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  1. lufbramatt

    Jack pads and sill condition

    That’s exactly where mine went. Ended up cutting it out and welding new metal in. Thankfully hadn’t spread to the visible part of the sill and the jacking point internal structure was still sound. Good job catching it early.
  2. lufbramatt

    Rust e39 no hope?

    wow, that's a bad one. Having welded up an e39 that was nowhere near as bad as that, I really wouldn't bother. I bet that's the tip of the iceberg. Scrap/break it and spend the grand or so that's going to cost on a less rusty e39. Life is too short.
  3. lufbramatt

    Touring rear brake lines

    HEL are the flexible hoses that connect to the calipers. Cunifer is a copper-nickel alloy used for the hard brake lines back to the master cylinder/ABS unit.
  4. lufbramatt

    Touring rear brake lines

    Din single flare
  5. lufbramatt

    Touring rear brake lines

    Cunifer. Flares nicely with a decent flare tool.
  6. lufbramatt

    Touring rear brake lines

    I’ve done it on the drive, hardest bit was the exhaust down pipe bolts which had to be drilled out. The rest is all just nuts and bolts. You can reroute the pipes around the side of the fuel tank which won’t follow the original route but can be made to work ok. Mine had been done like that by a garage for the previous owner but in copper which I wasn’t happy with hence re doing it.
  7. lufbramatt

    530i hesitation/misfire accelerating when engine hot

    Yea I’ve had it off before to do the oil filter housing seal just a pain when I’d rather be spending time with the kids/wife or out cycling!
  8. lufbramatt

    530i hesitation/misfire accelerating when engine hot

    So, changed both camshaft sensors the other night while he football was on. Nice and quiet outside! attempted to drive the thing to work this morning, engine felt much livelier, better low end torque, more responsive, hadn't realised how bad it had got. No sign of the misfire either. however, noticed battery light was on when I got on the motorway, came off at next junction but it died on me, dash all lit up and gearbox went in to limp mode. thankfully managed to get it parked up safely and turned off before it cut out.. AA suggested alternator which I agree with. Bastard thing. Even more gutting is the little service place nearby that has serviced alternators for me in the past has closed down going to try replacing the voltage reg/brushes first and see if that sorts it.
  9. lufbramatt

    Bilstein or Sachs/Boge shocks?

    Boge and Sachs are both ZF group companies. Certainly when I had a VW, Boge shocks were identical to Sachs but with different stickers on. IIRC Sachs Advantage or Boge turbo Gas (same thing) are the aftermarket equivalent of the OEM BMW sport shocks..
  10. lufbramatt

    What has the previous owner done?

    Isn't the US running light mod something that can be coded in/out as a setting in the light module?
  11. lufbramatt

    530i hesitation/misfire accelerating when engine hot

    So while I was checking for vacuum leaks I removed and reseated all the ignition coils to check for oil down the plug holes (all clean) and after driving it today the issue seems to have gone? I wonder if one of the coils is a bit weak. Will fit the new camshaft sensors anyway as preventative maintenance.
  12. lufbramatt

    PDC Not Working

    To save making another thread on pdc sensors, could anyone confirm the shape (straight/angled) of the inner and outer sensors in the sport saloon rear bumper. Ta.
  13. lufbramatt

    530i hesitation/misfire accelerating when engine hot

    Just found a pair of new genuine sensors on eBay for less than the price of one from BMW so will give them a go. Got to love typos in part titles
  14. lufbramatt

    530i hesitation/misfire accelerating when engine hot

    Fuel filter was replaced about a year ago so pump would be the next step down that avenue. think I’m going to take my laptop to work tomorrow so I can see the figures once the engine is hot. Will look at the febi sensors. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. lufbramatt

    530i hesitation/misfire accelerating when engine hot

    yep, have Inpa, no codes in the system!