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  1. ooofff nobody wants loose baggy flaps.
  2. Wow never knew that DAB was launched that long ago!
  3. Go purple, it's en vogue!
  4. Don't tell me that my funky purple parcel shelf is meant to be black?!
  5. The thing that always concerns me with things like this is, it's someone else arsing around with the car (if I was you and they couldn't get it going for 30 minutes I would have been gone!) plus what if it upsets the "status quo"? I might be a bit paranoid but I would be certainly wary!
  6. At least Dibnah wasn't at the bottom lighting a fire... And my legs felt funny when he was walking along the edge of the railway bridge, let alone the chimney itself!
  7. Yeah it doesn't overheat, engine temp according to the hidden menu gets up to a max of 97 degrees, aux fan works so all is well in that dept, just wondered if the hella fan linked to above would be as good (if any of you have had experience of them) as the behr-hella one or if that is a different one. Like I say though it is currently dragging and roaring like a good'un!
  8. The one currently on roars from cold, tries to settle down a bit, and then decides that it really does quite like roaring. I think it's perhaps a little sensitive. The one on my E34 is quiet, until you sit idling on a hot day and then it will kick in.
  9. Hi all, Does anybody have an (intact!) fan shroud available, and how much would you like for it? My expansion bottle is, err, currently free and only restrained by the hoses...
  10. Hi all, Current viscous fan tends to roar a bit - I suspect it's a cheapy pattern part. I know berh hella are supposed to be good, stupid question, but are hella (without the behr) just as good? Found this on car parts for less (not the EIS one). I'm very keen to not have a roaring fan, given it's 1. embarrassing, 2. I want to take the car to Europe and don't want it to destroy the fan because its locked up! Thanks in advance!
  11. Wickedy
  12. Good God. Like having a sumo wrestler under the bonnet.
  13. Sorry I didn't say did I - it's a 2001 530i, so yes would be controlled as you describe. I had wondered whether there was a pressure switch, or whether it was a case of A/C on = fan on. Thank you for clarifying that.
  14. That would be great, thank you! What I don't want to happen is that there is actually an issue with it and on a hot day with the A/C on it doesn't work and blows the system up! I suppose also (again not knowing exactly how it all works) that relative humidity plays a part as well in whether the A/C comes on? It wasn't very humid last night or this morning. Anyone know the ins and outs of the climate control system?