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  1. Auto Transmission on a 1997 BMW E39 523i

    yeah, that! You wont find a style 5 or a 66 in the BBS catalogue! most of the older Peugeot OEM wheels are Speedline, wont be found in the speedline catalogues.
  2. Convert a e34 to a e39

    M57 is totally possible, Willswheels put one into an E36 which is similar enough wiring wise to an E34, mounting the engine is quite similar too though you will come upon clearance issues with the steering box (E36 has a different underslung version of the turbo, same as an E39, to the E34 that sits on top) That's about all you'd need from an E39 really, maybe the diff for the gear ratio.
  3. Fitting LED day time lights

    I tend to drive on sidelights at the very minimum anyway, so no need or DRL's. plus point is the rear lights are also illuminated.
  4. M51 6th injector blanking piece.

    bloody ell. thanks for checking anyway, got the same part from a Peugeot dealer for £2.29 delivered.
  5. Replacement battery required

    yes they do need setting up with diagnostic software, no experience of this myself though, i'm sure many others on here can comment on what software you need for it.
  6. Recommend a commuter car

    there's a few E36 325's and 318's about too, the 1.8 100% needs a chip though, 2.5 is ok but much better again with a chip.
  7. Replacement battery required

    does it have stop start? if not I believe you can use a standard lead acid battery rather than AGM. https://www.varta-automotive.com/en-gb/technology/agm-battery-technology that explains what an AGM battery is. I believe the size code is an 019, same as my E34, (check the sticker, or the dimensions, its 353mm long by 190 by 175mm) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Advanced-019-AGM-Car-Battery-95ah-900cca-5yr-Warranty-019-017-Replacement-/171782289396 and a standard lead acid one is about half the price (seems battery prices have jumped about £25 in the last week!!)
  8. Recommend a commuter car

    I think only twice in 4 years and 50k miles has my 24 year old TDS left me in a situation that could render joe bloggs stranded, one was an aux tensioner disintegrating and making a mess of the belt (had cable ties in the car so made a belt from them, bypassed the power steering, drove the 20 miles home no problem. second was the alternator died, luckily whilst at home and I could borrow another car or cycle to work.
  9. Hi guys, need one of the aforementioned parts, 13532246127. hopefully you are cheaper than Ebay
  10. How far did your DPF go?

    they don't wear, so can't be 'knackered' per se, but may be full of soot from a poor running engine/dpf regenerating system.
  11. 530d Struggling (failing) to start

    could be an ailing high pressure pump, as mentioned if the rail pressure doesn't reach a required minimum they wont start (as in the ecu wont fire the injectors), could also be the pressure sensor.
  12. V8 curiosity

    E60 on were racks. Dont find a steering box that bad at all, nothing like a landrover!
  13. Engaging N, shift out of P without engine

    its not, they can pull vehicles without any wheels on them, or upside down vehicles.
  14. E28 Head Lights Removal question?

    I doubt heat will help much as its not a thread in a nut or solid bit of metal, just a self tapper into a sheet.
  15. E28 Head Lights Removal question?

    looks like a self tapper into a common cage nut, easy to get hold of. worst case drill the heads off.