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  1. My issues back ....pulls like a train over 1500revs, but still have that flat spot. Any idea what can cause this? (swirlflap/egr/cat/dpf/backbox deleted,new breather/new maf/replaced pressure convertor/replaced map sensor/new o2 sensors,replaced ic pipework seals,new vac lines, air filter, new turbo/actuator......no faults on diagnostics too)
  2. jinsta

    43E2 Throttle Actuator Fault

    I gotta be bored lol, yours is a 2006 535d right: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partxref?id=NC92-EUR-07-2006-E60-BMW-535d&mg=11&sg=40&diagId=11_3869&q=11717804384&series=E90 Pn is 7804384, this should fit: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/throttle-body-BMW-3-E90-7804384-318d-89kW-204D4-154919/302657959602?epid=1409497996&hash=item4677d1f6b2:g:7nsAAOSwk-damu2i
  3. jinsta

    43E2 Throttle Actuator Fault

    Just got via a fellow owner on the buying/selling facebook page. plenty on ebay mind, just ensure you check for correct part number
  4. jinsta

    E61 coilover options, fronts only??

    Checked with H&R prior and they are designed to work with OEM shocks. Personally I'd use msport ones as they are already slightly shorter. On Msports...the 50mm spring only equates to about another 30-35mm. SE would see the approx 50mm. Factor in they can be used from 520i to 550i and engine weights, lighter lumps prob wouldn't see the full 50 either Had very positive feedback on the facebook owners clubs too
  5. jinsta


    agree on that, alpine ezidab or pure dab unit is best bang for buck. just works via aux
  6. jinsta

    E61 coilover options, fronts only??

    i have a H&R 50mm kit for the e61 bnib going for £100 collected (nw london). Decent bit of kit, but you would need to use some standard shockers with it
  7. jinsta

    43E2 Throttle Actuator Fault

    If you get a little shake when you switch off the engine too its likely its knackered. I had a few of the throttle faults above + switch off judder and just replaced the unit for like for like unit (best checking your one on real oem as there are more then one that fit due to superceeded part numbers). Bought mine few weeks back used for £50. Ressolved fault/codes so happy with that
  8. Hi Mate, can you PM me if your read this - Thanks!

  9. jinsta

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    One of calipers was seizing so flipped the front brake setup from the 327mm to the 348mm on my 530d. Easy swap really and feels so much better! Theres two caliper setups for the 348, single and duel pot....i used the single pot which effectively is the same calipers and pads as the 327 setup but uses 348x30mm disks and different carriers. If you are on 327mm, next disc change worth a ponder! (excuse the grubby marks, did clean off )
  10. Awesome! Thank You for pulling this out again
  11. Longshot, but anyone still have the PDF writeup for the CCC retrofit for this one - Ta in advance
  12. jinsta

    E60 530D...Pre 2K lag, any ideas?

    Just found these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162248457347 The 'never leak again' claim sounds good Giving them a punt as look thicker then the oem ones
  13. jinsta

    E60 530D...Pre 2K lag, any ideas?

    Sorry for delayed reponse. Dont seem to be getting the email notifications through on this one Have actually applied silicone at all seals already, only ever get oil ligereing at ic ends...think build up is result of blow by with turbo being pushed harder and venting from cvc into pipework. Catchcan was reccomended a while back..but just never got round to fitting one (gots a nice catchcan...just the piping run on these is little akward as a really short run so needs tinkering. Without modding the maf air feed pipe, cant see how i can do it...but never got round to picking up a spare one to play with)...nontheless, it cant be airtight this or would expect buildup just to be on inside and expose itself on removal I dont know if i loose pressure here, was thinking of adding a boost gauge on the ic to tb pipe as i have one on on the turbo to ic on otherside. Bit overkill but i could then measure a drop if any for sure. cant find any uprated seals either as sure thicker ones help the cause too
  14. jinsta

    E60 530D...Pre 2K lag, any ideas?

    I have changed all the seals with oem ones. no leak etc on the tops at all (turbo or tb ends), on ic end...new too but i do always see a small buildup every once in a while when working under the car. Its not like a drip or anything, but always enough to need a wipe. If i remove the pipe, seals still very much intact, but i make habbit of changing these too as part of my service. My IC setup is not very standard mind, its a Forge unit originally deisgned for the F20 135i. I have retained the original boost pipework but at the ic ends...the oem hoses have been swapped out for silicone ones and these now attach to billet F20 size couplings. The couplings still maintain oem seals and clips (albeit f20 size ones)