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  1. euclid

    Bonnet stone chips, repairing.

    If you have the patience to try this, then go for it.......
  2. euclid

    Revs fluctuating

    Oscillating EGR will pop up a dozen of faults. Don't think it's EGR
  3. euclid

    Revs fluctuating

    Even though I never had this issue on my BMW but rather on my Evo X, check the throttle position sensor via the OBD. Check the analog output of the TPS while keeping a constant pressure on the pedal and see if it fluctuates. I assume that the fluctuation happens while on stationary in neutral. If that happens while driving, it could be the torque converter.
  4. euclid

    Is that how the aluminium rust?!

    That's not a lacquer nor a paint problem. It's the preparation of the bare metal (aluminum). Prior to applying the undercoat (if any undercoat was applied), the surface needs to be cleaned well with high pressure water jet, to get rid of the salts that get into the aluminum micro structure. If not, aluminum does not seal properly, oxidizes and that's what you see!
  5. euclid

    No 520 d badge on boot.

    They have a self adhesive.....however you can spec the car without a badge.
  6. euclid

    Spare wheel Space Saver Problem

    Offset was wrong, that's why it's interfering with the brake caliper. Get the proper one: 4BX17 ET:18. The offset is 18.
  7. euclid

    Battery Connected in Reverse

    If no error codes and voltage is stable, then forget about it
  8. euclid

    Battery Connected in Reverse

    To me it's strange that you saw smoke coming from the jump leads, but everything is still working fine (I still hope everything is well though). That's a sign of an overcurrent. Check the codes as dotcom said and check the voltage regulator as well, since that may not show up as a diagnostic. Just read out the voltage through ODB while the engine is running. It should be in the range of 13.7 to 13.9V if I remember correctly.
  9. euclid

    E60 Timing Chain recalls

    Partly agree on that, however the N47 timing chain design was an engineering blunder for BMW. They didn't have the intention to design it to have a service life 80 or 100k miles or 10 years, or anything like that. It was just poor design. The intention was to make it last for the entire life span of the engine itself, probably 300k miles. And just to elaborate further, probably it's not the chain to blame, but the whole system or part of it (guides, tensioners, sprockets, number of systems these chains have to drive, etc).
  10. euclid

    E60 Timing Chain recalls

    I'm not sure the only problem to the N47 timing chain issue is the blockage of the tensioner oil gallery. If that was the case BMW would simply recommend more frequent oil changes and solve the problem once and for all. That would save a lot of money and headaches for them and for us as well. The issue is more complicated than that. I have been changing oil & filter every 7-9k, using one of the most expensive synthetic lubricants in the market, draining through the plug (not vacuum through the dipstick). That didn't seem to help at all! Maybe the HP fuel pump was not meant to be driven by the timing chain, or if so, a chain twice the size should be used....generating twice the noise. No matter what it's not up to us to find the root cause of the timing chain problem. One suggestion to BMW, get a Japanese engineer to design it for you.
  11. euclid

    Bonnet catch

    I'm glad that you found the root cause of your problem. However, it's disappointing to call "misinformation" the honest intentions of forum members trying to help. Don't get me wrong, but all the people giving their input are based on the information you provide. Given that there are indications that the hooks have been manipulated or the bonnet has been repaired/resprayed, things could have been different.
  12. euclid

    E60 Timing Chain recalls

    Late 09 plate, or earlier version, to me makes no difference whatsoever. BMW midway through the N47 production tried to make some improvements, but with no significant results. ALL N47 engines are affected and are a ticking time bomb. Mine is a May 09 built and had no rattles, no noises, nothing. Servicing was every 6k with top quality synthetic engine oil and filter. 95% of mileage was done on the motorway. Full service history with BMW, but the dealer never said anything until the enhancement period ended (Dec.2015). A vibration test was carried out (BMW specialized test) and failed! Bottom line, you either take your chances and hope that the bomb doesn't blow, or spend some money and get it over with (at least temporarily for the next 80-90k).
  13. euclid

    E60 Timing Chain recalls

    Had the chain enhancement done last January. Just 2 chains, a sprocket, tensioner and rocker cover gaskets for 1,800. Forget about the lifetime garbage. BMW made an engineering blunder with this one, so chains need to be replaced every about 90k miles. Worst of all, the N47 has the chains located on the rear, so the whole engine needs to be removed. Parts are cheap, about 300, the rest goes on labor. Go for it, otherwise get rid of the car ....soon!
  14. euclid

    Bonnet catch

    The photos where very clear from the beginning, no confusion at all. I would take both latches out and compare geometries. Check for height differences of the latching point from the securing point. Also check for correct operation of the latch. Are both hooks on the bonnet of the same size, or adjusted properly?
  15. euclid

    E61 520d - engine replacement

    It would be cheaper to buy a 535d! You'll need a lot of parts to make it run, not just an engine. Unless you have a stolen 535d next to it and start swapping parts. ECUs, harness, transmission, brakes, exhaust, etc.