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  1. Burnzy

    Buying parts online from Poland

    If I remember rightly the poles use another format instead of PayPal, I've used the same site your referring too, iirc I bought a TV tuner or DAB for my A8 from Poland without issue
  2. Burnzy

    X6 scam.....

    I watched a documentary that said they miss spell and use bad English on purpose, it's to try and weed out the savvy and the stupid, most people will look at the add and no it isn't right, the stupid people won't notice and in doing so reveal that they are probably a lot more suseptable to having the wool pulled over their eyes.
  3. Burnzy

    Stockholm attack

    As everyone keeps saying, atleast this is just one individual and an isolated incident LOL!
  4. Burnzy

    Angle grinder recommendations

    I also like quality tools, but for home I have a cheap titan 4 1/2" grinder, I've had it years and done loads of jobs with it, never had any problems to be fair. its gotten wet in the rain and everything
  5. Burnzy

    audi ur quattro digital display repairs

    Get yourself on SRS forum as they may have some help for you, would BBA reman help? They used to have good reviews but maybe something like this you want someone with a spotless reputation.
  6. From my point of view it's not an isolated insident, a lot of stuff also doesn't get press, like the brothel that got raided as it was run by extremists associated with Isis iirc, and just down the road from where the Birmingham flat was raided, also the schools that where on the news in Birmingham for teaching extremist views and hatred iirc, the amount of times Isis-extremists and Birmingham get used in the same sentence, doesn't make this An isolated incident that's soured the rest of the community. yes everyone isn't a terrorist but for the average person that's not good enough, once your dead you don't get a second chance so people with every right are extremely careful.
  7. Burnzy

    Camskill Tyres

    No you narna, as dan says, you can buy new tyres with new dot codes but they also sell dot 13-14-15 tyres at a reduced cost, they even sometimes reduce costs by a lot to shift stock, I got a set of 5 tyres, 255/45/19 iirc for £150, they where maxxis tyres, not the best but where supposed to be £100 a tyre. i have currently a set of dot 13 or 14 Nokian all weather plus on my daily and have been brilliant so far and got them for a steal but there delivery and shipment times are looong, if your in a rush I'd look elsewhere personally, camskill will have the tyres at my door within the week.
  8. Burnzy

    Camskill Tyres

    I've used camskill and tyre leader, csmskill ship much faster being uk based but I've found some right bargains on tyre leader before, usually older dot tyres, but as I do a lot of mileage I'd use the tyre well before it goes off
  9. Burnzy

    Ebay complaints - this one is a bit different

    She has a lovely figure on her I'll give you that, the boat race is good too, for 42 she's stunning tbf. i do think blokes that send her messages are just sad fuckwits to be fair, but then again I've never been the type to stoop low enough to try and get in a birds knickers
  10. Burnzy

    Dark Side May Be Calling

    I've an old s211 E320cdi and it's a very good car that's well built, what I've found with this particular car is Mercedes have seemingly taken driving into consideration, and have thought out all the controls really well and devised systems that just make daily driving life easier if ESP wasn't so evasive and I could actually turn it off, I reckon it'd drift quite well too
  11. Burnzy

    Ebay advice required

    I won a dispute as a seller, just make sure your listing is clear cut, also state no returns on listing if it's something to be posted, make sure it's clear on the listing too. i sold some diesel pezio injectors recently, I bought them working in good faith, I never fitted them and they stayed wrapped up for over a year, I sold them stating that I had bought them as working but hadn't tested them, I also mentioned that they where being sold with no returns, I priced them at about spares and repairs value and also took a hit on the offer, £30 iirc they went for, one bloke tried to claim both where to be sold for £30 even though it never mentioned that two where included in the price, also the listing had a quantity of two. The next buyer tried to say his was leaking when tested, now I know pezio injectors need testing on a proper bosch machine this machine should give a print out of the injector which he never offered to show me, I mentioned that I stipulated no returns on the listing and never said they definitely work, I also mentioned the price was low because they where a gamble, I was polite and just put my reasonings across why he won't get a refund, PayPal held the money for the given time and I eventually got reimbursed the full amount again and they obviously sided with me.
  12. Burnzy

    Waste of a day and £150 in train tickets

    What did you do to him?
  13. Burnzy

    Im SHAFTED big time

    My only experience with main dealers is they do as they please when it involves paying out and there is wiggle room, I remember having a massive row with Bristol street Ford because I took a faulty stat in to them, they refused to refund me as I needed to take the car in with the stat still installed, they said it was in there terms and conditions on the invoice so I shown them that it clearly wasn't on the invoice, he then said I needed to go online and read the terms and conditions before buying stuff from the parts counter, I asked him to show me where it was on their website and he couldn't even find it in the end the service manager just refused to do anything, I left the stat there as it was useless and never got my money back either, apart from hitting the fella which I felt would of been justified, I had nothing else I could do, I also spoke to citizens advice and that was a lengthy process so didn't bother with that either
  14. Burnzy

    Dash cams - convictions

    I personally can't see anything wrong with what the lads had done, they in no way egged the woman on to do anything, she was probably so pre occupied before she hit the old man that these two lads had no input into the way this woman behaved. i just wish there was more people like these two, who took it upon themselves to make sure this woman suffered the consequences of her selfish actions, I say well done and they should be commended for there actions, imagine if they where the people that where behind that other hit and run video posted a few days ago, they would have got the culprit that put the young girl in hospital and I'm sure her family would be grateful of it, instead they are probably grieving and thinking the selfish coont is sitting at home not giving a shit about what he/she has done.
  15. Burnzy

    E39 breaker value

    At the end of the day, if the phones not ringing it's because it's too expensive unfortunately just keep dropping the price till you start getting some bites, it may take a while though, it depends on how pushed for time you are.