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  1. Rosie

    1378138 wire is what for?

    It’s for the subwoofer in a Touring with HiFi
  2. Rosie

    Mk4 repair

    Bumping this for @DepthHoar
  3. They did....... https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0011579EN/fuelling-protection-system-as-standard-for-all-bmw-diesel-models?language=en
  4. Don’t start the car with that much petrol diluting the diesel - there won’t be enough oil in the fuel to lubricate the High Pressure Pump and Injectors and you’ll do damage. I would just remove the back seat base cushion and pull out the fuel pump/sender unit and siphon out the majority of the petrol. Then reassemble and brim with Diesel. It should be good to start and drive after that. Then fill again once tank gets down to half and then repeat a 2nd time.
  5. Rosie

    2006 730D maps update

    Here’s how to enter the service menu to check the software level:- NAVI02 latest version is 8.4.4 NAVI03 latest version is 9.8.2
  6. Rosie

    2006 730D maps update

    E65’s use the same software and maps as the I-bus cars. V32 was the last software update.
  7. Rosie

    Do I have a MAF problem?

    Take the Airfilter Box out.
  8. Rosie

    OBC confusion.

    I agree it has to be the head unit if an external aerial doesn’t work. It’s a shame as it would have been a easy & cheap solution.
  9. Rosie

    OBC confusion.

    It’s most likely because the unit isn’t powering the aerial amplifier/diversity in the LH C pillar. Try fitting one of these:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/ACV-1524-ISO-Antenna-Adaptor-Phantom/dp/B0068JLWHW
  10. Rosie

    E39 M5 Rear Brake Discs

    Wheel centre bore is different (72.6 vs 74.1mm) Brake disc centre bore is the same - the hubs have a step.
  11. Rosie

    OBC confusion.

    Yes, the carrier is the same. It’s a pr!ck of a job to remove the carrier, let alone refit one - it’s mounted into the upper dashboard from behind, so you’ll most likely have to remove the dashboard to fit it correctly. I’d suggest the car had a Eonon/Xtron/Dynavin fitted as they have to have the carrier removed.
  12. Rosie

    OBC confusion.

    Yes, the one piece radios don’t have that connector.
  13. Rosie

    OBC confusion.

    It’s the loom to the MID (Case 4 in these retrofit instructions) but you can use a length of MID loom from a breaker and splice into the radio loom rather than running to the fuse box.
  14. Rosie

    OBC confusion.

    You’ll need to add additional wiring for the MID.
  15. Rosie

    Bmw e34 540i clutch help

    Try doing it like this:- https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/e46-320d-lim/repair-manuals/21-clutch/21-00-clutch-check/Bx2OjOx I use a big G clamp instead of the special tool to hold the piston all the way in.