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    Ignition key help - What are my options?

    I wonder if the key has been cut to pattern but the ignition barrel is more worn than the door locks as these cars would normally be unlocked with the remote fob but the ignition barrel has to be used to start the car. I’ve had front door keys cut that have done the same thing, took them back to the cutter to have them fettled and they were ok.
  2. lufbramatt

    Burning smell thru vents?

    Sorry have to say I didn’t read the first post properly! Didn’t see that you had done it recently. it could be the gasket, oil leaks on the intake side of the engine don’t tend to smell as much as it’s oil dripping on to the exhaust that makes the burning smell. Were the rubber bushes on the gasket bolts replaced at the same time?
  3. lufbramatt

    Burning smell thru vents?

    Rocker cover gasket
  4. lufbramatt

    Electrical gremlins

    Ignition switch can cause some weird behaviour when they start to break.
  5. lufbramatt

    Saloon rear shelf reconditioning

    Could get hold of one with the electric blind in if you’re taking it out?
  6. lufbramatt

    Clicking trouble

    The alarm siren is near the battery. Possibly something has gone wrong with that?
  7. lufbramatt

    VANOS Overhaul M54 E39 Manual Sport

    If stuff is listed for silly money on ebay its usually because they have no stock, but ebay will charge them to cancel and re-list the item, so they just change the price to something silly knowing that no-one will be silly enough to order one Then drop it down again when they get it back in stock.
  8. My 530iA has developed an annoying issue where it will bog down/hesitate when pulling away with more than about 50% throttle (it wont do it if I smoothly apply the gas). does it in all gearbox modes. Noticeable when you need to get out of a junction quickly for example. It also seems a bit sluggish through the rev range and seems to get stuck at about 3000rpm, if you then kick it down a gear it will pull to the red line with no issue. Not sure if these issue are related. Only does it when the engine has been heat soaked- it's fine in the morning and only seems to occur once the car has been driven for 30 minutes+ Annoyingly no codes have been logged, have checked using INPA. Gearbox recently serviced by Martin at Dartford Transmissions as I thought it was the box hunting for a gear but it was declared to be in good health. Fuel filter replaced recently, DISA rebuilt and VANOS seals done a couple of years ago. Have replaced rubber intake boots, spark plugs, rocker cover gasket in my ownership. CCV was done just before I bought it. Googling shows the following possibilities: - vacuum leaks - exhaust camshaft sensor - fuel pump "soft fail" - pre cat o2 sensors - ignition coilpacks - VANOS solenoids So basically anything attached to the engine! Not sure where to go with this. Any ideas? Starting to get pretty fed up with the thing after doing so much work on it and it still not working right.
  9. lufbramatt

    530i hesitation/misfire accelerating when engine hot

    Just to close this out, finally got the alternator fixed and have driven it properly with the new cam sensors. The hesitation / misfire issue I was having has gone completely, much more responsive at low RPM (picks up much better without kicking down to a lower gear) and best of all for my 50 mile drive to work this morning the fuel consumption has gone from 26.5 to 31mpg.
  10. lufbramatt

    Style 66 and 37 Wheels - Same Offset?

    There's more than 2mm variation even in the width of tyres of the same size from different brands- when I had my old Passat, some 205/45/16 tyres would come up wide and catch the rear arches, and others would be fine.
  11. lufbramatt

    Style 66 and 37 Wheels - Same Offset?

    They'll be fine, you're over thinking it Just don't get e34/e38 ones as the centre bore will be wrong
  12. lufbramatt

    E39 530i sluggish low RPMs

    From reading around when I had this issue the cam sensors can fail without throwing a code. IIRC the ecu uses them to control the vanos and fine tune the spark timing. The crank sensor is used as a baseline to make the engine run. Due to the springs in the vanos pistons it will default to either being optimised for high or low RPM running depending which sensor has failed. Can't remember which was round it is. Mine wasn't showing any codes and the problem was much worse when the engine had been up to temp for half hour or so, which figures as magnetic hall effect sensors can break down at high temps. I was lucky and found a both new genuine BMW sensors on ebay which had never been fitted for £100/pair. This is all just a suggestion though, don't take this as gospel as to what your issue is.
  13. lufbramatt

    E39 530i sluggish low RPMs

    I had ordered a regulator/brush pack as IME its usually just that part which needs replacing, but apparently Bosch havn't got any in stock at the mo. That cost me a week but the guy refunded me ok. Alternator is currently at South Eastern Auto Electricals in Maidstone being refurbed properly, should have it back tomorrow. No way was I going to be paying £300 or so for a new alternator!
  14. lufbramatt

    E39 530i sluggish low RPMs

    camshaft position sensors another possibility After I swapped mine it was like driving a different car. Although I only drove it once as the alternator then failed and it's still sitting on the drive looking sorry for itself- got messed around by someone advertising parts he didn't have in stock!
  15. lufbramatt

    Problems with BMW battery

    Can get a Varta 019 (exactly the same as a Bosch battery) from Tayna for £100 including next day delivery
  16. lufbramatt

    530i Auto box issue

    the answer to this question is talk to Martin Hind at Dartford Transmissions
  17. lufbramatt

    Are all under tray fixings the same?

    I think the ones at the front are screws rather than those cam lock thingies
  18. lufbramatt

    Touring rear brake lines

    Yep that's why I did mine again as the work done by the garage (for previous owner) was a right mess. Put it all back nice and neatly following the original route as closely as possible picking up all the clips on the way. used cunifer which is a bit stiffer than copper and holds it's shape better while you're routing the pipe.
  19. lufbramatt

    Jack pads and sill condition

    That’s exactly where mine went. Ended up cutting it out and welding new metal in. Thankfully hadn’t spread to the visible part of the sill and the jacking point internal structure was still sound. Good job catching it early.
  20. lufbramatt

    Rust e39 no hope?

    wow, that's a bad one. Having welded up an e39 that was nowhere near as bad as that, I really wouldn't bother. I bet that's the tip of the iceberg. Scrap/break it and spend the grand or so that's going to cost on a less rusty e39. Life is too short.
  21. lufbramatt

    Touring rear brake lines

    HEL are the flexible hoses that connect to the calipers. Cunifer is a copper-nickel alloy used for the hard brake lines back to the master cylinder/ABS unit.
  22. lufbramatt

    Touring rear brake lines

    Din single flare
  23. lufbramatt

    Touring rear brake lines

    Cunifer. Flares nicely with a decent flare tool.
  24. lufbramatt

    Touring rear brake lines

    I’ve done it on the drive, hardest bit was the exhaust down pipe bolts which had to be drilled out. The rest is all just nuts and bolts. You can reroute the pipes around the side of the fuel tank which won’t follow the original route but can be made to work ok. Mine had been done like that by a garage for the previous owner but in copper which I wasn’t happy with hence re doing it.
  25. lufbramatt

    530i hesitation/misfire accelerating when engine hot

    Yea I’ve had it off before to do the oil filter housing seal just a pain when I’d rather be spending time with the kids/wife or out cycling!