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    Bmw e60 539d
  1. Adrian85

    Clunky brakes

    I had the same problem and I sprayed brake cleaner on my brakes and no more annoying noise
  2. Adrian85

    I want to play a game....

  3. Adrian85


    That's great how can i make a order
  4. Adrian85

    what's supposed to be connected here?

    What for is the plug with red and white I have the same one ?
  5. Adrian85


    Have u got it in stock
  6. Adrian85


    Have u got any in stock?
  7. Adrian85

    No power steering

    Andyc79 have u found the problem?
  8. Adrian85

    No power steering

    They are I have mine for 2 years now and I had only to problems crankshaft puley and the Dpf
  9. Adrian85

    No power steering

    start your engine and have a look in front of it and see if the last wheel on the botom is spinning Check this picture to see where is located. Image from http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-7tQo3W7ekpg/VB83fWPIuQI/AAAAAAAAEeE/lzSDMw6-cEw/s1600/bmw_e60_530d_m57nTU_engine_removal.JPG.
  10. Adrian85

    No power steering

    Check u crankshaft pulley I had the same problem.
  11. Adrian85

    Oil and filterd etc for Diy service

    Guys I just done my oil service today,i put 8 liter and on the dip stick show only minimum should I ad more?
  12. Guys how many liters of oil do I need to put in a 530d?