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  1. E34 M5 vs E39 M5

    only the iX models had a rack.
  2. very heavy vibration through car at 40mph

    worn engine mounts wont cause a vibration like this, I had a totally shot LH mount, to the extent that the upper stud was not connected to the base whatsoever, fitting a new oem mount made no difference to the minor driveline vibration I have from a tired donut under load. (its supported on its nose so wont give anywhere near the vibration a centre bearing would)
  3. e34 airbag slip ring

  4. LE2-Jetronic - Help Needed

    really? that's odd, not much experience of the BMW's using the Bosch systems but the psa stuff work very differently, the screw on the Jetronic unit physically alters a bypass passage so the flap moves more or less, on a Motronic unit the screw is on a mixture potentiometer.
  5. BPMe fuel App *warning*

    given the intelligence and possible suspects they could have been dealing with I don't think what they did was beyond reasonable. often enough drive offs are related to other crime in some way, often far more organised than a skint bloke chucking a tenner in his own car, potentially armed in some way hence the heavies.
  6. LE2-Jetronic - Help Needed

    motronic afm's are very different to jetronic, even if the plug fits.
  7. Can I use ignition fluid to start up the engine?

    see that pipe which leads to the air filter, pull that off and give it a good sniff. flammable shit is useful in Australia as many diesels can be bastards to bleed out on just the starter, common practice after a service on HGV's, helps get the engines spinning over faster which builds the rail/injector line pressures much higher, once its caught just hold the revs up till it clears before letting it idle.
  8. E34 TD/S engine mounting bush

    arrived today, thanks very much.
  9. been mixing tyres front to rear all my driving experience, not had any issues, its no different to running a staggered setup.
  10. Offset question

    that is correct, however you do need to take into account the original intended offset and width, and clearance inwards. unless you're part of the stancenation
  11. Offset question

    depends on the rim widths and how much clearance you have from the inner edge to the strut or suspension. http://www.willtheyfit.com/ is an invaluable tool. the 265 30 20 are about 13mm taller than 245 35 19, so you'll have just under 2% speedo under read, that's assuming the existing 19"s are oem size. the rears are 30mm taller, so a 4.6% under read, you'll be doing an indicated 57 when true speed is 60. I'm not sure how much is acceptable for the abs/esp/stability control, if its outside the tolerance it might throw a wobbly.
  12. E34 TD/S engine mounting bush

    that's not so bad, might as well as I know it'll last! have sent payment by paypal.
  13. E34 TD/S engine mounting bush

    Hi, could I have a price for an engine mounting bush for my E34 TDS, 11811139606. Bought a GSF one but it didn't fit and quality was poor!
  14. a friend picked up a 2003 VW Touran recently for £170, its an SE spec so its grey heater leather in the front. I've been offered a 2006 Saab 9-3 TiD and I think that also has heated seats, for £100.
  15. Auto wipers

    are there two buttons on the newer cars? only one on my E34, it heats up the mirrors and washer jets as well as rear screen (well it would if the wires weren;t broken as they all are!)