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  1. apart from a shot spigot bearing and prop donut it looks reasonable, the oil on the back of the flywheel might be from the engine. if the bearing is anything like the older ones a standard £5 SKF bearing can be used instead of a £20-30 BMW one.
  2. nope, that's a PSA 3.0 engine alignment and tyres are the things that make a massive difference to the Z.
  3. I've run 3 pairs of Sport contact 5's (not premium contact, which are harder and softer sidewall at a guess), quite pleased with them, all have been part worns as I struggle to afford the price of new ones, I will be able to compare them against a Pilot Sport 3 soon when the fronts get replaced as I have a pair of those to go on.
  4. you can check the dmf quite easily, try and find the specs for your unit, there's axial play around its bearing as well as in/out play to check. http://www.partinfo.co.uk/files/DMF_a2_tool_poster without Datawheel .pdf I found these values which may not be 100% correct for your car. Max. Clearance Angle [Degree] 11 Number of teeth (finding the max. clearance angle) 4 Max. Sideplay [mm] 2.9 not come across any self adjusting pressure plates before, there must be a tool to re-set them?
  5. michelin, continental, avon.
  6. bingo http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-BMW-E31-E32-E34-Coupe-Sedan-Clutch-Switch-Bracket-OEM-35311160496-/201612827073?hash=item2ef10f99c1:g:XvUAAOSwEjFXcjpj the operating lever looks easy enough to replicate.
  7. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HG72-EUR-11-1993-E34-BMW-525tds&diagId=35_0157
  8. pedal box looks the same as mine, the switch goes above the steering column, small bolt i think M6 in from the side, the tab for the lunger is secured by the clutch master bolt.
  9. you need to hold the switch in if you want to see if it works.
  10. adjusters are readily available on ebay by the way, quite unlikely an used original set will be in particularly good condition.
  11. removed the alternator, stripped the rear cover and regulator off to find pretty worn out brushes and a deeply grooved slip ring bearings are still good thankfully, so hopefully have it rebuilt
  12. Wednesday I faffed with some LED headlamp bulbs and figured out how to take the grille off and that all the headlamp adjusters are knackered, thankfully only managed to break one clip, also stuck one glass lens back on, the chrome ring was holding it in place! Thursday after getting home from work and needing to load my Citroen onto a trailer to go mapping in Cornwall on Friday, it refused to start and after I jumped it and left it idling it cut out after about 15 minutes. dead alternator. ARSE.
  13. depends how much you brake and what pads you use. how thick are they?
  14. I've been very happy with Continental sport contact 5's, had nexen on previously as they were already fitted, bloody dire. on other cars I've had Michelin, and I wouldn't choose anything else, 195 50 15 theyre so cheap and last really bloody well its not worth buying anything inferior, another car I has came on Nangkang, and another on Accelera (aka LackofAccelera) they were soon binned. I'll be trying Michelin on my E34 soon
  15. any pics of what failed?