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  1. makeshiftuk

    Reassurance needed! Massive oil top up

    Update: topped it up to the maximum point on the dipstick last Sunday. Since then, I've driven it around town and on the motorway - with a lead foot as well to see if that produced plumes of blue smoke upon heavy acceleration... about 70-80 miles since last weekend. Checked the oil level this morning, and it hasn't used a drop. I don't get it? I'm not alarmed as I was before, but she's due a coolant flush and brake fluid change in March - I'll take the opportunity then to properly inspect for oil leaks and change up to some 5w40 instead. Thanks for all your thoughts/inputs, gents.
  2. makeshiftuk

    Reassurance needed! Massive oil top up

    Fairly sure I have no oil leaks - unless it's all welling up in the belly pan in a massive pool! I got the CCV pipework sorted when I first bought the car around 5 years ago. I'm getting the oil/filter change booked in, and after that I'll report back with my findings and take a view of things. Thanks for all the responses.
  3. makeshiftuk

    Reassurance needed! Massive oil top up

    Thanks Dan... I know right. March 2018 I had an inspection one (198,884 miles), including oil service - had a few gaskets (sump and oil filter housing) changed as I was leaking back then, but since the driveway has been clean. I can't see any blue smoke from cold, or any plumes under heavy throttle - but I'll be checking religiously now. I also added 1.25L back in August. Mostly small journeys, but I took it for a long 500 mile run over 2 days a few weeks back. I'm with you on the oil filter/filter/5w40 idea. Would you suggest I stay away from long trips >100 miles for now?
  4. Hi all - where has 2018 gone... I topped up the oil in my ‘02 530i tourer today. It needed 2.5L of 0w40 (Castrol Edge BMW LL01) just to get to the minimum level mark on the dipstick. I’m going to drive it later today, but assuming that’s accurate it’ll need another 1L to bring it to the maximum level mark. No oil pressure warning light seen at all, and I know the light works. I also heard a slight rattling noise when driving away from cold this AM during small throttle input, but this didn’t happen again. Its a 203k mile engine, so I know it’s going to use oil - I just hope I haven’t let it get the past the point of no return, and irreparable internal damage? I doubt there’s anything else I can do right now other than keep an eye on it. Thoughts very welcome, thanks in advance.
  5. makeshiftuk

    My old girl...

    Thanks for all the kind comments... ...will revive this thread when I'm at 300k!!! Might be a few years though...
  6. makeshiftuk

    My old girl...

    ...is 200k miles old! 16 years since she left the production line (and the last 4 years in my care), and she still looks great on our roads. Some bodywork/rust challenges to sort, but what a machine... Long live the M54B30!!
  7. makeshiftuk

    Hi - Finally got a BMW worth talking about again

    Lovely motor you have there! I've always wondered what a manual touring would be like to own... but then again after several years of M25 hell I <3 my auto box lol. I'm on 199k with my 530i Sport Touring - most reliable car I've ever owned - although I am having some electrical gremlins surface around central locking, which appear to be an isolated and rare incident having posted up here/scoured through old threads. Hopefully it'll just go away... I use Castrol Edge 0W40... BMW Longlife01 as per the owners handbook. But considering I'm on 199k, is it wise to switch to 5W40 at the next oil change?
  8. makeshiftuk

    Rear Door Wont Open

    WRussell... I think I have the same door handle symptoms as you. Just sent you a PM...
  9. makeshiftuk

    PLEASE HELP - Central Locking Madness

    Thanks Dan/Chris. Door card off today to try and fix the o/s rear door handle - nothing obvious that I could see, so I'll post up on a separate thread. I also disconnected/reconnected the battery as suggested, so I hope that'll help. @Chris - can you direct me to somewhere I can do some reading around the general module, and the relays it houses? It's frustrating as it's only happened twice in the last 18 months, rest of the time I have no issues.
  10. makeshiftuk

    PLEASE HELP - Central Locking Madness

    Good shout - it's a Yuasa Silver i only changed a few years ago, and is still strong. Started up like normal even in the snow 6 or so weeks back.
  11. Guys, please help me. My wife has totally lost faith in my E39 530i '52 Sport Touring. This has happened once before - but today the central locking went MAD, deciding that the front doors would lock (door pins down), and the rear doors would remain open (door pins up). My wife had for the foresight to drive with the front windows down - both rear doors cannot be opened from inside (child lock). Despite the front doors being locked, they could not be opened from the inside using the handle - and the central locking centre console button nor key fob would work. See video below. My wife climbed out of the window, and carried my 4 year old out the window also. You can understand that she now hates the thing - but I don't want to get rid of it. The only thing I can think of - the rear offside external door handle is intermittent, and sometimes it won't actuate/open the door. I need to remove the door card (http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/90654-what-did-you-do-to-your-e39-today/?page=71&tab=comments#comment-1279840) and sort it - could this really be the source of all the problems? Please help.. 2018-04-19-VIDEO-00004070.mp4
  12. makeshiftuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I can’t find a ‘this post needs pictures’ emoticon
  13. makeshiftuk

    Crackling speakers

    Update: booked the car in to see Baris today, and got it fixed, upgraded and turned around on the same day Stereo head unit removed, amp components upgraded (including heat sink) - my crackling speaker problem has gone, and the audio is much better too! Fantastic service, Baris is a lovely chap and I found the price very agreeable. For me a price well worth paying to keep the old girl standard.
  14. makeshiftuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    OMG... and I thought I was doing well on 199k!! And that MPG... is that at idle?? Lol - which engine is that you’re running. I checked my E39 Tourer into Baris’s place in North London today to get my OEM BMW Business stereo repaired (I was losing sound through my right speakers and had terrible static noise) - all fixed, amp components upgraded and whilst it’s not an aftermarket stereo, the audio is noticeably improved. Very happy
  15. makeshiftuk

    Crackling speakers

    Thanks again Dennis I've been swapping emails with Baris (he's extremely helpful) and I think at the very least we'll have a stab at the repair of my C53 unit... would rather keep it OEM if I possibly can! Will post up how I get on.