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  1. E39 5 Series Bonnet lock parts

    Hi, Could I get a price for the following: Part No. Part No. Stop buffer 2 51248254063 Bowden cable 1 51238190754 CENTRE BOWDEN CABLE 1 51238176596 LOWER PART OF HOOD LOCK 1 51238203862 ** Expanding rivet 2 17111712963 Body nut ST4,8-13-ZNS3 2 07129904223 ** Sheet metal screw ST 4,8X16 2 07119900794 ** The ones with the ** are priority, the one without are just a price at the moment. Thanks John
  2. E39 5 Series Bonnet lock parts

    Paypal payment made.
  3. E39 5 Series Bonnet lock parts

    Hi Phil, Thanks for the prices, looking to go ahead on the below. 1 x 51238203862 - £13.94 2 x 17111712963 - £0.53 (assuming this is for both) 2 x 07129904223 - £0.80 (assuming this is for both) 2 x 07119900794 - £1.61 (assuming this is for both) What would be the postage on the above? Thanks John
  4. Brake pad light on

    Did you replace the sensors when pads were changed? If if not did the sensors come away from the pads intact ( assuming they hand not been triggered) Reason for asking is I had the same issue, someone had tried to reuse the sensor and looked to have damaged the wiring, over time water /dirt had got in and I'm assuming cause the triggering of the light on the dash. New sensor cured the issue. John
  5. E39 530i Sludge in Oil Filler Cap

    Had this problem and was due to previous owner doing short journeys. No problem since the car has been on mixed driving cycles and not just short journeys.
  6. Oldest original part replacement.

    Have just replaced the thermostat on my 530i sport as it was taking an age to get up to temperature. Replaced with a Wahler and all went to plan. Looking at the part taken off and it looks to be the original thermostat manufactured by Behr with a date of 08/2000 of manufacture and has covered 140k miles. Anyone else replaced original parts of a similar age? John
  7. Rain Sensor Dead? - E39 Sport Touring

    Had the same and INPA sorted it. John
  8. Oldest original part replacement.

    It just shows that fitting OEM or OEM equilivent and not the cheapest out there is worth it. Out of curiosity which make thermostat did you fit? John
  9. Mann or Bosh Air Filter?

    Hi, Used Mann filters for the last 3 BMW cars I have owned. No problems with their filters at all. John
  10. Anyone got diagnostics near Sutton-in-Ashfield?

    Hi, Live local. Having issues with DIS but INPA is working fine (used this afternoon). Happy to have a look. John
  11. Thermostat and Viscous Fan E39 530i

    Hi, Could I have a price for the following on my E39 530i: 1. Thermostat 2. Viscous Fan ( 3 bolt) 3. Sport front bumper lower corners including all fixings VIN: CE80139 Thanks John
  12. Thermostat and Viscous Fan E39 530i

    Phil, Do you have a price for the Viscous Coupling? Thanks John
  13. Thermostat and Viscous Fan E39 530i

    Phil, Last one regarding Number 2, is that for the fan itself of for the viscous fan coupling that connects to the water pump? If for the fan could I have a price for the coupling that connects to the water pump? Thanks John
  14. Thermostat and Viscous Fan E39 530i

    Phil, Regarding No.3 Is that for each side? Quick look on RealOEM calls it "Lower Left/Right Engine Compartment Cover". Just to confirm its the correct part. Thanks John
  15. pdc gone silent ?

    Best type of repair.
  16. pdc gone silent ?

    Like Stew has said if you have INPA it will show which of the PDC sensors has failed. If not put the car in reverse to put the PDC on and listen to each sensor individually. You should hear a clicking noise which doesn't change volume between sensors. I had one sensor fail which you could tell as it was silent and a second a few months later which was clicking but at a lower volume than the others. Changed both and all has been fine for a year or so now. Thanks John
  17. pdc gone silent ?

    I had this. Depending on what mood the car was in resulted in a differnt result, sometimes the PDC button would just flash and sometimes would give the constant beep. Replaced the failed sensor and the system returned to normal. Thanks John
  18. oil light staying on yellow after turn off ?

    If its showing high then can only guess at the wiring or sensor at fault. I have inpa but dont know if the sensor will show as a registered error. My 3.0 uses a bit of oil and when thet oil light comes on after switch off i know she is ready for a top up. Thanks John
  19. oil light staying on yellow after turn off ?

    Have you checked the oil level? Im sure this staying on for a couple of minutes after switching the car off is the car telling you the oil has reached the minimum level. Thanks John
  20. MID Retrofit Loom

    Im currently doing this retrofit and can confirm the harness from BMW Cotswold is £20.70. Part number is 65 12 9 405409. As above - heard the routing is fun ( attempting this weekend) so removal will be just as much fun if not more.
  21. brake discs n pads eicher or pagid

    Good shout on the shoes. Had to replace the plates as well as the holding clips pulled through the rear backig plate due to corrosion.
  22. brake discs n pads eicher or pagid

    I'd not used the Eicher when I was looking. Reviews on Pagid seem to show they were a good replacement and when collected all the hubs on the discs were painted, thought that was a nice touch. Had them on for just over 10k with no issues. John
  23. anyone got any info on oil leaks

    +1. The leak might not be huge but it blows oil all over the inlet side of the engine. Depending on mileage it might be worth replacing the CCV as a precaution, if you need to do it again in the future many of the parts you need to take off to get to the CCV have to come off for the oil filter housing gasket.
  24. Oil Filter Housing Gasket

    Alex, I used the link above to complete mine and had no major issues. John
  25. Oil Filter Housing Gasket

    The link http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=414315 will help.