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  1. ahh If you are willing to have them collected by a courier I would have them straight away. non runflats right?
  2. Winter Tyres

    a runflat wont save you there
  3. Winter Tyres

    was still warm Down South till this morning, and still is relatively I bet, its 11 degrees in south wales at 8 this morning, there's still leaves on the trees.
  4. Gearbox noise in neutral

    have you checked the gear oil?
  5. e39 winter wheel / tyre combo

    doesnt need spacers but does need the centre bore taking out a tiny bit (1.6mm)
  6. Got rid of the Runflats

    yeah not a fan of Nexen, I'd bet if you had actually tried to stop in a hurry then compared them to a decent tyre you'd be quite surprised. abs on mine used to go mental on the nexens, rarely comes on with michelin or continental
  7. Now that photobucket is charging .....

    yes, a friend has been doing it the last few days, he has used photobucket album downloader on google chrome store for £1.20. 62 albums transferred to his laptop then back up onto FlickR.
  8. Engine carbon cleaning- Worth it?

    i'm sure you're just paying for someone to chuck some ethanol in your fuel tank.
  9. Engine carbon cleaning- Worth it?

    if its running right there will be minimal carbon in there anyway, as its a traditional port injected engine I don't think they have any history of carbon buildup like direct injection engines seem to have.
  10. Serpentine Tensioner pulley bolt stripped

    never found that approach to work ever, not enough purchase, smashing it round with a chisel in the groove you've cut can work though.
  11. Serpentine Tensioner pulley bolt stripped

    you've damaged the head, not the thread. I would try a T55 in it, difficult to tell with the angle of it, but a Nut-grip may work if it has a square socket head.
  12. Cats for 550i

    it'll be a fair job on one of these as they are part of the manifolds, same part on a 540/640/740 as the 50 badged cars http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/07-BMW-6er-E64-E63-04-10-V8-650i-Coupe-Catalytic-Convertor-Catalyst-18407548917-/151502753642
  13. Tyres - Recommendations

    personally i'm a big fan of michelin, had good experience with continental. they do cost more than most, however they do last enough to warrant it if you can afford the initial outlay. I'd had good reports of the rainsports so they will be my next pair of tyres, I wont be too disappointed if they don't last as long as a michelin as they do cost about 35% less!
  14. Anyone got or looking to get the 525D M sport

    sounds like a more recent variant of the old 123d engine, which was a twin turbo 2.0 running 201bhp back in 2007 there's nothing in the system that will be inherently more unreliable than a single turbo setup, they all use an electronic actuator, by the looks of it two variable vane units, there is an additional flap between them as well, but that's just a pretty common wastegate type actuator anyway.
  15. What have you done on your E34 Today

    camskill, I found that size was around the same cost as the 17" but less choice.