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  1. euclid

    Increased Battery Discharge

    Just to update all those interested on this subject... Received the D-Can cable and relevant software from Cableshack and registered the battery using INPA. The Increased Battery Fault seems to be gone. Of course it was intermittent before (7/10 times during starting). I hope the fault is gone forever! There is indeed a lot of BMW software on the Cableshack disk, but I'll need some time to become familoar with all these. Even did manage to install VMware software on Windows 7, with some trial & error. Everything seems to be working fine.Thanks to Jimmy for his support on this.
  2. LCI document attached E60_LCI_Detailed_Changes.pdf
  3. E60s and F10s suffer from the same timing chain issues. I have an E60 520d since new, and decided to go for the chain replacement, just to be on the safe side. It cost 2500 euro for 2 chains, 1 sprocket, tensioner and 4 guides. I did that outside UK so it cost me more. In the UK it's cheaper, usually less than 1000 pounds. I've had no other issues with the car (touch wood) and I'm pretty happy with it. M47 engines have other issues and not as powerful as N47. The LCI car is better overall. If you can do that however, go for a 6-pot (525 or 530d). Much much better, more extras, lots of power.
  4. euclid

    Increased Battery Discharge

    Wish I was close enough to save me from the nightmare, right now me (and the car) are on the other side of europe, 3000miles away.
  5. euclid

    Increased Battery Discharge

    So that means that for battery register I will need ISTA/P?
  6. euclid

    Increased Battery Discharge

    I'm currently downloading ISTA+, looks like will take for ever. While browsing some ISTA+ instructions, I noticed that an ICOM-B device would be needed for programming! This looks different than the D-Can. Would D-Can be able to do all the programming?
  7. euclid

    Increased Battery Discharge

    Registering would need INPA I guess? I should receive the cables and software from cableshack any day now. One more question since I understood you know this kind of work very well; Would you expect a battery discharge fault after a replacement with an identical battery, with the IBS being healthy?
  8. euclid

    Increased Battery Discharge

    What does registering involve and what is the difference with coding? Appologies for my ignorance but I haven't received the software and cables yet so I don't know what is involved
  9. euclid

    Increased Battery Discharge

    So that means that the IBS is doomed whenever you touch it? All I did was replacing the battery myself, just to make sure that nothing goes wrong.
  10. I received a "battery low charge" message the other day, when the engine was off and the radio on for a minute, so I decided to replace the battery, since it's almost 10 years old. The replacement battery was the exact brand and type of the original (Varta 80Ah, 800CCA, same part no). During the replacement I made sure that the car was continuously supplied with voltage from another car battery, just to be sure. The replacement was done with no problems, the car started fine after that and run for a while with no faults. I even ordered beforehand the cable set in case a coding was needed (I should receive those any day now). This morning when I opened the door, there was no lighting in the cabin, but the engine started without problems, with a warning poping up immediately "Increased Battery Discharge". During the replacement the IBS cable was not stretched or cut and it seemed fine. Is this normal when the battery is replaced without coding, even though it is of the exact same type?
  11. euclid

    Service time....what oil?

    0W-30 and 5W-30 have the same viscocity at operating temp, no difference whatsoever. The 0W-30 has lower viscosity at low temps, for cold starting. Either would be very good, I would go for 5W-30. Don't use ?W-40, it has significantly higher viscosity at operating temps, not recommended for this car. For cars built more than 40yrs ago, it was common practice to increase viscosity as the car was aging, but the 530 is not Ford Cortina!
  12. euclid

    Bleeding coolant system?

    Mistake in my previous post.....I just meant that I don't think is the problem. Replacement thermostats may have a lower setting, as the retailers tend to sell lower temp stats.
  13. euclid

    Bleeding coolant system?

    Have a look at the following page for a comprehensive guide how to replace the stats and bleed the system https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/BMW-E60/18-WATER-M54_6_Cylinder_Thermostat_Replacement/18-WATER-M54_6_Cylinder_Thermostat_Replacement.htm However, I don't bleeding is the problem, just the setting of the stats.
  14. euclid

    Battery replacement needs coding?

    Unfortunately I am out of the UK right now. Believe it or not ALL BMW dealers around here charge 350 euros for coding alone!