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  1. welshpug

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    parked it a few weeks ago, gearbox finally died, no positive engagement going forwards, only in reverse! got a £100 SAAB to keep me going whilst I decide whether to keep and manual convert it or just sell, or fit another auto.
  2. welshpug

    Wrong size rear wheels !!

    I had staggered on my E34 touring, looked great, but the extra in tyre price and not able to rotate them front to back was an issue, and I also came across some square setup RC090's.
  3. welshpug

    M57 diesel in an e34 has it been done?

    yes I have read of it being done, in a LHD car on a facebook group though so havent seen up close, RHD may have clearance issues. engine mounts is no problem, easy to make those, there is a Granada on retrorides with an M57 in it
  4. welshpug

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    last thursday morning I thought it was a bright idea to replace the front droplinks with Meyle HD items and look at the offside track rod, even though I'm sure I fitted some Meyle standard items last year at some point one felt quite loose. the inner taper totally defeated me!!! so I fitted the outer 2/3rds and drove to scotland and back. I now have other small rattles and a thump I can't find but its no longer a wandery Bastard!
  5. welshpug

    E34 TDS rear diff bush

    Hi, I believe its part number 33171133555, there is also 33171133552, no idea what the difference is though.
  6. welshpug

    bolts and stuff, E30?

    hi, a friend on Facebook has asked if these part numbers are available and how much, for an E30 rear end iirc. 1x 33303411877 1x 33303411878 2x 33321090693 2x 33171090824 2x 33321139132 2x 33326760389 2x 33326772698 10x 33326760668 2x 33326760363 2x 33311133463 6x 33326760386
  7. welshpug

    2011 mini mirror covers

    thanks, have passed the details on, she has just been in for a service and mot with you guys as it happens
  8. welshpug

    Will these fit ?

    you dont need that site to list a 10" wheel, you input the size into the calculator. its inches not J for the width, J is a bead profile not an unit of measurement.
  9. welshpug

    Will these fit ?

    https://www.willtheyfit.com/ try that, get out there with a tape measure, or just bolt them on and see what happens. I know a staggered style 66 is 17x9 ET26 using a 255 40, the fronts are 17x8 ET20. using a 235 45, and were fitted to my E34 with a slight roll to the rear aches using a 20mm spacer! (god knows why, previous owner or the one before did that) so a 275 may well go in ok, at ET19 without any spacing out.
  10. welshpug

    2011 mini mirror covers

    Hi, could I have a price for mirror covers for a friends Mini, reg is VE61CXL. part numbers I believe are 51162754913 and 51162754914, can these be painted to match her car?
  11. welshpug

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Finally got round to doing the rear axle bushes with the Tool I had made, the Neilsen kit I bought on Ebay didn't have anything that would have removed the bush even though the description stated it was a removal/installation kit covering the E34, but still at least it had some useful lumps of metal and the draw bars and nuts. 20180331_150421 20180331_144952 20180331_163837 the ones I fitted at 74k when I bought the vehicle were only cheap GSF supplied things, though the Meyle HD items I fitted were very little more at all, £20 the pair or so! 20180331_150433 All in it didn't take long at all, the bonus of having a 2 poster ramp to hand, hopefully I wont need the tool again but its in the toolbox just in case! (just passed 129k this week)
  12. welshpug

    BMW's are useless in the snow, right?

    8 year threadbump!! I wasn't at work when it snowed so I didn't bother trying to see if the E34 was any good on summer tyres.
  13. welshpug

    M51 fan bolt size

    oil filter is a 12mm bolt. Fan IIRC is 32mm though most viscous fan spanners are 32 one end 36 the other.
  14. welshpug

    E34 M5 vs E39 M5

    only the iX models had a rack.
  15. welshpug

    very heavy vibration through car at 40mph

    worn engine mounts wont cause a vibration like this, I had a totally shot LH mount, to the extent that the upper stud was not connected to the base whatsoever, fitting a new oem mount made no difference to the minor driveline vibration I have from a tired donut under load. (its supported on its nose so wont give anywhere near the vibration a centre bearing would)