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  1. Acc ignition fuse power location.

    just dragging this up - its driving me mad its mad that the interior lights turn off after 10mins BUT the fuse to the interior lights stays live!! has anyone tapped into the interior light feed in the headlining? JJ
  2. Angel Eye questions

    well it still starts with a 2 i think JJ
  3. New battery needed

    yeah i noticed that when i bought the last battery for my forfour (bosch) £36 but now same one is £70 so i keep putting it off JJ
  4. Angel Eye questions

    yes - only for LCI Halogen but the £££ for them shows that a £50 set will just be a waste JJ
  5. JJ's Project smart forfour BRABUS

    because total cost of claim with hire car would have written off the car!! JJ
  6. Angel Eye questions

    need a BAUS set up JJ
  7. New battery needed

    sooooooooooooooo expensive JJ
  8. Impact of leaving the IBS disconnected

    i have a flicker on lighting (LED and HID) Also one HID will sometimes not fire on start up IBS prob? or just battery? New alternator last year Rev the car and the lights stabilise JJ
  9. JJ's Project smart forfour BRABUS

    and a few weeks ago I was rear ended when some dippy cow opened her car door in front of me... i stopped, car behind did not! £2k damage but doesn't look too bad from outside.. but underneath.... ...its with the merc approved repairer so will be fixed properly I hope - £2k damage so i'm in the inlaws jag x-type 2.5 V6 AWD auto - just about managing 18mpg JJ
  10. Regen happens with Glow plug errors!

    ok - ta. Carly adaptor purchased JJ
  11. Regen happens with Glow plug errors!

    i think mine has just been slowly getting clogged and finally gave up i'm not going to remove and remap yet - too much money and i like fixing things Avon tuning are just down the road so i have a good option should i need it JJ
  12. Regen happens with Glow plug errors!

    agreed on the glow plugs so can i force a regen on a C110 scanner? JJ
  13. Carly Pro for BMW, FOXWELL NT624 Diagnostic Code Reader

    every time i come to use DISv57 on my win10 laptop i need to spend an hour on the phone to BAUS to set all the network ports. He knows his stuff and it still takes an hour all i want to do is force a regen on my E60 525D and go for a drive to stop the DPF light coming on Is Carly ok for the basics?? resetting codes and DPF etc? Is it essential to buy the Carly wifi dongle (i have iphone) what other options are there?? JJ
  14. Regen happens with Glow plug errors!

    yeah i know manifold off yeah?? I want to get the regen sorted first though - wish i could get DIS working JJ
  15. Regen happens with Glow plug errors!

    after my posts a year or so back all about the DPF and curing the issue by fitting the additional thermostat and trying to get DIS talking to my car (i'm no IT geek) BAUS finally got things sussed. However, got DPF issues again (which I would expect doing mainly town driving) but my garage is adamant that because I have 4 x glow plug errors (525d) this is the reason it won't regen. Having the inability to be able to reconfigure my laptop to talk and not wanting to pay £400 for 4 x glow plugs to be replaced knowing pretty well that it still won't regen i'm after some simpler solutions. is there a stand alone scanner that clears faults and will force a regen?? JJ