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  1. EBay key fob

    With my E34 you lift the driver's door handle while it's locked and that activates the heated door lock.
  2. EBay key fob

    Might be being a bit dim here, but do E39s not have heated driver's door locks like the E34s did? Or with the more common advent of Remote locking was this removed?
  3. Fitting LED day time lights

    Please don't councilify it. what with this and somebody being "magpie Barry", you can make a nice car look utterly tragic
  4. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    Bought mine about 13 months ago, covered 20,000 miles in that time. Really, really like it. Some money spent, and more still to spend, but (hopefully) on more cosmetic things
  5. wayback machine

    It's just an archive of websites from years past, for example you can have a look at the bmw website from, say, june 2001. Although not all of the links and pages work.
  6. wayback machine

    Don't know if you guys have come across this before, but this website is something I got reintroduced to the other day. For our era of cars, bmw.co.uk was reasonably well developed! Interesting to step back in time to when they were new! https://web.archive.org/web/*/bmw.co.uk
  7. Washer jets

    Little tip, if you use rubber hose make sure you jubliee or zip tie it... as I discovered they will get warm again and pop off - at the most inopportune moment.
  8. 16 inch tyre and 17 inch spare?

    I shouldn't laugh but I've just noticed, Gine, that you've put your garage as "3 x 6" made me chuckle!
  9. Nice E61 touring, quite local to me actually, I think I've probably seen it driving around in fact https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-525d-3-0-M-Sport-Touring-6-Speed-MANUAL/182917925168?hash=item2a96c20930:g:GWgAAOSwCQlZ8kUn Presumably quite rare being a sport with a manual gearbox?
  10. Hey - Ive got a classic!

    Surely they've all stopped depreciating now though? Also, 530i SEs are great, everyone should buy one
  11. Favourite feature?

    Haha don't blame you! The steering on the A7 was particularly inert, at least in my 530i the wheels tell me what's going on!
  12. Favourite feature?

    Not so much a feature but the whole car - spent a good chunk of today driving my uncle's 640d and an Audi A7. As nice as they are (the 640 in particular) getting into my E39 just made me go aaahhhhhh it's good to be back
  13. Favourite feature?

    Oh, and I love the comfort seats, and the electric steering column that brings the wheel down to greet you. Nice touch.
  14. Favourite feature?

    Another vote here for the ambient lighting in the cabin. That and the noise of the starter and the 6 churning into life are a nice antithesis to the clatter of small diesels that are now prevalent. You know you are starting something, well, proper.
  15. The Darkbmwlord and his E39 on a shoestring...

    I have to say this thread is a refreshing antithesis to the overly dramatic American E39 boards "omg I've just driven 15 miles, now I need to overhaul my cooling system for the 4th time and use genuine parts only" "No way man, you should have overhauled it, like, 5 miles ago, you're on borrowed time duuuude!" Or something.