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  1. Jake


    Did you manage to install the disc?
  2. Jake


    Thank you very much Sir, I download all the 32+'s as you suggested and problem solved. Also thanks for the link that will come in handy for learning my way around the programme.
  3. Jake


    Can anyone help. I 've recently bought a D-Can cable from cable shack. Jimmy sent me a link containing ista-d I've downloaded the link, extracted and loaded the files on my laptop (using windows 10). Prior to this I download the DVD witch came with the d-can cable, and successfully installed relevant drives, INPA, BMWTools etc. I'm unable to run/open ista-d via the desktop icon or at the source. It looks like it wants to open but then just times out. Thanks in advance Jake
  4. Jake

    Memory seat coding

    Hi - Can anyone advise me on what I need to code, i.e. which module, to get my memory seat functioning. In addition what do I need to change/code e.g. is it a matter of changing nicht_aktiv to aktiv in say GM3, or is there more to it? I read somewhere about having to change the VO can anyone shine any light on this? thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks Kenny I'm familiar with the link you posted I made the mistake of trying to push the two tabs (the ones labelled number 2 in the picture) from the back of the pedal. I recently came across the following link which I found easier to follow. http://www.bimmerboard.com/forums/posts/72891
  6. Thanks for the feedback gents mines the drive by wire type I've been trying to remove it by pulling it up towards the steering wheel. Hopefully with this new found knowledge I'll have more success.
  7. Has anyone had experience of removing the accelorator pedal I know there's a tab bhind the pedal which needs to be pushed down towards the carpet, Can anyone shine any light on this topic?
  8. Hi all, I'm a new member this is my first post. With reference to Raymond's write-up on installing electric memory seats, this might be an obvious question but, where do the four blade fuse holders fit in to the install? Also is there any particular reason Raymond, you chose to use the switched ignition F19 rather than F5? Would there be any adverse affect using F5?