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  1. I realise this is an old thread, however I fitted a Gates 33578 82°C thermostat that I purchased from today. It does have a different seal arrangement to the OE Behr unit but seals perfectly without any additional sealant (pressure tested for 1 hour @ 220kpa). I now have a car that reaches operating temperature (as opposed to 75°C).
  2. +1 for Lemförder. They're OE.
  3. It's out there on the interweb. Just Googalise "BMW WDS CD" Also, everything in WDS is also available in DIS if you have that working.
  5. Ride height spec:-
  6. I can't help you but have you tried looking for one out of an E53 X5 as they use the same unit and were produced into 2006.
  7. Yes, it gets standard stations and displays station names, artists and songs. They come up regularly on I can't answer the question about the PXA staying on the FM input because I never fitted mine, but as you say it's doubtful that will work. I think@richardp needs to chime in here. PM me for the B/O box.
  8. If Richard doesn't have one, the one I bought off him last year and he posted to Sydney is still in its packet as my E39 Touring was written off and my replacement E39 has factory DSP. Unless something has changed that I'm unaware of, Australia uses DAB+ which the TUA-T100DAB won't receive and there isn't any other DAB tuner that will interface with an Intravee. I'm using a TUA-T550HD and yes, it won't receive HD Radio but what it does allow is to see Intravee data display whilst using radio and RDS which only the very late BM53's display. It also has better sound clarity than a BM53.
  9. That's the Vanos oil pressure precharge pump. It was retrofitted by Dealers to cars that had a complaint of Vanos rattle when starting. It primes and pressures up the Vanos before the engine is started. It was only fitted for a few months before BMW then started fitting a pressure accumulator with an electric pressure valve. You won't find much info because the service bulletin was superseded by this one:-
  10. It surprised me that you didn't recognise it as you are the Grand Master of everything M57! [emoji3]
  11. It looks like the A/C compressor wiring connector. The plug is on the top.
  12. I use a combination. Jimmy's (Cable Shack - a sponsor on here - suite of diagnostics includes:- INPA - BMW factory code reader - accurate, quick and easy to use. DIS - BMW Dealer code reader with guided diagnostics and fault finding as well as wiring diagrams. - Runs through VM, uses a large amount of memory, is difficult to get working and is slow to use. SSS/Progman - BMW Dealer programming, retrofit and Car/Key memory software. - Runs through VM, uses a large amount of memory, is difficult to get working and is slow to use. Also won't allow you to do anything not envisaged by BMW. WINKFP/NCS Expert/Tool 32 - BMW Factory based programming, coding and modification tools - relatively deep understanding is needed for use. Scanner V1.4.0 is the Chinese copy of PA Soft available on that well known auction site. I use it for cheap, quick and easy programming, coding and car/memory settings. I have everything loaded on a very old HP Compac 6120 running XP that I don't use for anything else.
  13. If you can replace cam sensors then I would suggest that you're able to work on your own car. So why not buy Jimmy's cable set and get a cheap old laptop and do it yourself. There's a ton of experience on here and everyone is more than willing to chip in with their thoughts . The only thing that will potentially kill an M62TU is timing chain guides, but as you have another low mileage engine, that's not really an issue for you.
  14. If the tank venting valve is stuck open, unmetered fuel vapour will be entering the inlet manifold. The DME will see this as rich on the O2 sensors and lean off the mixtures causing a lean misfire. The CAN fault could be attributed to your blown fuse. It needs to be cleared, the car driven and rechecked. That fuse powers the DME, MAF, Cam Sensor 1, Thermostat and Tank Venting Valve. If the tank venting valve is faulty it could have blown the fuse. I think you need to find a mechanic who is passionate and willing to spend time to diagnose faults correctly rather than doing a scan and writing the car off!
  15. Your first photo isn't from an E39, it looks like a Diesel E60. The only engine related fault in the second photo is the tank venting valve. This will cause misfires if faulty. As you say, there are no gearbox fault entries. Removing the towbar wiring wouldn't have caused any issues, the wire to the LCM is the signal to stop the rear PDC turning on when towing.