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  1. Hi gents, I have a warning light on the dash - rear o/s light is out... the brake bulb needs changing. Changed the bulb for a new one, but the brake light still doesn’t light up and the warning light is still on. Any ideas?
  2. Bonnet Badge

    Parts received yesterday! Great service as always, thanks
  3. Bonnet Badge

    Payment sent via Paypal - thanks!
  4. Bonnet Badge

    Thanks for this - let's go for 1x 51148132375 and 1x 16117193372 Please could you confirm the final amount... do I qualify for free postage? Thanks
  5. Bonnet Badge

    Thanks for this. Please could you add (and price up individually): - 16117193372 (fuel filler cap) - 51168205190 (right rear door ashtray grey) - 63318366433 (left rear interior reading light grey)
  6. Bonnet Badge

    Hi there, please could I have a price for: 51148132375 Thanks! Daniel
  7. Few E39 Parts

    Came through this week - cheers! Dan
  8. Few E39 Parts

    Thanks Phil, money sent just now against reference number above Transaction ID 1GL89658FR333332S
  9. Few E39 Parts

    Hi Phil, Sorry for the tardy response - please can you refresh the quote, and I'll send over the cash via Paypal. Cheers Dan
  10. Few E39 Parts

    Hi Phil, Please could I get individual prices on a few E39 parts: 11431436293 (oil dipstick) 61319119057 (bonnet alarm sensor) Cheers, Dan
  11. Hi Phil, money sent via Paypal just now against customer ref 37811. Cheers! Dan
  12. Thanks Phil. Could I also add: 12x 07119901299 Same payment details as above?
  13. Hi Phil, Please can you refresh this part number: - LOWER RIGHT ENGINE COMPARTMENT COVER with brake air channel 51712694832 The official BMW store on ebay has reduced the price on this piece, so if its cheaper here I'm going to bite the bullet and buy it. Thanks in advance. Daniel
  14. Oil level low - do I need to be worried?

    Cheers chaps. 200 miles later, and all seems to be well and normal - didn't miss a beat Being premature as usual... (lol)
  15. Oil level low - do I need to be worried?

    I'm just hoping the oil level hasn't yet reached a level where the oil pressure warning light would go off, and start causing damage to the engine internals.