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  1. In my opinion, the Champagne's are 3rd in line of desirability. 1st being Alpina, 2nd M5. I've had several inquiries about mine and even found a phone number from a potential buyer on my windscreen as I came back from shopping once (he knew what it was and, without knowing everything about the car (I called him), he offered me £3,250 on the spot. This was 3 years ago). They're highly desirable and, to the right buyer, can fetch a decent amount (not M5 or Alpina money, sure, but considerably more than a standard Sport). As a Part Ex on a 2008 650i Individual, BMW offered me £2,500 trade in. I know most dealers wouldn't offer this and many won't even take it on as part ex due to its age and mileage but maybe a specialist would who knows their worth and I'm sure a specialist would keep its price stable and not accept pittance. I bought mine, 3 years ago, for £3k and, now, I value mine at £4.5k - £5k. It's beautifully looked after and is probably one of the cleanest E39's I've ever seem, the interior alone looks fresh and almost as good as it looked when it rolled off the production line. Other things that help me value it is the upgraded Amp, it now has DVD Sat Nav, a Digital TV / DAB upgrade (with USB for streaming MP3's and Video, a rock solid service history and many parts replaced that you will probably never need to do for another 200k miles. No expense has been spared. WE decide the value. If we just get shot of them as we need a quick sale, that has a knock on effect for everyone. If we raise the bar and hold out for our price, everyone's a winner. For me, if I saw a 2002 530i Sport beside a 530i Sport Champagne I (with every conceivable extra, give or take, and TV working, etc, etc), I'd be prepared to pay, at least, £1,500 more. Maybe I'm stupid but to the right buyer, anything's possible. To the OP: I'd say, hold onto it, keep giving it some loving and see where we're at in 3-5 years. I was so close to buying an immaculate MK1 Sierra Cosworth for £7,500 in 1997... I could kick myself now!!! I don't think the Champagne will ever reach that Vintage Status though.
  2. Fairlight

    Lower Fender Liner Trim Set

    Ok, I'm pretty confident... just realised they have the part numbers noted in the listing and these match the part numbers I was give for my car. Ordered. Thanks
  3. Fairlight

    Lower Fender Liner Trim Set

    Is anyone 100% on this? There are so many to choose from and I always go on recommendations / tried and tested parts. If so, I'll order them right away. I'll ask the seller too.
  4. Fairlight

    Lower Fender Liner Trim Set

    It's saying these are for an M5 only?
  5. Fairlight

    Lower Fender Liner Trim Set

    They were as shocked as I was.
  6. Fairlight

    Lower Fender Liner Trim Set

    It was Cotswold (and Boldon) I called. They were once £50 ish each but they've went right up to £175 ish.
  7. Fairlight

    Lower Fender Liner Trim Set

    Hi. I need a set of these but BMW are wanting £174 EACH (+VAT) these days. I have the part numbers... 51712694832 51712694899 ... and started looking on eBay. Found this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E-39-M5-Tech-540-535-530-528-525-523-520-Lower-Fender-Liner-Trim-SET-/111960753728?hash=item1a11618640:g:GjcAAOxycmBSsxvw There are a lot of them, some for a fraction of the price, but, before I commit, wanted to pass it by you guys first. Maybe you can identify if there may be any problems with the one I've chosen. Feel free to link me to a seller you know and trust. Yours, Peter
  8. Fairlight

    Champagne Walnut Trim > M5 Titanium Trim

    Yeah, it's mine If I ever find a gear knob with the same material as the trim, I will get it but, as far as I understand, it's from an M5 which was only available as a manual. A black leather knob is still a possibility, we'll see. P
  9. Fairlight

    Champagne Walnut Trim > M5 Titanium Trim

    Here are a few other photos... I am still a little unsure of the gear knob, it's probably a little too shiny for my liking (although the reflection from the seats makes it look sweet) so have ordered another to see how they compare. Love this car
  10. Fairlight

    Looking for Inerior Trim Fixings / Clips

    Thank you Calvurion. Just what I need. Do you, by any chance, know the code for the screws on the door panels? Sorry to extract the urine but I am also after the black plastic under trim / panels which go under the front / sides of the car (from front bumper to wheel arch). There should be a part number for each side (one of them holds the outside temperature gauge). Sorry!!!! Cheers, Peter
  11. Fairlight

    Converting 3.0 > 4.4

    That's the colour of my first E39... absolutely love it.
  12. Fairlight

    Converting 3.0 > 4.4

    Now there's a thought. Has anyone on here done this? Would love to know the costs involved and how it panned out. I asked about performance upgrades a little while back but the thread fell flat on its arse, the best advice being "go fast stripes", lol. Cheers, P
  13. Fairlight

    Value of an M5?

    So, bearing in mind, this one (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252268057575?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT) has had some paint work, albeit not a great paint job, is it still worth the money they're asking?
  14. Fairlight

    Champagne Walnut Trim > M5 Titanium Trim

    That's absolutely spot on.
  15. Fairlight

    Converting 3.0 > 4.4

    Just a thought... might not do it... but, has anyone converted from 3.0 > 4.4? I'd imagine it'd be quite a simple swap but would love to know some more information. Potential costs, things to do / not to do, what else needed, etc. I don't think I'm going to get an M5 anytime soon and, looking for a 540i which is as hugely spec'd as my Champagne isn't happening so, right now, maybe more horses is what I need? Any info (to a non mechanic) is, as always, hugely appreciated. Cheers, Peter