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  1. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Been having trouble getting onto any thread on the forum through taptalk, so I posted this up on the m5board, if anyone is able to help source parts that would be much appreciated. I’m currently in the process of repairing the sills. While removing the carpet and seats I decided I’d finally get round to restoring the leather but also repairing the thigh support on the drivers seat. It’s never worked. So I started with diagnostics trying a working switch, checking the wiring had power and all checked out no noise from the motor. I stripped it out to find this. Looks like the plastic gearing was damaged meaning the motor seized up and burnt out trying to operate. Anyone know where I can get a replacement gear? And know where I can get a new motor and this one is toast and isn’t showing up on parts list. Oh and here’s a before and after of the passenger seat restoration.
  2. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Finally getting round to do the sill work.
  3. RIP Keith (Urquattro)

    Very sorry to hear this. RIP Keith provided some great advice for my M5.
  4. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Great thanks that makes sense. [emoji1417]
  5. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    I'm taking the front seats out for a resto but also to help pull carpet back ready for sill welding. The bolt holding the seat belt harness is on the opposite side and there's no room at all to get to the bolt on the other side. I have a feeling this has been put the wrong way round at factory. Not done the drivers side yet but just seems like a crap design if this is actually the case.
  6. Splondike's M535i Project

    Only picture I took.
  7. Splondike's M535i Project

    Saw your e28 yesterday at Gaydon. Lovely looking thing, the colour really set the car off. Prob my fav e28 there yesterday. Great work!
  8. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Not had a chance shifted focus on my h26 which I'm now prepping for paint. I'll be getting back to the m5 early oct where I'll start the sill work and investigate any other issues such as suspension etc.
  9. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Not had a chance to properly investigate but will report back once I have.
  10. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    So I've take the m5 for a few blasts. Great fun. Another issue has arisen the rear right suspension seems to be sagging. I.e. the drop is more than the other wheels. Difficult to get one finger in the gap. From the history this cars sls was replaced in 2010 with a b12 bilstein kit. Bit surprised it's only lasted 7 years. So someone talk to me about the options I have available. I'm thinking of refreshing the complete suspension system. The b12 kit does feel nice and not too harsh haven't taken it on any real corners so can't comment. I do like the current stance on the car I'd estimate at least a 40mm drop on all the other sides.
  11. Oh dear it's for sale again....

    ...price has gone up since the last time it was for sale. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152640009111 What a monstrosity!
  12. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Interesting. Well I've ordered the mt90 so will try and see how that works for me. Not sure when the last time the gearbox oil was changed but the box does feel knotchy.
  13. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Do you use the same for your m5?
  14. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Thanks Duncan I use 75w 140 in my other cars so makes sense just wondering what other people use especially for the gearbox. As I understand it the requirements for the b36 and b38 gearboxes are different. Even though my car is a b36 the previous owner told me he upgraded this to a b38 gearbox when the previous box broke. Would be interesting to hear what others are using.
  15. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Can someone save me some time and sanity and let me know what gearbox oil and diff oil you are using in your e34 m5's?