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  1. I've reread your whole post and it seems to me that you've checked everything! The only thing I can think of is if it's a 9/97-9/98 M62 with 5.2.1 is the ignition coil power relay in the E-box.
  2. Have you reset adaptation values?
  3. Try this part number:- 34 33 6 797 659 It is the booster from the recall and is subsidised by BMW.
  4. There's also 2 nuts above the air vent tubing.
  5. In an E61 it's under the second underfloor cargo cover (against the back seat)
  6. Disconnecting/removing the cradle doesn't affect the TCU - they are very prone to failure. If you can't diagnose it or the CIC, the simplest way to check if the TCU is still working would be to remove the optic fibre that doesn't emit light from the connector at the TCU. Then plug the connector back into the TCU. If the now blank port in the TCU emits light, the TCU is alive. If no light is coming out of the TCU, it has failed.
  7. That's they way it works - so you can then pair another phone. You then turn it off to exit pairing mode and then back on to resume normal operation.
  8. You should be able to adjust it when on a call with the volume knob or MFL volume control. Otherwise the voice recognition command "volume up" might work (although this may just adjust the volume of Ms Voice Recognition)
  9. It looks like you haven't connected the phone to the new module. To put the car into pairing mode and pair the phone to it, follow these steps:- Ignition off, press and hold button in cradle for 5 secs as you turn the key to position 1 and then release the button. The 3 LED"s at the top right of the monitor should start flashing and it will say Bluetooth Pairing. Delete the old module from your phone and search for the new module, then enter the new code. The phone should then connect and then disconnect. Turn the ignition off to exit pairing mode and then it should work.
  10. E39's don't have a VO, they have a ZCS (German acronym for Central Coding Key) which is what BMW used prior to VO's. You need to change the ZCS code (usually using a program called Zeko - here's a thread about it - and then use NCS expert to change the ZCS and encode the whole car. I'm no expert at this but have muddled my way through it to code an auto to manual.
  11. Mint Classics in Germany just put one on their Facebook page. The last photo shows the plate and it is numbered.
  12. If the dowel in the shock is missing or damaged (not a tight fit in the trailing arm), the bolt will break as it's the dowel that takes the load and the bolt just clamps it in.
  13. Press and hold the BC button on the stall for about 5secs. It will then bring up the selection on the OBM. It will also arrange them in the order that you select (tick) them.
  14. Fantastic.
  15. Just cut it once, in the middle, so it becomes 2 individual wires that don't join to anything.