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  1. PliSsK

    Wiper arm gaskets

    Thanks! That's the one. I was looking at this earlier and thought it might have been for the grill, as Pelican Parts called it a grill gasket (probably in error). Cheers!
  2. PliSsK

    Wiper arm gaskets

    Yeah I mentioned it once the parts had arrived and I tried fitting them, not heard anything back yet. It seems counterintuitive to not have these parts on the same diagram as the wiper arms. The plastic 'gaskets' are fairly robust and don't really need replacing tbh, it's really the rubber/foam ring underneath that does. Careful with the black plastic axle caps that cover the nuts, I lost one down the side of the engine and they are £10 each!
  3. PliSsK

    Wiper arm gaskets

    I am in the process of installing two new windscreen wiper arms as the existing ones were starting to rust. I ordered up all the parts ok except for the rubber/foam gasket that goes under the wiper arm that I'm trying to specify. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DN61-EUR-03-2001-E39-BMW-540i&diagId=61_0945 Item 10 in the above diagram is right wiper axle gasket 61618353813. I ordered these and the item is literally just a plastic disk and there is no foam or rubber underneath it. I assume the actual rubber gasket is a separate part, but I can't find the part number. The existing one is starting to disintegrate. Does anyone happen to know what it is please? I figured it might be on the diagram for the black plastic splash guard at the bottom of the windscreen or for the actual wiper motors but I can't find it in the latter diagram. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DN61-EUR-03-2001-E39-BMW-540i&diagId=61_0947 Cheers.
  4. PliSsK

    E39 seat cushion foam

    They were recommended by the stealer. I can't recall the price for the bottom and back foam inserts, they were sport seat inserts for the 540i and it was a decade ago now when they should have been freshly produced.
  5. PliSsK

    Power steering fluid reservoir

    Ah thanks for the tips Dan. I was planning to just replace the hose clamps and keep the existing hoses, maybe trim the end off with a Stanley knife and see how it goes, but it may be as well to replace both hoses. Did you drain yours from the bottom then as you were replacing all the hoses?
  6. Has anyone replaced their power steering fluid reservoir on their E39? If so, did you get one from the stealer or did you use an OEM one like the Meyle 3146320000?
  7. PliSsK

    E39 seat cushion foam

    I got the seat foam from the stealer and it had been sun damaged and obviously stored on a shelf in direct sunlight for several years, and they didn't think to send it back for a replacement. I got a furntiure upholsterer to do it locally for a fair price.
  8. PliSsK

    Intermittently loud engine and exhaust

    Huff you are right! I found the secondary air pump valve underneath the air box induction pipe, and the V8 has the actual air pump under the offside front wing. The problem has gotten worse or there is a new problem, as there seems to be excessive vibration from the engine whilst idling sometimes, coming from the nearside part of the engine bay, and noisier engine, lasting for several minutes at a time. Inside the cabin the vibration seems to be coming from the footwell and to the left. The air pump is on the right side from inside the cabin so I don't think it's that causing the problem. The viscous coupling is slightly to the left so it's possible that is involved, but it could also be the exhaust manifold on the nearside? I checked it with tissue just now and couldn't see any obvious leakage from it. I also had severe vibration through the steering wheel under braking although intermittent a few days ago. I also noticed today that the ATF reservoir has a slight leak where the lower hose connects to it as there is oil on the outside of the hose and on the bodywork underneath it. I suspect this might explain the steering wheel symptoms. It probably needs topping up. What grade of ATF oil should I put in it? Do you suggest cutting the end of the hose and putting a new clamp on it or replacing the entire hose?
  9. PliSsK

    Intermittently loud engine and exhaust

    Thanks for the input. I will have another check for the presence of a secondary air pump. So far, the fault has mostly occurred when cold at start up. However a few times it has occurred at the start of a return journey (5 to 30 mins with engine off inbetween). Normally the fan does whir up when cranking the engine and is noisy, but I noticed straight away this was really noisy. It's night and day difference. It sounds like the standard V8 noise just cranked up to twice the volume. The MAF sensor was replaced 9 months ago by the Indy (!) and I removed and replaced the airbox maybe 6 months ago when replacing the camshaft pos sensors and seemed in fairly good nick then but will double check. I will have a good poke around everything you guys mentioned in the morning. Cheers.
  10. PliSsK

    Intermittently loud engine and exhaust

    I think what he was saying was that the fault could develop into a more audible and continuous noise, such as the timing chain guard fault. The noise when it occurs is on turning the ignition and the initial blip of the throttle on start up and for the next 5 seconds usually. If it was the viscous fan then what would be the exact problem with it, just that it operates noisily at the correct RPM? Would a viscous coupling fault not be present all the time? I cannot see an air pump there, if it had one it would presumably be right next to the engine and visible, usually on the right side? I've never seen one. Cheers.
  11. PliSsK

    Intermittently loud engine and exhaust

    Thanks for the input. When it happens, it sounds like the whole engine is just louder at normal revs, not sure if the fan noise plays a part in that. I took it to the Indy to have a look at but we were unable to reproduce it. It hadn't happened at all in the 60 miles of driving earlier this morning. He reckoned it was likely related to the timing chain, either the tensioner or the guard if memory serves me correctly, and that it was nothing to be too concerned about until it got worse and lasted much longer than 10 seconds at a time. He didn't reckon it was related to the manifold as there was no tapping sound to be heard (nor did I hear any such thing when the fault was occurring previously). Cheers!
  12. Just the past week, my 2001 B10 V8 has started intermittently running really noisily. It usually happens on turning the ignition, then for about 5 or 10 seconds before settling down. It sounds like there is a truck engine under the bonnet and the exhaust maybe sounds louder I'm not sure, but I think the noise is coming from the front. There are no fault codes at all according to the BMW fault code reader I have. I haven't looked at it yet with BMW 1.4.0. Sometimes when I start it up, it sounds normal. I replaced the camshaft position sensors around 5000 miles ago roughly I think, and oil change around 2000 miles ago. Last MOT in August had no notes about the exhaust. I also thought I heard a knocking noise from the front left suspension but that is not reproducible. My initial guess is that it might be the exhaust manifold gasket that needs replacing. I had a quick look around the car and engine bay and can't notice anything. I would have thought if the exhaust is on the way out it would be consistently problematic. There is no power loss during the louder engine phases so I don't think it's got anything to do with the catalyst. The exhaust is original Alpina twin exhaust (car has done 62k miles roughly). Any thoughts? Will likely look more carefully at the diagnostics and take it down Kwikfit for a quick look under the car. Cheers.
  13. PliSsK

    LED Number Plate Lights

    Thanks for the tip, Dan. Angrong brand lol what a funny name.
  14. PliSsK

    LED Number Plate Lights

    What is the best option for number plate LEDs? I bought a set of CANBUS festoon LEDs off ebay (probably Chinese) and they seemed ok but only lasted maybe 30-40 hours before one half burnt out and is glowing really dimly now. The plastic bulb housings are BMW parts. Is it advisable to go for a set of LEDs that include their own plastic housings? I've seen MTEC and Osrams of this type although they are £30-40. Ideally they'd be flicker-free, last for a long time and not be TOO bright as to blind drivers behind you. Thanks in advance!
  15. PliSsK

    Replaced alternator still not charging???

    You might want to consider testing for voltage drops between the alternator and the battery. That's a lot of cabling, but at least the voltage drop immediately after the alternator is easily testable and could indicate a duff alternator. I had an issue with charging, from battery charger when parked up, and despite having a healthy alternator voltage showing, the battery wasn't charging properly and it was the battery connector clamps that needed sanding down (no visible corrosion but weren't shiny). Without testing it is really guesswork with many variables.