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  1. E34 rear charger/lighter port

    Who is Mark, I want one [emoji14]
  2. E34 rear charger/lighter port

    Any luck
  3. E34 facelift or not?

    Thanks sir appreciate it! Mine definitely has the door bars as it's clearly visible on the outside now!
  4. E34 facelift or not?

    Drivers front door and a drivers wing. Trying to find in calypso red to keep the costs down. Missus only had the car 3 or so weeks before an uninsured driver decided to modify it in a carpark, sigh. Good info on the "facelift" stuff, hopefully if I pick a donor car with later style mirrors then I'll be all good then.
  5. E34 rear charger/lighter port

    Wanted, E34 rear charger/fag lighter port, that goes in the centre console for rear passengers Thanks
  6. E34 facelift or not?

    Belated thankyou for the advice
  7. E34 facelift or not?

    Makes sense but mine has the new mirrors?!
  8. E34 facelift or not?

    Hi guys trying to work out if my car is a 'facelift' or not, for the sake of finding the right replacement door Year: L Shape: E34 525i auto touring Engine: M50 Vanos Mirrors: Later style ones Bonnet/grille: Narrow Airbag: No Do I basically need to find a door with the same wing mirror design to ensure compatibility?! Cheers
  9. E34 driver's door and wing

    Have read similar thanks. assume I can tell from the mirror design
  10. E34 driver's door and wing

    Front driver's door and wing in calypso red in good condition. It's a later spec door if it matters Cheers
  11. Yep easy enough done now. I tried to relieve pressure on the bleed nipple first. They came off really easy though
  12. From what I've read: 1) There's a bleed/drain on the control valve. I assume I can de-pressurise the system enough with this, clamp the hoses and remove the shocks 2) It is beneficial to leave the rear jacked up to allow the system to bleed properly afterwards, no manual intervention
  13. I don't. Only Haynes. Anywhere online I can rob that page from? In my eyes I just had to clamp the hose and carefully undo it! Assume that's asking for trouble
  14. I need to remove both of my SLS rear shocks to replace the topmounts. E34 touring 525i auto 1993. What is the procedure for doing this? Drain the system? Clamp the flexi hoses? Any bleeding required after re-installation? Thanks
  15. 1993 E34 525i touring knock from rear

    Bingo Blackman. Top mounts. Are there any special procedure for disconnecting the rear leveling to remove the shock? Should it be clamped? Drained? Bled?