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    "56 plate" E61 525d Auto
  1. Dieselfan

    E61 electrical problems

    Checked both sides below cabin air filters?? Especially on left/passenger side. Also is battery charge good - my battery is original & on way out( car forgets time etc ) & I get odd electrical faults showing up. Hope you find problem.
  2. Dieselfan

    525D New MAF , still problem.

    Thanks for info. I have used hand vac pump to check egr diaphragm. Also fitted vacpump& gauge to egr pipe from solenoid valve / pressure converter.- shows vac pulsing down to around 20"hg and rising when engine running. If I connect vac gauge to one of the two spare blanked tappings , what sort of reading should I expect & how long should it maintain when engine stopped??? Anyone know ?? I did consider turbo vanes / actuator faulty but then fault would stay when maf disconnected ??
  3. Dieselfan

    525D New MAF , still problem.

    New Bosch MAF fitted and error message (3FF0) cleared. Cannot feel any difference - still hesitates / no low down power , so back to MAF disconnected and accept the low mpg to make the car drivable. I am also watching newer thread by Jinsta whose problem seems similar.
  4. Dieselfan

    525D New MAF , still problem.

    I cleared DDE5 module error codes when fitted all parts. Code 4501 came back after a short drive ( EGR neg deviation or air mass too high). Cleared this & blanked off vac pipe to EGR, no real difference to drive/ still hesitates on low rev acceleration so reinstated EGR operation. Checked for fault , showing 3FF0 - airflow meter. Unable to read any other text as in German!! Cleared & now running with MAF disconnected - seems to drive ok except for EML on , need to check what code it is. Have ordered today a Bosch MAF & will update after fitting. I also have PDC fault due to faulty reverse sensor. CD has not worked for some time since had really hot day, now CD on idrive is "oranged out"- not sure where to start on that problem until BMW tools 2.12 better sorted (running Win 10). Will error codes on different module affect other modules??
  5. Dieselfan

    525D New MAF , still problem.

    Tried cleaning using isopropyl alcohol / pcb cleaner. No difference , hence bought new. Just looked at box for new MAF - made by Johns. several other posters have said only trust Bosch units.
  6. Hi, new MAF fitted - does it need any "setting up" with INPA?? The story so far - eventually got around to fitting 6 glowplugs, engine breather, air filter, removed swirl flaps and cleaned EGR & inlet and fitted new MAF. I still have the hesitancy / delay on accelleration, resorting to manual select 1st, left foot brake , rev engine & release brake at road junctions. EGR - used hand vac pump to check diaphragm & operation. Fitted new vac pipe from EGR to valve to vac manifold. Blanked vac outlet on manifold for swirl flaps but left solenoid in place with inlets blanked. Read as many threads on here and elsewhere re problem. Now running with MAF unplugged, seems pretty much perfect , so new MAF faulty?? which would be a ...... as bought from Autodoc - did not realise they are in Germany until after order placed. Can the MAF be checked with multimeter / does it need setting in INPA - if so , how? Anything I have missed??
  7. Dieselfan

    Main ECU / electrics box removal - Help

    Yesterday I removed the 6 x screws on lid of main ECU box, removed single cable tie. This enabled me to push back latches on central plastic plate, that just holds a couple of connectors, and lift that out to the side. Removed the white plastic bridge piece then lifted the main module up & to side. This enabled me This enabled me force the box out of shape & to wedge a small wd40 aerosol can down the front to hold it there. I was then able to see that all was clean and dry underneath & could just see the edge of the drain grommet, which I left alone. The plastic box appears to have a "tube or trunking" to feed main loom & wiring back through the bulkhead, fixed from inside car (behind glovebox???). I also managed to use my spring grabber tool to recover the allen adaptor droppped the day before. Apologies for poor photos - I did discover how to draw fancy coloured arrows on to ID things, but despite "saving" them I am not able to find them!! so had to use originals.
  8. Hi, have searched this and other forums for how to get under the main ECU for access since I dropped a 1/4"drive 4mm allen bit down the side while doing other things. Has anyone ever done this - if it means disconnecting modules etc does it need INPA or DIS to boot it up again?? Also would like to clean/remove drain grommet. Thanks........
  9. Dieselfan

    Dipped beam stays always ON

    Hi, just read this thread - in auto my dipped lamps come on with ignition regardless of day or night! Thought this was correct, now another thing to sort out after I get the beast back together, see my post tonight in "What did you do..........".
  10. Dieselfan

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted air mass meter, air filter & engine breather. Removed inlet manifold, removed swirl flaps & fitted blanks(33mm) after some cleaning. Checked operation of cleaned EGR valve using vac pump. Checked glowplug resistances - one less than 1/2ohm, 3 between 250 & 450Kohm, 2 open circuit. Reserved 6 to collect in morning from local ECP. Also need 1/2" drive deep socket - 1//4" drive not doing anything, have left soaking in WD40 overnight. Found drivers side recess under micro filter 3/4" deep in water, so tried to push screwdriver thru grommet but pushed grommet right out. Cannot see any water on passenger side - is it easy/possible to lift elec box for access. Or can you get up from underneath. Now dark & too cold to lie in road to look!! Also have several meters of silicon vac tubing for egr valve. Swirl flap feed will be blanked on outlet of solenoid valve. Anyone replaced vac tube to engine mounts - cannot see/feel path from side to side???
  11. Dieselfan

    Need help !! Frustrated !!!

    Hi, are you aware of "Hidden Menu" - one of the items shows actual battery voltage . Select this before starting & check volts.
  12. Dieselfan

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Readout showed nothing in error memory for box, seems to drive a little smoother. Not getting the jolting change down if almost stopped then accellerate away , even gently, that I often got. Probably only done 50 or so miles since. Total mileage is only 102K - now hoping for many more. Planning to fit a tow bar in near future & will replace a faulty reverse /PDC sensor while bumper is off.
  13. Dieselfan

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Used my E61 525D pre LCI to collect 5 x 4.2metre lengths of gravel board for fence , not so much an estate , more a luxury covered pickup!! Earlier this week had auto box oil & filter & engine oil & filter changes. Also need to sort out fault code 4501 - EGR air mas too high. Other faults have not returned after clearing but sure 5 of 6 glowplugs open circuit will return when it gets colder.
  14. Dieselfan

    Cracked Manifold bmw 525d

    Hi, not been on forum for ages but was about to ask - What to look for when getting fumes in car at start up ( 56 plate E61 525D , 94k miles) - this is probably my problem. Any thing else to look for???
  15. Dieselfan

    E61 loud whirring sound when opening tailgate

    Tailgate release is just above bonnet release on my 56 plate 525D.