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  1. The Spooner

    Bonnet release

    No worries - I found out the hard way hah! Not too dear to have fixed - just very inconvenient
  2. The Spooner

    Bonnet release

    Just as a warning to those who say they have no noise and don’t raise - mine was like this until one day it made a noise - the stretched cable finally snapped! All new bonnet cables and a latch later and it pops up with a nice clunk. change cables etc while you still can relatively easily!!
  3. The Spooner

    A ‘P’ plate e34.

    I'm sure I saw a picture of a P plate saloon somewhere... it might have even been an M5...
  4. The Spooner

    New viscous coupling too stiff

    There's a few pictures online of fans that have exploded and taken various important bits out with them - for example, the radiator! Scared me enough into finally changing what I assume the previous owner put on as a cheap fan for a Hella Behr fan coupling, which is much quieter.
  5. The Spooner

    Still Discovering New Features

    I love this feature, so useful! - didn’t realise you only get it if you’ve got memory seats. Does it work if you’ve got powerfold mirrors but manual seats?
  6. The Spooner

    Remove and refit headlamp

    From memory - while since I did this - I took the front bumper off, which is quite simple on these (fixings behind the black rubbing strips - chances are they will be caked with that mud/grime/salt cement that builds up, and they need to slide to spray with WD40 first) (I'm sorry I can't remember exactly where the bolts are!! ) With the bumper off if you look up there are little locating tangs for the grille strip/panel whatever you want to call it, release these and the grille strip will come off. I think from here you can then locate fixings for the headlights grille surround, and then the headlights themselves. Picture below attached for some kind of reference! Like I say, really sorry I can't remember exactly how I did it but hopefully that's a starter for ten. I think it is possible to remove the grille without removing the bumper, but I found accessing the tangs was much easier with the bumper off.
  7. The Spooner

    E39 seat cushion foam

    Will do! Got some Autoglym stuff which I used to clean and condition the leather, although I wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't been done that regularly before me (if at all), so wondered if I needed something more "industrial" haha
  8. The Spooner

    E39 seat cushion foam

    Slightly off topic, does anyone have any good tips to soften leather? I have comfort seats like the OP (but in black). The leather looks good, not saggy, but seems quite hard!
  9. Best colour and wheels for an SE, but then I would say that Also re the F10, don't some say they are the "proper" successor to an E39?
  10. The Spooner

    Which steering wheel?

    Looked up my VIN - no phone prep mentioned, but one of the buttons on the MID did light up mysteriously the other day... Also nothing to suggest that it is not the original radio in the history or VIN decoder
  11. The Spooner

    Which steering wheel?

    Going slightly off topic... my November 2001 built SE has the sport steering wheel (from the factory) as above with phone buttons, but they don't seem to do anything. Does this mean I have, somewhere, phone prep, or are they just buttons for the sake of it? I also have the MID radio, with phone buttons, but no BC buttons!
  12. The Spooner

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    They are new, but KYB. Time will tell how good they are! I think OEM are Sachs?
  13. The Spooner

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Any Ford Ka left now will be basically made of rust! i had my mot re test today - had to change front dampers (one had a leak) and would you believe the rear indicators weren’t orange enough haha!
  14. The Spooner

    E39 washer jets

    Ah you had better luck than me then! I bought a roll of proprietary Halfords stuff. I had to warm it in a cup as you describe to push on, but some of the connections presumably get exposed to greater underbonnet temperatures (or from the heated washer nozzles) and popped back off!
  15. The Spooner

    E39 washer jets

    Sleeve the replacement house and put a small jubliee clip on, or use zip ties (if using proprietary rubber hosing). I had an issue where the rubber was heating up, getting soft, and blowing off again...