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  1. Rear arches

    did they not vary from austin metro to rover metro
  2. Rear arches

    which metro
  3. Rear arches

    Metro did they work fine
  4. Rear arches

    Anyone have or know where to get a set of rear arches for my e28
  5. Going price on Msport black leathers

    I have a set for sale but dont have matching door cards
  6. Can anyone tell me whats the going price on black m sport interrior condition 8/10 no rips
  7. 6 Branch manifold

    where would the issue be when fitting a lhd 6 branch on rhd is it just the steering box
  8. e28 complete body/shell

    anyone know of any e28 decent enough condition shells going 518/520/525/535
  9. Clear tailight lens

    Wow the demand must be there for them to restart the production, ] Its funny when i decided to get a e28 in 2012 just purely because growing up in the 80's these were the cars to have but i was too young and unable to afford them, so i thought il catch up now at that time in 2012 i was getting M535I.'s for few hundred quid scrap value i remember throwing away the mtec bodykit because i didnt think anything of it, Im glad i have collected some bits which are now appreciated.
  10. Clear tailight lens

    Unfortunatly i only have mint ones and i have 4 sets.
  11. Clear tailight lens

    Tims what did you mean by ''dont' break apart
  12. Clear tailight lens

    Topman, that takes klearz out the question, i have placed my order with these guys too
  13. Clear tailight lens

    Anyone have a pair of clear tailight lens for a e28, if not who will be interested in a Group buy minimum order is 15 pieces
  14. e28 525e

    Hi anyone know what a half decent 525e Auto switchable is worth 1988