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  1. I have the same on mine. I did come across a post on a US forum about a non return valve/ plunger type assembly in the top of the tank which gets gummed up and sticks resulting in water siphoning out of the overflow although haven't had time to investigate.
  2. Normally seem to go for around the £100 mark, issue Is finding the right switch pack if you have heated seats etc.
  3. I bet that's why they want everyone to have smart meters, so they can whack the tax up on electricity to charge your car up
  4. No it's only for cars registered after 1st April 2017. Our bangers remain on the old system
  5. Maybe the solenoid on the carbon canister?
  6. Sounds good. Looking forward to doing the discs and pads on mine, just waiting for warmer weather and longer days. Going to do all 4 front arms, ARB bushes and droplinks at the same time. Big box of bits in the loft at the moment. Hopefully get rid of the shimmy for good!
  7. If it's of interest, the OEM BMW pads are made by Jurid.
  8. Thanks for that, appreciate you digging that out, luckily I managed to find the missing part yesterday so don't need this any more, the pin was hiding in the bottom of one of my socket sets. Cheers Matt
  9. If you like this kind of stuff look up Roadkill on youtube, its two guys that write for Hot Rod magazine in America, putting silly engines in classic American junk and going on silly road trips
  10. Been spot on when I've used them, only issue I have is finding local fitter who will put them on without charging a fortune, negating any savings!
  11. Genuine stuff is pretty cheap from Cotswold, no messing around trying to work out what ones fit then, got fed up trawling through ebay trying to work out why some said they would or wouldn't fit my car but seemed like the same bits. think I paid about £180 for discs, pads and wear sensor. Never been convinced about those drilled+grooved discs, just seem like stress risers that are going to make the disc more likely to crack. Fair enough on a track car which is going to build up lots of heat over a short period of time and then get everything checked before the next session, but seems a bit pointless on an e39.
  12. Loads of plastic rivets (pull the middle out) and a couple of screws, couple of speed nuts on the front sections near the gearbox.
  13. Take all the sill covers and belly plates off, get underneath and have a good look at the sills and floor pans, especially the inner sills next to the fuel tank, the rear subframe mounts, the seam at the back of the rear foot wells and the vertical section in front of the fuel tank. If that all looks good then nip any minor bits in the bud now, if you find more then it's a judgement call whether to save it or call it a day.
  14. Cheapest I can find is about a tenner, crazy prize for about 10p worth of plastic. I only actually need the retaining pin as I've misplaced it while welding the sills up! Almost tempted to turn one up out of nylon on the lathe at work
  15. Anyone have a spare e39 sill jacking pad? or more specifically the pin that goes in the middle... will take a whole pad though.