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  1. whats the difference in thw mirrors?
  2. most likely, I have the standard blue version of it at work, white used to be a ltd edition thing a few years back. actually more likely to be this one, two batteries. http://www.screwfix.com/p/makita-dhp453sfew-18v-3-0ah-li-ion-lxt-cordless-combi-drill/2290j
  3. how good is that, paid on Friday afternoon, and the biggest box ever arrived 5 working days later. Lets hope I can get them fitted without having to drop the axle!
  4. 2.0 turbo 4 with a 100 hp electric motor I believe.
  5. another Makita fan and user here, make sure its the LXT compatible stuff, very often B&Q have deals on stuff instore which arent, they're made from cheaper stuff too. its often worth browsing ebay for used stuff, getting a kit and adding to it as and when required can save a fair bit, all of it is generally serviceable too. I've heard the brushless aren't as long lasting though I haven't heard specific details, I think all mine are brushed and no complaints.
  6. I can't imagine any of these treatments being any different than a pretty strong mix of IPA or Ethanol etc, in which case just getting your injectors cleaned and serviced properly would be far more beneficial. or just dump a few pints of ethanol in the tank. diesels and direct injection petrols seem particularly susceptible to carbon buildup in the inlets, but making the engine suck all this shit up I cannot imagine being any good for the bores and rings, certainly for a diesel engine it would not be my first choice of thing to do as the high pressure pumps and injectors rely on the fuel for lubrication.
  7. there is no "ban on diesel" there will however be no new purely Internal combustion diesel engine powered vehicles sold after 2040, some counties are doing it far sooner, volvo not planning to carry on the development of diesel engines at all.
  8. emailed with address and contact number.
  9. Hi Phill, have sent payment marked with the reference number, same details as for previous orders if you still have them?
  10. Hi Phill, could you get me a current price and also for 16141179153. I did think I had found the leak but its still causing problems!
  11. crickey eck, do you guys sell any? I picked up 5L from GMF yesterday for £2.73!
  12. I heard DAF have stopped the development/testing of EHGV's for the time being, one was involved in a large accident which resulted in the batteries shorting out on the chassis, which had mounted the central reservation, making 50 miles of Steel barrier live with a rather large amount of Volts.
  13. sounds like there was an underlying fault with the solenoid valve which not yet being picked up by the ecu, not a fault with the map.
  14. lol. nope, you wont get a single penny from the council subcontractors. you need a scrap metal merchant, you may get a tenner for it, maybe more as they are quite sizeable
  15. that's quite normal to feel the car moving a little, the handbrake is on brake shoes and they will move a little especially if you park on a slope, more so with an auto as it locks the driveline in park, it shouldnt move particularly far though.