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  1. SJL

    Pro Navigation Slow

    My NBT has been running very slow since 2018-1 update ..... not convinced the red/orange/green margins by the edge of major roads are updating correctly either ....
  2. SJL

    Towbar as protection?

    My tow bar spends most of it's life folded away so wouldn't help much .....
  3. SJL

    Emblems and Grill

    See my post in this thread from May 16th, 2016 for a pic !
  4. "Automatic time setting" check box below - probably worth checking you're in the correct zone before ticking !
  5. Same problem for me .... but I found there's a check box to tick - why it's not set by default I don't know- will post a pic later
  6. SJL

    In a bit of a pickle...

    That's usually the case ....
  7. SJL

    High beam assist

    Which option is this ? Your post makes me think I should have ordered it ......
  8. SJL

    F10 Kidney Grills

    My black kidney grills came from the stealer ..... got them fitted too so I didn't have to figure how to get the silver ones off ...
  9. SJL

    Updating Maps

    Recently upgraded to 2016-2 - took a couple of hours to update the car ...
  10. SJL

    Moonstone or Options HELP !!

    I like Alpine White on the F11 with black roof rails - then spend the money on toys !!
  11. SJL

    Replacement Windscreen

    Looks complicated .... not sure I would trust autoglass or the dealer with that ......
  12. SJL

    5 series touring test drive

    Very useful link - thanks for posting !
  13. Thanks .... I've always thought chrome & matt aluminium just doesn't work with alpine white body colour ... only chrome left on mine is that funny strip on door handles not sure what to do about them !
  14. Changed the chrome/silver kidney grills for high gloss black .....
  15. Anyone know when BMW release map updates via the connected drive application. Just got a new F11 535d M sport but it only has the 3G sim card and so have to download via the pc it seems !