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  1. cwmitch

    10k speeding ticket!

    You can set it a little higher say 76.5 mph allowing for a 10% deviation of your actual speed to indicated speed [emoji106] Colin.
  2. cwmitch

    New Wheel - Makes a Huge Difference!

    Have to say it looks fabulous matey.. Colin.
  3. cwmitch

    headlight upgrade

    I've been reading this thread with a lot of interest, I have LCi projector headlights with standard Halogen bulbs & am now very tempted colour wise I'm guessing the 6000k pure white bulbs but are unsure? Also reading the issues with MOT test regs As although my lights seem to self level I don't have the wash system fitted to my car!! Colin.
  4. cwmitch

    Need Wipers

    Thought I'd report on this subject as I've just bought a pair of genuine BMW wiper blades for my E60. Save the money and buy Bosch ones as that what came out of the box. Part number 61610431438, the sticker says it was delivered to my local dealer Carlisle on the 27/11/13.. But the blades were marked Bosch👠Colin.
  5. cwmitch

    Aux cable iphone 5s

    Likewise for me the sound is okay but no control via I drive and the volume won't go very high?
  6. cwmitch

    Aux cable iphone 5s

    I'd be interested to know about this as I too have the Jack plug on the rear of the console tried to connect my 5s and the sound was cack!! Using just 3.5 to 3.5. Colin.
  7. cwmitch

    Remap Done

    Fast no, quick I'd say yes well for me anyway. But I guess it's subjective as I was blown away by the speed of my old e28 M5 but left very underwhelmed with the speed of my e30 M3 evo 2.. Colin.
  8. cwmitch

    Remap Done

    It was an evolution remap so I'm guessing they are dealers? Colin.
  9. cwmitch

    Remap Done

    Hi all I thought I'd report back after having a Remap & swirl flap removal done on my 520d 163 engine but the later Lci interior and lights.. Thursday Morning I left Carlisle on route for Grosvener Motors Reading, Why their well because I was on route to London and wanted somewhere near that I could drop the car off and collect the next day easily and they seemed to have a very complete web site and seemed to no there onions following a few calls unlike me? I collected the car on Friday morning and headed back to London for the weekend, Did it feel different yes I noticed that it had a huge amount more mid range pull. The drive back to Carlisle was on Sunday morning and yes it really really was a different car sitting on the cruise at say 75-80 and you need to get past something it was fierce where as before it was just brisk, The mid range torque is just fun now it just pulls and pulls. I had a lot of should I shouldn't I moments but for me I'm glad that I went ahead.. If you believe the figures it now shows 205BHP and 415NM. Should you get it done? If your like me and are unsure and you live anywhere near Carlisle and want to see what it feels like get in touch and if your not from my point of view get it done you will like the results. Best Colin.
  10. cwmitch

    just bought 530d e60 2004

    As a fellow new member well done it looks great. And more importantly it sounds like your happy👠Colin.
  11. cwmitch

    Remap help please!

    As above I've just bought a 520d m sport LCi inbetweener ie later lights and interior but the older engine and box an auto with a genuine 29k. But I fancy getting it remapped. But who? Or where!! I live in Carlisle but travel to London once a month so anywhere along the way M6-M1 or M6- M40. Any help or guidance please as people used speaks loads👠Best Colin.
  12. cwmitch

    My 520d

    Thanks for the reply pal, r.e. the timing chain I think I'm okay as mine has the earlier engine M47 not the N47 as it seems only the later one is prone to breaking? As I'm planing on keeping it I think that a gearbox oil change might need to be done. And I'll need to look up what the vortex breather is? Cheers Colin.
  13. cwmitch

    My 520d

    Hi all I've recently bought a 520d M sport auto Lci sort of i.e. new lights plus interior but the older M47 engine and box with 29K. My question, Is their any servicing or maintenance I should do as I intend to keep the car for around 5 years. Swirl flaps? gearbox oil change? ect or anything else, Also should I consider a re map? Many thanks in advance. Best Colin.
  14. cwmitch


    Hi all I've just bought an August 07 520D M Sport auto. And I seem to have a change over model? As my car has the LCi interior, LED back light's newer front light's and body kit. But the older box and engine. Colin.
  15. cwmitch

    Oil Grade

    Thanks for the reply pal re the filters I would only buy genuine, Oil wise I've found Castrol Edge 5W30 at £27.99 for 4 litres Or Mobile 1 ESP 5W30 at £40.58 for 5 litres.