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  1. strange they are so close in bhp and capacity but a vast difference in torque peak figures.
  2. tightening procedure has nothing to do with distorting caps, purely rod stretch, for which you need a stretch gauge, failing that there is a torque setting specified, I'm only using ARP's in my 240 bhp 2.2 Citroen as they came with the rods the rod distortion is common as many neglect to clearance the rod with a chamfer and sometimes a larger counterbore is required to clear the slightly larger shank under the head of the bolt, many oem bolts don't have this shank and radius. unless you are pushing well beyond the design spec of the oem bolt then oem will more than suffice, this is highlighted with RPM not boost, boost compresses the rods, rpm stretched rods and bolts, if the bolts are the same as the S50 then a standard 7k limit of the S62 is well under what they can go to safely (7700+ afaik)
  3. manuals are out there, but in their hundreds not thousands, 07 on 525d was a 3.0 yes, I'd have one with a map newest gen 525d is a high power 2.0 diesel.
  4. certainly sounds like a viscous fan or thermostat problem, the auxillary ac fan on its own shouldn't affect the warmup time as it is ecu controlled as highlighted above.
  5. depends what bushes you need, you wont know till you strip it all apart. its good practice to replace stuff like springs and dampers etc in pairs too.
  6. i'd pull a hose off tbh.
  7. Would imagine a ZF service agent could sort some seals out, there's loads available for landrovers which also use ZF steering boxes iirc, though the shafts I think are quite different, understandably given the size and weight of the rest of the steering and wheels. its more likely to be an oil seal like found on a crankshaft or driveshaft than an o-ring.
  8. they're listed in the steering subsection not suspension. 07119911694 M12x1.5 25mm long, realoem suggests a retail of 82 cents, and they cross reference to cars used as late as 2013, so I would give a dealer a try unless you need them asap.
  9. nobody in their right mind pays £75 for an used linkage.
  10. sounds similar to fitting then to a H1 E34 lamp, bit of a faff but it is possible, light output is very good, no glare like you get with a HID in a H* type reflector, seems the LED's output is much closer to that of a halogen filament than the HID arc.
  11. my touring had 255's AND a 20mm spacer on the back when I bought it, the arches have been rolled but not loads, so yeah you can get a pretty big tyre in there
  12. 235 front and 255 rear are the standard sizes for a staggered fit 8/9, so will have a very mild stretch on the extra half an inch but not noticeable with most tyres. ET20 front 26 rear. IMO a 19" is way too much though, they work lovely on a 17".
  13. what do you mean by setup? they look like stock fitment Bilstein B6/8's, nigh on identical to the E34. broken springs are not uncommon, always advisable to fit in pairs.
  14. capital I or not is just whatever the dealer wrote on the form when registering it, same for the rest of the description.