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  1. I think that is most certainly the case, they're around 100kg lighter, 150 bhp up and 150 lbft up. however as always, its down to how good a driver you are and how many risks you are willing to take on the open road
  2. cannot help but think its a massive con.
  3. hmm, the stretch makes them look a bit lost. also, nexen, seriously?!
  4. they go pretty hot so if its going to go it'll do the job, it'll just take a bit longer than using oxy!
  5. make sure the threads are well greased, more of your force will go into leverage rather than trying to turn the thread. bit of heat does wonders, doesn't need much when you've got a few tons of pressure already on there with the tool.
  6. I thought this was going to be a Discovery 2 or late defender thread with the title!
  7. sounds fairly normal tbh! leaky fuel pump slowly kills the alternator which in turn puts more strain on the starter as its having to turn the engine over longer before it fires which in turn will flatten a battery. oil cooler is probably the pipes, they rot where the foam stuff is in there filling the gaps, BMW still supply them.
  8. I had that when the flexi pipe was starting to fail on my E34, not sure if yours will have the same type of flexi pipe on it though. that or someone has gutted the dpf already, that will change the note.
  9. fecking carbs! thankfully someone invented Injection systems.
  10. they came because we bombed their country, or armed those who did so.
  11. I like the look of the Leon Tourer, and they do it with almost the same running gear as the Golf R.
  12. I doubt the bible or the quran have changed much in the year since that article.
  13. i think your argument is quite flawed. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/violence-more-common-in-bible-than-quran-text-analysis-reveals-a6863381.html that and only 31.6 % of the world is Christian and there have been far more atrocities committed by them.
  14. when you look at the next one ignore the mileage, go on condition and history. looking at cars purely on mileage is bollocks.