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  1. E39/B10 Rust Repair

    removing the tank isn't that bad a job, although depends how much of a fight the downpipe bolts want to put up. I've done it on the drive with the car on axle stands. Nothing too tricky about it it's just nuts and bolts. IMO it was easier removing the tank than trying to work round it. While I was there it was only 4 more bolts to drop the subframe off to the renew the subframe bushes, clean up and repaint all the sheet metal and put new rear brake lines in. Also refurbed the prop shaft whilst it was off. when I took the tank off I found a couple more small areas that were starting to show signs of corrosion on the vertical bulkhead under the rear seat which I either chopped out and let in new metal or cleaned up, treated and painted. guess its a case of time=money when someone else is doing the work though.
  2. Wings , thoughts pls

    +1 on good used rather than new aftermarket. All the aftermarket panels I've ever used need fettling to sit right and rust away after a couple of years anyway. New ones from BMW are about £170.
  3. Water Pump

    Used a Hepu water pump on mine when I did the cooling system. Metal impeller, made in Germany. Seem to be well thought of on the US BMW forums.
  4. jacking point + sill + floor repair panels

    I got the sill closing panels (front of rear inner wheel arch) for about £11 each from BMW. Everything else was silly money as it's huge chunks of car. Floor panels and sills I fabricated myself from 1mm zintec sheet.
  5. Staggered Wheel Fitments - What Size Spare?

    Mine is on 18" style 37's and has a 16" style 48 in the boot. With the original bridgestone tyre from 2002 still on it.
  6. Standard SE, V M sports suspension

    Think m tech suspension also has thicker anti roll bars so the struts alone won’t give you the full difference.
  7. Battery Drain Problem Update - Sat Nav/Radio

    They take about 15 mins to go to sleep but you need to flip the boot latch to fool the car into thinking all the doors are shut otherwise they stay awake.
  8. E39 amp upgrade

    My bm54 is probably going to Carphonics soon. I want a quick fit+forget solution to it dropping the front left channel. Just don't have time to research and fit a full on hifi upgrade. Got a proper system indoors, anything in a car is going to be compromised anyway. Don't forget that a higher power amp will usually give lower distortion at the same volume as a lower power amp, and less chance of clipping at higher volumes, as it has a bigger current reserve to help control the speaker cones.
  9. LSD fitted to e39 530i

    Looks like a spring loaded clutch that sits between the two half shaft gears to add resistance to them rotating at different speeds. neat idea, be interesting to see how long it lasts. Does it have some sort of thrust bearing behind the half shaft gears to push back against the springs?
  10. Drivers seat removal

    Put towels/tape etc on the door jams to protect the paint and make sure you can open the doors fully! those seats are heavy lumps.
  11. Widescreen Brightness

    Interesting info, thanks. the part numbers I was coming up with last night for an e39 were either LQ065T9BR51 or LQ065T9BR52.
  12. Identifying parts from MOT advisory

    They're only advisories at the end of the day. You don't have to do anything about them.
  13. Widescreen Brightness

    don't suppose you'd have any links for the LCD panel? mine is growing a line of dead pixels Thanks!
  14. Identifying parts from MOT advisory

    Exhaust downpipe bolts are splined studs that are pressed in to the downpipe flanges. If you really want to replace these the old ones will probably need drilling out. they are some sort of hard stainless steel which is a pain to drill and access is really awkward. cobalt drill bits needed here. They can then be replaced with a M10x40mm A4 stainless bolt and copper aerotight nuts. You'll need new gaskets too. The proper BMW bolts are silly money- about £20 each. wouldn't bother unless you need to take the exhaust off.
  15. Battery Drain Problem

    Does it still have the trafficmaster module? Throw that in the bin first if it does. I found it easier to just unplug the hedgehog as it's easier to get to the plug for it than the fuses, which are buried behind the glovebox.