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  1. E39 washer jets

    Ah you had better luck than me then! I bought a roll of proprietary Halfords stuff. I had to warm it in a cup as you describe to push on, but some of the connections presumably get exposed to greater underbonnet temperatures (or from the heated washer nozzles) and popped back off!
  2. E39 washer jets

    Sleeve the replacement house and put a small jubliee clip on, or use zip ties (if using proprietary rubber hosing). I had an issue where the rubber was heating up, getting soft, and blowing off again...
  3. 530i Champagne, but not a Champagne

    Should there be extended leather on Champagnes as well?
  4. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had a puncture repaired Thankfully didn't need a new tyre!
  5. Windshield Washer Heated Spray Nozzle is not working

    have you tried sticking a drawing pin/thin wire into the offending nozzle as the first approach? It might well have a little grit in there that's blocking it.
  6. Jump start through bonnet

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-5-Series-Owners-Service-Manual-Handbook-Wallet-Glovebox-Pack-Set-OEM-99/273040464210?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Plat_Gen%3AE39&epid=1140183077&hash=item3f927ad952:g:QIkAAOSwceNaaZ9H There you go Gine! Might answer some questions...
  7. Fading in and out interior lights, speedo, radio

    It was! Really weird low spec though - base ones didn't have a rev counter, and they had weird head and tail lights.
  8. Coolant leak

    I second this given that I once bought an ECP rad that arrived parallelogram in shape!
  9. How often do you change engine air filter?

    I do mine once a year
  10. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally managed to do the top hose, bleed screw in the expansion tank broke!! I'm always very careful with them as well, somebody must have graunched it up... thankfully had a spare!!
  11. Hello to whoever it was in the X reg (I think 530d) silver E39 this morning, that I was behind and then in front of (I was in the silver 530i) Nice to see another Facelift SE out and about! Just so you know, your 3rd brake light is out.
  12. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Not today, but yesterday, but relented after battling the stuck bonnet last Saturday, and took the car to Emtec. Had a call within a couple of hours that they had it open and all 3 cables and a latch needed replacing. Very reasonably priced actually and it's nice to get in to the engine bay again! I can finally do my top hose...
  13. My old sepia e39 back up for sale

    Not that I particularly agree with M-badgezzz everywhere, but the M-badge on the cam cover is extra speshul...
  14. Darkness visible

    Haven't fitted one, but if it's the original bulb, the difference with that and a new one should be, err, night and day!
  15. 530i ROAD NOISE ?

    In some ways I actually prefer it - there isn't much of a blindspot (if any) in the top right of the windscreen, and there is none at all in the top left which aids visibility that way. Some cars with RHD wiper set ups end up with such a blindspot in the top left.