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  1. I changed the thermostat and while the fan etc was off I changed the exhaust cps. What a bloody palaver though! The fan and shroud were a right bitch to get off, and the whole job took me 4 times longer than it should. Oh and I broke the shroud! Sodding thing! Still, te car goes a lot better than it did and doesn't run cold. And the header tank isn't flopping around too much...
  2. Ah thank you, I will try that later on!
  3. I've got memory seats/mirrors/wheel and an auto dip passenger mirror, sometimes when reverse is selected, the mirror will dip and then rise when taken out of reverse, other times it wont (the switch is to set to the driver's side at all times). Also, is there a way to adjust the amount of "dip"?
  4. I had a stone in the rear brakes! How it got in there I don't know as the plate is so tight to the disc, and was certainly a pain to get out!
  5. Don't do that to an M50! They can be an absolute pig to get going again! But to echo what others have said, foot down and lots of cranking will get them going again.
  6. Sorry to resurrect, but I think I had this last night. Can it manifest itself as a gentle scraping that then gets worse over a short journey? I was getting some looks as I drove home!! Thought it was my rear brakes (due to be replaced this weekend anyway) but a stone makes me feel slightly happier, especially as I recall hearing some sort of clank/clunk noise like a stone being flicked up.
  7. Yeah just watched a few, doesn't seem too bad. Funnily enough I just plugged in my girlfriends 2005 mini, which I noticed had been rougher when starting from cold. It too threw a code for the cam sensor. What made me laugh was the change procedure involved supporting the engine and removing one of the engine mounts!
  8. I FINALLY got round to plugging in my generic reader, which came up with PO365 camshaft sensor circuit. Presumably this is the sensor itself? Hopefully not too hard a job...
  9. I've got them on my saloon, had them on my old Passat and then not on my E34, it's surprising how much I missed them! You will notice that a saloon so equipped has far less "buckety" rear seats than one without! But who cares about people in the back anyway?
  10. Indeed, surely a manual 530i with comforts is some sort of holy grail? Not that I'm biased or anything...
  11. I have this too. Unfortunately I sometimes end up looking a bit camp as I put myself in a ridiculous pose to get the fuel in...
  12. That looks very nice! If I hadn't bought my 530i se manual with comforts I would have certainly bought this one!
  13. Is it relatively easy to spray a sensor? Would I have to rub off the topaz first? Ideally I'd hold out for a titanium one but they are remarkably hard to find haha!