger holes, even if they are close to the edge of the hole and the sponge surround? I settled for a compromise to get all 13 holes as well lined up as possible but this didn't work. What happens is the cowl looks to fit ok (albeit the above hole misalignments), you push in the rivets and they click in and sit flat, albeit one or two have a slight gap around one edge for water to get in (if it's not on one side it's the other side), but when you push the 8 screws and screw them in, half the grommets seem to lift up (they start to lift when the screws are half way in). I am assuming this is because the holes for the rivets are not properly centred, so they can't grip properly against the cowl on all sides of the hole. Initially I thought it was because I had used the original, old grommets and rivets (cleaned up), so I took the whole thing apart and installed new grommets and rivets and reassembled it, with the same alignment issues of the cowl, and it didn't make any difference. So it looks like I need to take it apart a third time now (at least) to get it right. BMW must have some working fudge factor to take such factors into consideration (the 3 wiper bolts were fairly well centred in the holes of the original cowl and all the riverts were flat af) - unless the quality of the cowls or rivets has gone downhill in the last decade or so. I assume there is no point trying to get a replacement cowl as likely it will have the same issue. The 8 holes in the cowl are presumably as large as they are to provide a little leeway on each side to get the rivets in. Anyone else had this problem? Cheers.
  4. Thanks. For the benefit of anyone new to this thread who hasn't done it before, it seemed to me that each side requires its own technique, the right side is easier and you lift the housing up nearest the engine to get the snorkel in, then line up the two vertical tabs at the back, slot them through, then the microfilter housing is already tucked under the cowl. On the left I had to get the two tabs slotted in slightly first, then lift up the engine side of the housing to be able to get the snorkel in and simultaneously pushing the housing back towards the cowl, then start to lower the housing back down and trying to tuck the back edge under the cowl but lifting the cowl up slightly and trying to get the corner notch at the top tucked in at the same time. I think the left microfilter housing would be easier to fit with the cowl loose and not screwed in so it can be easily lifted out of the way, but yes it does seem to be possible to do it with it secured it place, just more of a PITA.
  5. PliSsK

    front wing cabin microfilter drains blocked

    Digging at the debris with a slightly bent wire clothes hanger back and forth for a minute was enough to knock it all through the bottom. Gave it a quick hosing as well and like you implied, it just leaks out of the bottom of the wheel arch lining. Thanks again for the tip.
  6. PliSsK

    front wing cabin microfilter drains blocked

    Thanks very much for the tip
  7. Thanks for the pic Clavurion, I just updated the links. I think that's how I fitted the right one, the 3 clips to the air intake slot in ok on that side. On the left housing, the last of the 3 clips won't shut which is probably as the housing is not tucked under the cowl.
  8. One minor point, does anyone know where the 9mm rubber grommets go please? no.6 in the diagram below. I vaguely recall seeing something like this during installation under the cowl but can't remember exactly. Cheers! http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DN61-EUR-03-2001-E39-BMW-540i&diagId=51_2258
  9. PliSsK

    front wing cabin microfilter drains blocked

    So what your saying is that if you don't take the wheel arch liners off, if you blast it out from the top, all that crud will end up inside the wheel arch lining and not come out easily without removing the wheel arch lining? Thanks yeah I tried looking for pics, I found one helpful one on pelican parts but that was about it. I created a new thread below. That aluminium block on the left wiper is hard, the bolt protruded from it too far for the puller I bought off ebay for a fiver so I had to buy a longer one.
  10. In this pic from Pelican Parts, it seems that the microfilter housing does slot in behind the cowl at the top far corner at least.
  11. Hi Clavurion, thanks for the interest. Pics as requested. The windscreen edge of the right microfilter is tucked up under the edge of the cowl, whereas the left one is not but lines up better. Left microfilter housing: https://photos.app.goo.gl/oUPPbA8pcyfFGN2D6 Right microfilter housing: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Hm72B8kNTLTqap3n6 New windscreen cowl installation (there are pics of the far corners of the cowl in each of the above microfilter housing folders) https://photos.app.goo.gl/Gx97FneboGhqKXwH8 One thing I noticed when putting the new cowl in place and trying to refit the wipers was that the cowl sat higher than the old one so getting the aluminium block onto the left wiper bolt was harder, and needed the nut on the wiper arm to push it down.
  12. I have replaced the plastic windscreen cowl and left and right coverings on my E39 with new parts and attempted to refit the two existing microfilter housings. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DN61-EUR-03-2001-E39-BMW-540i&diagId=51_2258 http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DN61-EUR-03-2001-E39-BMW-540i&diagId=64_0673 Two things I am slightly uncertain about. Firstly the cowl doesn't sit as flat against the windscreen as the old one, I guess as the material is stronger so when I reused the existing 8 expanding rivets and refitted them (they looked in good condition and I cleaned them up), they didn't form such a great seal against the holes as on the old ones and there are gaps on a few of them. Is this normal? The cowl was fitted as flush against the windscreen and body as possible and screws and rivets really pushed in as much as possible. Secondly, when it comes to refitting the microfilter housings, I am not sure of the exact fitting in terms of how closely they should line up with and if they should tuck under or behind any part of the plastic windscreen cowl border (e.g. at the front wing/fender side and at the edge nearest the windshield). I can't seem to find a close up of a properly installed microfilter housing and cowl area to illustrate. Cheers. Update: I managed to reassemble it all now but the fit of the cowl isn't that great so it's leaking water at the half of the 8 rivets. Details in my latest post below.
  13. PliSsK

    front wing cabin microfilter drains blocked

    good point Fred. I spent some time cleaning out the area underneath the wiper motor and bodywork in general behind the microfilter housings and behind the windscreen cowl. I am not 100% sure about my refitting so started a new thread about it just now as it's broadly speaking a different topic. Cheers.
  14. PliSsK

    front wing cabin microfilter drains blocked

    lol Clavurion is right it is a major PITA to get the microfilter housing back in afterwards, even with the snorkel shoved in the duct in the front wing first. Only slight damage incurred I found this video helpful that I found after the event.