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  1. Kolben Schmidt (same group as Peiburg) are meant to be good water pumps, metal impeller. I'm not convinced Febi supply any OEM parts, they're aftermarket despite what all the adverts say. Some of their stuff is pretty good, but some is utter crap (suspension components ime).
  2. +1 butyl tape Some types of silicone sealant release acetic acid as it cures, not good around metalwork.
  3. My initial thoughts were that the interior looks too worn for that mileage, especially seeing as the back seat should be in better condition that the fronts. I wonder why there is no pics of the front seats... Also the early sill covers look weird wth the round thing above the jacking point, never noticed that before. Also not keen on the chrome bumper trim. IMO a late e38 sport looks much nicer Still, would love an e38, wanted one when I got my e39 but at the time couldn't get insured on a v8 and didn't fancy a 728i :-/
  4. It's not that bad a job! I did it with the car on axle stands. Although I did use cunifer pipe rather than the steel BMW ones which is easier to bend. You don't have to drop all the suspension off but the subframe does really need to be lowered slightly for access if you follow the BMW routing. Remove the rear subframe bolts and loosen the front ones, drop the lots down a few inches on a jack. There are two original joints under the drivers footwell so you don't even have to go up into the engine bay with the new pipes. It's a bit tight round the side of the fuel tank next to the offside inner sill getting it clipped in to the original position but you don't have to get it exact as long as it's secure.
  5. I'm normally one for getting decent tools, but my angle grinder was a £25 Halfords cheapy I bought years ago when I was a student, and it's still going strong 12 years later after lots of abuse cutting tiles with a diamond disc and grinding rust off the bottom of cars. More expensive ones might be quieter and lighter but cheap angle grinders seem to work just fine,
  6. Careful at the pumps too- no colour standard for the pump nozzles- their petrol pumps often have black handles and the diesel ones are green, the opposite of over here!
  7. Accelera phi, I speak from experience when I say they are shockingly bad in the wet or at low temperatures, be careful if it rains!
  8. Yes that's the area. Mine was the same- filler cap etc. all ok, although when I started digging the offside rear jacking point was gone too (internal structure still solid though once I cut it open). Once I had scraped all the sealer off I was left with this mess- this looked about the same as yours so either don't look or be prepared for the worst:
  9. I'm 32 and my 530i Sport is under £300/year, has been for the last 2 years. Same as you I had a bump 7 years ago so was 5 years ago when I started the policy. Sounds like you need to shop around and try to pay in one lump sum as paying monthly bumps the price up. Oddly my other car, a little 1.4 Honda Jazz (super practical, does 50mpg and doesn't handle too badly before you laugh!) which you'd think would be really cheap to insure, was only £5/year cheaper than the e39, although that's with a higher annual mileage.
  10. I prefer Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 to Kurust. Grind/sand off as much as you can though. Epoxy mastic paint is much better than hammerite but not cheap if you only need a little bit. Mine was the same- I chopped the rust out around the holes and welded new metal in, got rid of the holes completely as they are not needed after the car has been built. What does it look like underneath? Mine looked similar when I lifted the carpets. The biggest issue I had was the seam sealer on the seam that runs across the back of the rear footwells had failed and the seam had rotted from inside out (the area that goes under the end of the battery cable cover). either don't disturb it or have a dig and be prepared for the worst. Ended up having to chop a fair sized hole in the bottom of the car.
  11. I'm all for Oem bits but there's such a huge price difference that you may as well try a couple of cheapies first. It's not like the BMW ones are super reliable either is it!
  12. I have the same on mine. I did come across a post on a US forum about a non return valve/ plunger type assembly in the top of the tank which gets gummed up and sticks resulting in water siphoning out of the overflow although haven't had time to investigate.
  13. Normally seem to go for around the £100 mark, issue Is finding the right switch pack if you have heated seats etc.
  14. I bet that's why they want everyone to have smart meters, so they can whack the tax up on electricity to charge your car up
  15. No it's only for cars registered after 1st April 2017. Our bangers remain on the old system